Is Artificial Turf Safe for Dogs?

Is artificial turf safe for dogs?

People choose artificial grass for a variety of reasons — including the low upkeep, better aesthetics, and comfort of having bug and dirt-free turf. Many pet owners would also like to enjoy these benefits, but they’re concerned that it may not be a suitable option for their dogs.

Is artificial turf good for dogs or are you better off sticking to real grass?

Is Artificial Turf Safe for Dogs?

Most concerns about artificial grass are due to reports from several decades ago when standards were less strict than they are today. In particular, studies found that some types of turf contained dangerous levels of lead.

However, since 2008, all the major turf manufacturers have signed agreements that guarantee their artificial grass will contain no detectable traces of lead.

In fact, not only is artificial turf completely safe for dogs, it’s often better for your pets than natural grass. Artificial turf is free from many chemicals that people often add to their lawns, like fertilizer,