Bird Control in Las Vegas

Trusted by hundreds of Las Vegas homeowners to bird-proof their solar panels and roofs.

Bird abatement services in Las Vegas


Bird removal and disinfection

Birds can take residence on your solar panels, causing noise and mess. Birds poop is highly acidic, and it can damage your expensive investment. Some homeowners have even found dead birds under their solar panels.

Peak Services technicians will clean up all existing nest sights and disinfect the area with gentle chemicals, keeping your solar panels bird-free.

Bird Prevention

Prevention is key for bird infestations. Birds are known to return to the nesting sites because of the pheromones they leave behind.

At Peak Services, we set up sturdy deterrents and physical barriers to prevent nesting and returning offenders to the site of your solar panels.

Our bird guards are discreet, durable, and can be removed without the risk of damage to your solar panels.

Bird guard services in Las Vegas

Why You Need A Proactive Bird Control Plan?

Protect your investment

Bird droppings can quickly erode building materials leading to costly repairs and ongoing maintenance.

Deter future invasions

It's better to keep the pests out than it is to deal with the aftermath. With Peak Services, your solar panels will be 100% bird-free.

Healthy environment

Birds are carriers of over 60 infectious diseases, some of them fatal to humans. They can even bring their own parasites into your home, including fleas, lice, mites and ticks.

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Who trust Peak Services


 "Peak Services was great. The techs were very knowledgeable and professional! Liera in customer service is so sweet! Thanks for getting those annoying pigeons off my roof!"

Sabrina G.

Las Vegas, NV


"You guys rock! I work in the solar industry and use Peak Services for all my critter guard installs, etc. They are very reasonably priced, consistently give quality service. They are very efficient and also take amazing care of my homeowners! Makes my life that much easier when I can have that peace of mind knowing my customers will continue to have an amazing experience while going solar with me! Thank you!"

Lesia D.

Las Vegas, NV


"Very good at communicating exactly what needed to be done. Very fast friendly service.

Attention to detail. I would highly recommend this company!  Informed me about everything they were doing and why it was important."

Ashley L.

Las Vegas, NV

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Pigeons hanging out on the roof

Why Peak Services Bird Control?

All of our staff undergoes extensive training and background checks through Home Depot.

Because of our experience in the solar industry, we are trusted by the major installers in the solar industry to work on their systems without voiding their customers warranty.

You will get a 2 year workmanship warranty from the time of job completion.

Any future servicing will include a check up of any prior installations conducted by Peak Services. This includes checking the integrity of the install as well as any fixes/adjustments that may be needed.

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