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Peak Services is your #1 choice for efficient solar panel cleaning, bird control, and turf cleaning in Las Vegas.

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Residential Maintenance


Our service area covers Las Vegas area, Henderson, Green Valley,

North Las Vegas, Enterprise, and Summerlin.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Maximise your solar energy output with regular cleaning by ensured and trained professionals.

Bird Control

At Peak Services, we use the most efficient and humane practices for bird control over the Las Vegas rooftops.

Solar Panel Bird Guarding

Maximise your solar energy output with regular cleaning by ensured and trained professionals.

Turf Cleaning

Keep your turf looking and smelling fresh with Peak services turf cleaning.

The Peak Services Difference

Our Vision

We visualize a world where customer service comes first for critter eviction, sanitation and after care services. At Peak Services, we care.

Our Mission

To create an environment where homeowners, solar installers and commercial property owners can have peace of mind knowing we treat their property as if it's our own.

Our Promise

Customer service is our priority and jobs will be completed using the highest quality materials and trained professionals.

Commercial Maintenance Services

Solar Panel Cleaning for Businesses

Quick and professional solar panel cleaning and maintenance services for Las Vegas companies.

At Peak Services, we use bird control and solar panel cleaning processes that won't breach your existing installation warranties.

Turf Cleaning for Businesses

Peak Services specializes in cleaning artificial grass and brining it to it's fresh color and appearance.

We'll remove odor, hair, debris and bacteria and lenghten the life of your investment.

Our Guarantee

Rely on trained, licensed and insured professionals to clean your solar panels. You will also get a 2-year warranty on all installations done by our team.

Any future servicing will include a free check up of any prior installations conducted by Peak Services. This includes checking the integrity of the installation, as well as any fixes or adjustments.


Friendly Service

Because of our experience in the solar industry and turf cleaning, we are trusted by the major installers to work on their systems without voiding their customers warranty.

All our technicians undergo background checks through Home Depot during initial employment. They also go through an extensive training process on Bird Control, Turf Cleaning and Solar Panel Installations.

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