Creative ideas for landscaping with artificial grass

family home with fake grass and a pool

These days, artificial grass has become the ideal solution for breathing life into an urban environment. More and more homes around the world are opting for it, and it shows. Simply step aside and look around you, and you’ll see a number of perfectly trimmed patches of luscious green turf. Landscaping is a simple, yet beautiful way of letting your guests know what the rest of your home looks like. When you add to the curb appeal of your house, your entire property takes on a new, more harmonic look. Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without reliable artificial turf maintenance companies. There are certainly many benefits to landscaping with artificial grass, such as reduced water bills and low maintenance. But more importantly, it can be used to create beautiful aesthetics, without breaking your bank.

Let’s see how you can use artificial grass to turn your landscape into a sight for sore eyes.

pavers surrounded by artifical grass
Make your pathways unique with artificial grass.

Pavers are a simple way of landscaping with artificial grass

Many years before landscaping designers came into existence, people have been using grass to break up the outdoor landscape, fill in the gaps in their decor, and make the area around them look appealing. And this is still the case, except now, artificial grass is used for the job. Combining pavers and artificial grass is a very popular choice, both among clients and designers. Sure enough, pavers are usually just overlapping with one another to infinity, but artificial turf changes that. It adds an interesting twist to the classical paver, and gives a unique, natural feel to your yard or garden. One creative way of landscaping is to lay out large pavers with a gap between them, which you will then fill with turf. This solution looks great and feels very natural. This combination makes pathways stand out and brings an accent to other decor pieces in your yard.

Turn your yard into a colorful playground with fake turf

If you have kids, you won’t find a better solution for your new play area than artificial grass. Many people with young families have a play area for the kids that stands out and allows their imagination to run wild. Sometimes, the grass is installed in combination with other play surfaces, such as tartan and modular court surfaces, so that your kids can safely play. The best part is that artificial grass doesn’t have to be a neverending sea of monotonous green. You can buy turf in many different colors, which your kids will love.

penthouse with fake grass installed
Install fake turf indoors to create a natural feel.

Not only is fake grass a cheap and beautiful choice, but it is also a sanitary one. But just to make sure they’re totally safe, you should consider investing in professional Las Vegas pigeon control services, in order to deter pests and health risks. There’s really no better way to make the perfect play area for your little ones.

Turn your terrace into a lovely elevated garden

Common sense tells you that grass can usually be found at ground level. However, this isn’t the case with artificial turf, as you can place it literally anywhere you want. So, how about your balcony? If you have an elevated deck or a terrace, you can easily turn it into a lush garden, full of potted plants and perfect green grass. Nurturing real grass can be next to impossible on balconies and rooftops, but that’s not the case with fake turf.

Landscaping with artificial grass allows you to simply lay it out under your furniture set, and create a soft and inviting look. If you already have solar panels installed, you should ask your artificial turf contractors about solar panel cleaning Green Valley NV services, and create a perfect maintenance plan. By using artificial grass on your balcony, you create a laid-back appeal to your property, with minimum maintenance required!

Create beautiful accents with artificial grass

Using synthetic turf can be used to make a statement and express your creativity. Depending on how much space you have to work with, you can beautify your yard in many different ways. For example, you can use fake grass to create beautiful floor art. Grass usually belongs outside, but you can use fake turf indoors as well! Give a soft feel to your home and prepare it for an appraisal.

dog sleeping on artificial grass
Landscaping with artificial grass provides a comfortable surface for your pets.

If you have a pool, make a walkway to it surrounded by fake grass. This way, you’ll easily create a lush ambiance that truly stands out. Remember that elevated garden we mentioned above? If you’re daring enough, and if your home design allows, you can merge it with your yard! Fake grass can be installed anywhere, so why not place it on your home wall in an interesting pattern, and merge your roof garden with the ground one?

Create a great environment for your pets

Nobody loves soft surfaces more than our four-legged friends. Artificial grass provides a gentle, cheap, and easy-to-clean solution. There are many reasons why landscaping with artificial grass is a great idea if you have pets. The main reason can be easy maintenance. Our animals often like using our yard as their bathroom. But luckily, cleaning artificial turf is fairly simple, if done often.

There is also the matter of comfort. Instead of installing a set of pavers, lay down some turf, and create a soft and cool surface. Their delicate little paws will surely thank you. And if you have concerns, don’t worry, because artificial turf is completely safe for dogs! As your animals age, walking slowly becomes a problem for them, as their joints start aching. The easy solution for this is fake turf, as it provides a soft surface for them to walk on, making their life comfortable.

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