Top 10 benefits of artificial turf

Artificial lawn with pine trees in the background

In today’s busy world, we’re all looking for a way to enjoy our homes without having to break our backs or schedules. For this, synthetic lawn is a blessing. It’s profitable, easy to maintain, and new technologies made it look so, so good. Yet, most people still don’t know what to make of it. Is it a good investment? What can you expect from it? Will it suit your needs? That’s what some of the finest turf cleaning Las Vegas specialists are here to answer. Let’s dive into the benefits of artificial turf and what you can gain by opting for it.

#1 Visually appealing

A house with an impeccable lawn.
Artificial lawns can look stunning all year round, with minimal maintenance.

Of course, we’ll start with the obvious one – the looks. This is the first and often the main reason homeowners choose synthetic lawns. Artificial grass has one massive plus over natural one. It looks amazing regardless of the season, weather, or location. It only takes minimal maintenance and you can enjoy the benefits of artificial turf all year round. This brings us to the next point.

#2 Easy to maintain

Among all the benefits of artificial turf, this is arguably the biggest one. As with any lawn, synthetic one does need maintenance. But, compared to the natural one, it is beyond simple. For the most part, it will only need some leaf and dust removal with a leaf blower and – that’s about it. If you really want to go out of your way, you can fluff it up with a push broom. And, even then, you only need to focus on areas that see heavy traffic.

The only situation when artificial grass needs regular washing is if you have pets that use the lawn to relieve themselves. In that case, you’ll have to wash it at least once a week with some mild detergent.  For those pesky, persistent, or dried dirt patches you can even use a power washer, the likes of which pressure washing Las Vegas crews use. Don’t worry, your artificial turf can handle it, provided that you don’t crank it up to 11, of course.

However, while everyday maintenance is super easy, you should not forfeit regular treatment by experts. After a while, it is possible for a lawn to get contaminated and for gunk and debris to accumulate in the drainage. Therefore, it is best to use professional turf cleaning services at least once a month to keep your lawn fresh and fragrant.

#3 No mowing required

Here we have another major and decisive factor for choosing artificial turf over natural one. With the former, there’s no need to “mow, mow, mow your lawn, really frequently”. In fact, you don’t have to do it at all. Occasional (e.g. once every two weeks) push broom or power brush treatment will more than do the trick here. Thus allowing you to spend that time enjoying your lawn instead of breaking your back.

#4 No treatment needed

Since artificial grass does not grow, there’s no need to treat it with nutrients or pesticides. While this is great from a time-saving standpoint, it provides even more amazing benefits:

  1. You’ll save a lot. Fertilizers and pesticides can cost quite a pretty penny. Naturally, the bigger the lawn – the more you’ll spend. With artificial turf, you can pocket all that money and use it for something better.
  2. It is safe for children and pets. Fertilizers and pesticides often contain hazardous elements. But, synthetic grass has no need for them, at all. Meaning that your kids or fluffy companions can enjoy it anytime.

#5 Huge water savings

Dollar bills protruding from a denim jacket pocket.
With an artificial lawn, you’ll pocket a lot of money – especially in the long run.

Tying into the previous point, artificial turf does not need watering, either. With prices of water skyrocketing over the past few years, this is yet another way to cut down on those utility bills. As for the lawn – no need to worry about it. It will look as good as ever.

#6 Affordability

Continuing with the economic side of things, artificial turf is more than profitable. Yes, buying and installing it is a significant investment. However, consider low maintenance costs and huge savings. In the long term, the synthetic lawn will more than pay for itself. Especially when you know how long it can last.

#7 Life expectancy

Saying that synthetic lawn is a lasting investment is a severe understatement. Its average life expectancy is anywhere from 12 to 15 years. Now, that’s a massive timeframe, by anybody’s standards. And, with proper maintenance, that number can be on the high end. In some cases, it can even be stretched to up to 20 years!

#8 Pet-friendly

A playful puppy, taking advantage of all the benefits of artificial turf.
Your four-legged companions will thrive on the synthetic lawn.

Well, ok, pets love grass in general. But, the big difference is – they don’t eat synthetic ones. Or dig it out, except in rare cases. So, they won’t mess up parts of the lawn, but will still have their fun and remain happy.

On the flip side though, pigeons also love synthetic lawns. Only… in a different way. While they won’t peck at it, they will create an unhygienic environment and an eyesore. If you notice excessive amounts of bird droppings on your lawn, you should consult with pigeon pest control Las Vegas specialists. Especially if dirt starts building up over a short period since you might be looking at a full-blown infestation.

#9 Resilience

One of the great benefits of artificial turf is how tough it is. It can withstand all but most severe weather conditions. Synthetic grass won’t wither under Nevada’s scorching sun. It won’t get choked to death under the desert sand. Wind, rain, snow – synthetic lawn can stand it all. And keep looking good in the process!

#10 No puddles, mud, or unsightly dry patches

This is one of the major downsides of natural lawns. Unless it is impeccably maintained, which costs a lot both money and time-wise, it is certain to develop puddles, mud, and dry patches. With artificial turf, you won’t have to worry about that.

Installing a synthetic lawn implies ground flattening beneath it, by default. This makes it difficult for recesses and crevices to form in the first place. Therefore, there’s nowhere water can gather. Even if it does, all it takes is a push broom to get rid of it. And the same goes for dust and debris.

The benefits of artificial turf are immense

These are just the top 10 benefits, but there are many more. To briefly sum it up, synthetic lawn saves your time, energy, and money, especially in the long run. Furthermore, it adds to the looks and value of your property. Lastly, it is usable all year round, regardless of the weather. All in all, it is an amazing option for every person and a perfect one for those with busy schedules. So, definitely a choice you won’t regret.

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