Which animals are effective at bird control in Las Vegas

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Pest birds are more than just an annoyance because they can have a devastating effect on your life or business. Their presence can harm your property values, as the places these birds choose to roost typically become unattractive. In addition, their waste is very caustic, and they serve as vectors for spreading pathogens and infectious diseases. On top of that, many company owners spend thousands of dollars annually on labor and upkeep cleaning up after these birds. However, all is not lost, as professionals can install deterrents that keep those nuisance birds away. What is more, there are some natural predators that keep these pests at bay. So, if you want to know which animals are effective at bird control in Las Vegas, this is the article for you.

The list of animals that are effective at bird control in Las Vegas

Pest management nowadays is more comprehensive than ever and includes inspection, exclusion, and cleaning, in addition to chemical control. However, chemical pesticides and non-chemical traps and deterrents are the two methods most often associated with pest management.

Many pigeons flying onto a roof representing which animals are effective at bird control in Las Vegas
Birds can be quite a nuisance at times.

If you live in Henderson, for instance, you may want to explore some natural pest control options first. It’s important to remember that apart from the bird removal service in Henderson, there are alternative, natural ways to manage pests, even if they aren’t as well known or spoken about. Those are natural predators in the wild. For example, cats and barn owls are natural predators of rodents. Dogs can locate bed bugs and termites. They might even handle bird pests.

Predators like these may help keep pest numbers in check, but they won’t solve the problem entirely. If your animal friends don’t help you solve the problem, Peak Services can step in.

Cats against pest birds

Cats may be useful in pest management since they eat mice, rats, and other rodents that can cause damage. They can also be effective against smaller birds like feral pigeons and herring gulls.

Efforts are being made in many areas of the United States to reduce the euthanasia rate of cats by promoting the adoption of feral and barn cats. The Barn Cat Program at Lodi Animal Shelter is one such initiative. When households or businesses in the area satisfy the requirements, the shelter will facilitate the adoption of wild cats to aid in rodent control.

The Voice for the Animals Foundation, based in California, runs a Working Cats program that “relocates sterilized and vaccinated feral cats that would otherwise have been killed at the shelter to sites that have difficulties with rodents.” The group has found that by placing cats in public places like supermarkets, universities, and police divisions, they are able to successfully deter rats and other pests.


Due to the recent resurgence of bed bugs and other pests, dogs trained to detect their presence have emerged as essential weapons in the battle against their fast expansion. Dogs are trained in a manner similar to that of police dogs, except they are taught to identify pests rather than explosives or illegal substances.

a dog lying in the grass
So, which animals are effective at bird control in Las Vegas? Trained dogs are the best.

Many extermination services include dogs in their inspections since canines are widely believed to be faster and more effective at locating pests in their hiding places. Because a new population may form in any infested region, this can save the owners a lot of money.

Barn Owls

Barn owls are another pest controller effective at bird control in Las Vegas. Nesting boxes for barn owls are provided by The Barn Owl Headquarters, a firm that specializes in using natural means to deter rodents, birds, and some types of flying insects. These owls prefer quiet, dark places to nest but can handle some bustle in the area as long as their eggs aren’t disturbed.

The site claims that as long as there is a reliable food source, the owls will keep coming back. There is a caveat, though: “A farmer’s rodent issue can’t be solved entirely by barn owls. Instead, they serve as only one weapon in the arsenal of a farmer who faces off against such pests.”  If you need a permanent solution, you’re better off calling bird removal in North Las Vegas to help you out.

Other Bird Control Methods

Any business owner who has dealt with birds landing, roosting, or nesting on their property will be relieved to learn that there are several other ways to get rid of or discourage these pests. Several bird control methods have shown promise in resolving the issue. The most efficient methods often combine a few of these approaches:

  1. Shock systems
  2. Bird spikes
  3. Bird netting
  4. Bird spiders
  5. Bird wire

1. Shock systems

A simple shock might be all that’s needed to stop birds from roosting on your ledges, sills, or roof. These strips are not lethal for birds. The jolt will teach the bird that it is not allowed to fly here.

2. Bird spikes

Similar effects might be expected from a row of spikes along a ledge. To get birds to relocate to a different ledge, all you have to do is give them a tiny poke. When used as intended, spikes may prevent roosting as well.

3. Bird netting

There are certain places where making structural changes would be too expensive or impractical; thus, another kind of deterrent is required. The use of netting prevents birds from entering potentially dangerous or delicate locations.

bird netting and a bird flying next to it
Bird netting is an effective and cheap way of bird control.

4. Bird spiders

Spiders, which resemble daddy long-legs when perched on a lamppost, are a popular light accessory. If you have problems with birds perching on your parking lot’s electrical lines or light fixtures, consider installing one of these metal devices to frighten them away.

5. Bird wire

Your mission, should any birds choose to land, is to make them feel unwelcome. Although many animals can help deter pest birds, you may not want to have another pet on your property. So, you can use bird wire instead. Uneven surfaces are created by bird wire on ledges, sills, signs, and roofs. If the pest birds can’t land securely, they’ll move on.

You now know which animals are effective at bird control in Las Vegas, but as you can see, they are often insufficient. Thankfully, you can combine several other ways of preventing birds from damaging your property and ensure it loses no value.

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