Solar Panel Bird Guard

Peak Services Bird Guards are specifically designed to keep pigeons, other birds and pests out of your solar system.


Your solar system is one of the most important and expensive systems on your property. As such, it deserves constant maintenance and upkeep. To protect your solar panels from any potential damage, one of the most important things is ensuring that there are no birds threatening to damage your system. With a simple phone call to Peak Services, you’ll get to work with our solar panel bird control Las Vegas experts who are going to ensure that your uninvited guests remain far away from your home. Pigeon-proof your home with our efficient and cost-effective solar panel bird proofing solutions.

Keep uninvited guests at bay with our solar panel pigeon control Las Vegas services

Solar panel bird guard Las Vegas


Your solar panels make for an ideal environment for pigeons and other birds to nest. And while it might seem like the only problem birds bring is mess and noise, you need to consider the dangers of their droppings. Their acidic poop can cause strains on the building material. The longer the droppings remain on your property, the bigger the chances of something going wrong

Some homeowners have even found dead birds decomposing, which attracts other pests into your home. Rodents are known to cause damage to solar system components by chewing on them. When in need of pigeon control under solar panels, simply give us a hoot. 

Keep the birds and rodents away with Peak Services professional and insured bird guards. Our pigeon guard for solar panels is supposed to prevent future pest infestation, keeping your property bird and mess-free. However, we understand that not everyone is concerned with prevention. If a problem has already occurred, there’s no need to panic – we have a suitable solution at hand

Pigeons are likely to try and come back to the place they have nested before. They leave their pheromones around their nests in order to track their way back. Thus, if you have ever had even the slightest problem with pigeons, then they are likely to come back and multiply. Birds reproduce at an incredibly quick rate, which is why the problem can triple in size rather quickly. 

The Peak Services team will gently clean the infected areas with biodegradable cleaning solutions before shutting them off with physical barriers. It might not always seem like it, but your solar panels are sensitive and delicate. Thus, they can’t be cleaned and handled with regular substances. They require experience and expertise – two of the things our professionals possess in abundance. 

Our solar panel bird control Las Vegas experts can solve all existing infestation problems

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Why Peak Services Bird Guards?

The market lets you choose among many different solar panel bird guards. That’s a piece of great news, as it allows people to pick a bird guard that works best for one’s budget. Not only are our bird guards affordable and cost-effective, but you will also find that they are:


Our bird guarding service comes with a 2 year workmanship warranty from the time of job completion.


The mesh is made of galvanized steel and coated in black PVC to ensure ultimate weather resistance.


Our bird guards have been used regularly on many large Las Vegas solar company projects without any major issues.

There are quite a few reasons why Peak Services has hundreds of happy clients. You can view our previous work to see why we are some of the most sought-after Las Vegas solar panel bird control experts at the moment.

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 “Peak Services was great. The techs were very knowledgeable and professional! Liera in customer service is so sweet! Thanks for getting those annoying pigeons off my roof!”

Sabrina G.

Las Vegas, NV


“You guys rock! I work in the solar industry and use Peak Services for all my critter guard installs, etc. They are very reasonably priced, consistently give quality service. They are very efficient and also take amazing care of my homeowners! Makes my life that much easier when I can have that peace of mind knowing my customers will continue to have an amazing experience while going solar with me! Thank you!”

Lesia D.

Las Vegas, NV


“Very good at communicating exactly what needed to be done. Very fast friendly service.

Attention to detail. I would highly recommend this company!  Informed me about everything they were doing and why it was important.”

Ashley L.

Las Vegas, NV

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Our bird guards work well with all solar panels


Our Black PVC Coated Galvanized Steel Meshing is specifically designed to work with all solar panels. The galvanized steel ensures the cut points don’t rust and cause discoloration on roofs and the surrounding solar system components.

The black PVC coating blends in with the solar system, adding a discreet and modern look. After all, you wouldn’t be fully satisfied with a solution that would solve your problem but turn your property into an eyesore. We get it – we wouldn’t want that to happen, either. 

The meshing has a half-inch opening which is the perfect size to keep critters out but still allow wind and water to flow from your roof.

And should you wish to change things up down the line, you can do so without any complications. Our solar panel bird guards are easily removable. Their removal doesn’t pose any risk of damage to your solar panels. Of course, it would be best to first consult with professionals if you wish to have our bird guards removed. It’s much better not to risk the safety of a system that is as integral as your solar panels

Your home contains many important systems. All of them ensure that your home remains well-maintained and functional. Of course, most of these systems also apply to commercial properties, as they also require constant upkeep.

At Peak Services, we don’t make a distinction between residential and commercial properties. After all, the type of your property isn’t of crucial importance, as we will provide you with the same care and attention. What matters is that we have put the following services at your complete disposal:

All of our services come at cost-effective prices that allow you to always keep your property in its optimal condition. Our goal isn’t for affluent people to be able to afford our services. Quite the contrary – we want our assistance to be available to people of different backgrounds and professions. That’s why we have composed a pricing list that consists of reasonably-priced services, allowing you to afford the full package. Turf, roof, and solar panel cleaning should all be done at least once a year, and you can decide to tackle them at the same time.

Peak Services concerns itself with the safety of your home

Person installing a solar panel bird guard.

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