How to prevent birds from pooping on your car

A bird standing on the

Every car owner has one thing in common. All of them experienced issues with bird poop. Although it’s not a huge problem, after some time, it can really start getting on your nerves. With everything that’s going on in your life, whether you’re busy or not, the last thing you want is to clean the bird feces from your car on a daily basis. So, the question is, how to prevent birds from pooping on your car? Luckily, there are many ways you to avoid these unpleasantries. Therefore, stay tuned, and our team at Peak Services Las Vegas will show you how to keep your car clean.

Pay attention to where you park

While this isn’t a bird control tip, or to be precise, it isn’t something that steers the birds away from your vehicle, it could be the answer to all your problems. If you park under the tree, you really can’t blame the birds too much. Everyone knows that trees are their safe place. Whether they’re taking a break from their flight, or doing something else, seeing birds on trees is a common thing. Hence, the area below the tree is very prone to bird feces. And, if your car happens to be parked there, bird poop will hardly avoid it. So, for starters, try not to park under the tree, and it won’t be long until you see the results.

A car parked under the tree in the street. which is not a good way to prevent birds from pooping on your car.
Parking a car under the tree is like an invitation for the birds to poop all over it.

The other thing you could do is parking in a garage, of course, if you have one. This is arguably the simplest solution to dealing with bird poop. Not only will parking in the garage save you from cleaning bird droppings every now and then, but it will also protect your vehicle from other damages it could suffer while being aside. Even regular weather conditions, such as warm temperatures, snow, or heavy rain can be harmful to your car. Of course, this is a danger in the long run. For a short period, it will be fine. But, having a garage is a big benefit for car owners. So, if you have one, make sure to use it.

Hanging CDs in your parking area should steer the birds away

Even in 2022, where CDs are barely used anymore, every household still has a bunch of these CDs left over from back in time when they were essential. While they usually sit there until you decide to throw them away, now you’ve found a great use for them. They can actually prevent birds from pooping on your car. Birds do not like reflecting objects, which is exactly why solar panel bird guard Las Vegas is used on the roofs, to scare the birds away from it. While CDs are much smaller than solar panels, placing a lot of them around your car while it’s parked could really be beneficial. It may not work 100% of the time, but it will definitely help you a lot.

Several CDs placed next to each other on the surface.
Using your old CDs could help you solve the issue of birds pooping on your car.

If you’re about to buy a car and want to prevent the birds from pooping on it, don’t buy a red car

For some reason, birds seem to love red color, especially on cars. Many studies have confirmed that birds are more likely to dump their feces on red-colored cars. They will often fly over it, land on your car, and even stay there for a while, and all of this increase the likelihood of finding the poop later on. If your vehicle is a bird magnet, not only will it cause problems with your car, but also in the whole area where it’s parked, since there will be more birds flying around it. As a result, you’ll probably need turf cleaning Las Vegas services more often than not, because the whole outdoor area of your property has a good chance of being pooped on by birds.

Various items can prevent birds from pooping on your car

While some of the aforementioned tips could do the work, but they are also circumstantial, it’s time to cut to the chase and see the items that inevitably scare the birds away from objects, your car included.

  • Electronic bird repellant
  • Aluminum foil
  • Bird repellant spray
  • Predator decoys
  • Ultrasonic bird deterrent
  • A high-end car covers

All of these items could be put either on your car or around it, and they will get the job done. Birds will eventually leave your car alone if you use any one of these items. And, for the best results and complete Las Vegas pigeon control, you could use a combination of them in order to increase efficiency.

A bunch of pigeons in the street with cars passing next to them.
Many items can be used, not only to prevent birds from pooping on your car but also to keep them far away from it altogether.

Make sure that your side mirrors are covered

Side mirrors are arguably the most damage-prone part of your car. Even in general, but especially when it comes to birds. Yes, birds love to poop on side mirrors, but they can damage them in other ways too. If you find unexplained scratches on the side mirror, chances are the birds are responsible for this. As we already said, they hate mirrors, and when it’s a minor one, they’re more likely to fight it and create you a big problem. So, if you want to avoid this, and we believe you do, cover your side mirrors as you park your car. There are plenty of items you could use to do this. It could be done with a piece of carton, some foil, or anything else you have at home.

With a little effort, birds will stay away from your car

As you can see, there are many ways to prevent birds from pooping on your car. Even if you end up buying some items that can serve as bird deterrents, it won’t cost you too much. And, more importantly, the problem will be solved. Until next time, we wish you the best of luck with scaring the birds away!

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