Reasons why artificial turf is eco-friendly

A split between natural and artificial turf

Going green is a trend that is gaining momentum by the day. And for a good reason, too! It is a money saver that helps reduce our carbon footprint, thus helping our beautiful planet be the best home for us. But, what happens when we try to simulate nature for our own convenience? Because with artificial turf – that’s exactly what we’re doing. Are we harming the environment or helping it by going synthetic? We won’t keep you in suspense – it is the latter. Here are several reasons why artificial turf is eco-friendly and why Las Vegas turf experts recommend it so highly.

Artificial turf reduces air pollution

One of the biggest counter-arguments for using artificial turf is that “it doesn’t do what grass is supposed to do.” And, that is true. Fake grass can’t convert carbon dioxide into breathable air. It doesn’t provide the nutrients needed for biodiversity to form