How to cope with next door neighbor pigeons in Las Vegas?

How to cope with next door neighbor pigeons in Las Vegas?

Numerous residences and businesses in close proximity to a pigeon colony or other nuisance bird nests may encounter some issues. You probably already know this if you’ve ever leased a house or apartment and had to deal with bugs that infested your building and spread to your neighbors. Similarly, pigeons that cause problems for people follow this similar pattern. Is there anything you can do if your neighbor’s pigeons create difficulties on your property? And how can you cope with next door neighbor pigeons in Las Vegas? Peak Services is here to answer all your questions.

Ways to cope with next-door neighbor pigeons in Las Vegas?

You should talk to your neighbor about the pigeon issue if it is being caused by an infestation on their land. If you live in Henderson, you can also research who can help you handle the problem. Professional bird control Henderson services can solve this issue permanently. Speaking with your council about this matter is another option.

pigeons standing on a picket fence

Pigeons can really be a nuisance sometimes.

In this article, we’ll analyze the situation from a more in-depth perspective and discuss the many complications that might result from nuisance pigeons in the area. We will also cover some of the most often-asked questions and concerns regarding this topic, including why your neighbor’s pigeon problem is not always your responsibility. Read on to learn more about this issue and how bird removal North Las Vegas can help fix it.

1. Make your garden less hospitable for nesting

Create barriers to prevent pigeons from entering your garden. You shouldn’t provide perches or roosts for the birds. Making even little adjustments, such as rounding off the tops of your fences, can make it more difficult for pigeons to find a comfy perch.

Pigeon guards should be installed in areas where pigeons congregate, such as on high ledges. These include things like uneven surfaces that prevent pigeons from comfortably perching.

You shouldn’t put up spikes or anything similar since spiders love to build webs there, and young birds might get stuck in them. Having less space to roost in, the pigeons who frequent your neighbor’s garden may decide to stop coming there altogether.

2. Get a cat with a bell

Though some may believe otherwise, a cat will not provide constant security. Unlike cats, canines are often preferred for security purposes. A cat’s preferred environment is an indoor one. Typically, it enjoys lying in the sun all day long while watching the birds outside the window. Cats don’t really like going out much, but still, having a cat nearby can scare the pigeons away.

Cats don’t like the company of birds that much. Pigeons particularly dislike cats as well. Especially if the cat has a little bell around her neck.

a cat helping you to cope with next door neighbor pigeons in Las Vegas

Pigeons are scared of cats. The best way to cope with next door neighbor pigeons in Las Vegas is to get a cat.

If you already have a cat and are dissatisfied with its inability to deter the pigeons in your neighbors’ yards, you may want to try purchasing a bell for its collar. Your cat will be the center of attention now.

Birds sound an alarm when they hear the bell, alerting nearby birds that a cat is around. Each and every bird species will respond to the alarm cry if they spot your cat. This implies that all the birds, even the pigeons, will leave if a robin or starling hears your cat’s bell, spots your cat, and screeches out a warning cry.

3. Learn to live with it

Here’s the thing. The situations where pigeons become a major issue are quite rare, actually. If you are in such a situation and your neighbor refuses to clean up their coop, you have every right to lodge a complaint. Of course, you shouldn’t allow the stench to fill your home whenever you open the door. And you should call turf cleaning North Las Vegas professionals if you have a really big problem.

But if the pigeons keep returning because your neighbor is feeding them and you can’t talk them out of it, you should come to accept it. Maybe you will even start to enjoy their presence. Given that pigeons spend most of the winter in forested and secluded regions, there is no need to deprive your neighbor of a source of delight.

4. Talk your neighbors out of feeding the nuisance birds

Feeding pest birds is like pouring gasoline on a fire; it will only encourage them to continue their invasive behavior.

Talk to your neighbor about it right away. Especially if they are tossing the food in your garden or if the pigeons spread the food and trash to your property or the nearby buildings. Or take pictures to show the council if your neighbor refuses to cease feeding the birds.

pigeons on the windows and how to cope with next door neighbour pigeons in Las Vegas

Try talking to your neighbors first.

There is little you can do except talk to your neighbor about it or, if you know or share a tenancy manager with them, call your landlord or their landlord.

Pigeons nesting under neighbors’ solar panels causing problems – what can you do?

Pigeons and other nuisance birds have taken a liking to solar panels, using them as a roosting platform. The birds may feel comfortable and secure living in the holes under the panels, which shelter them from the weather and predators.

If you’re having problems with unwanted pigeons nesting in the area around your solar panels, pigeon-proofing your panels is your best bet. The cost of the treatment is determined after an inspection of the roof’s design, the extent of the infestation, and the number of solar panels.

It’s best to get your neighbor to talk to you and the commercial solar panel cleaning company about the best approach to keep the birds from pecking at your solar panels. This way, you can prearrange any necessary specialized tools and agree on access in advance.

Once the company is on-site, they will clean the area thoroughly, removing any material that may be hiding debris or parasites. And they will remove and manage any pigeons that may be there. This is the most effective course of action to recommend to your neighbor, and we would be happy to come and evaluate the severity of the roosting spot.

How does solar panel pigeon-proofing work?

To begin the proofing process, the area is normally thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. There must be no pigeons or nesting detritus beneath the solar panels for the installation to proceed. The solar panel bird proofing service includes this.

pigeon proofing for solar panels

Before starting the pigeon-proofing process, you must thoroughly clean the solar panels.

Next, technicians will take accurate measurements of all of the solar panels to determine how much equipment and labor will be required.

The solar panel proofing service usually begins with a thorough risk assessment to determine the safest and most efficient method of accessing the roof, possible roof damage caused by birds, and whether or not any additional equipment (such as scaffolding or cherry pickers) is necessary for the job.

The ideal material to use to prevent pigeons from nesting below solar panels is steel wire mesh. Which is measured out, applied to determine how much excess has to be taken from the top, and then installed securely but safely onto the panel and the roof using cherry pickers or scaffold.

Ways to Prevent Pigeons from Nesting in Solar Panels

Getting rid of pigeons that have built nests beneath solar panels is a tedious job. There are a variety of strategies to attempt, some of which may work, but there are also clear risks connected with using these techniques on a roof.

Pigeons, their droppings, and their nests are all teeming with bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that may cause serious illness in humans. Thus, the best overall technique is to have bird-proofing placed on a solar panel.

However, this might get complicated if the source of the issue is a neighbor rather than your own roof. You may help your neighbor, whose issue is now your problem as well, by offering the following advice in a professional and concerned tone:

  1. Bird deterrents
  2. Bird netting
  3. Bird spikes and wire
  4. Gels

Bird deterrents

You may always offer some deterrents and visual repellents, such as decoy owls or fright tape, for your neighbor to put up on their roof. If you’re having trouble with pigeons on your property, you may want to give this a try. Pigeons will be scared away by these decoys since they will believe that there are dangerous animals or people around.

You also might want to employ a turf cleaning Las Vegas service to clear up your whole yard.

Bird netting

Using stainless steel fasteners and wire rope, netting is spread over roofs and gaps to keep birds out. Bird netting installation requires a high level of expertise since a well-built net will not only keep birds out for years but will also seem relatively inconspicuous.

bird netting and some birds flying above it in a cloudy day

Netting is an excellent way to keep unwanted bird pests away from your property.

Bird nets are often the only effective method to successfully repel persistent birds in a high-pressure environment.

Bird spikes and wire

You may also advise your neighbor to add spikes. This strategy calls for the installation of spike-shaped steel wires on ledges or in close proximity to the panels. However, the pigeons who build nests on solar panels will still be a problem.


The use of optical gels around solar panels has the potential to be the most effective alternative to currently used methods of bird-proofing solar panels.

When sprayed near a solar panel, Optical Gel gives off the impression of flames, discouraging birds from landing. You want to influence the bird’s behavior rather than create an actual barrier.

If not touched during that time, the optical gel may maintain its effectiveness for up to three years. Optical Gel is used in various bird pressure settings while maintaining the building’s visual appeal.

However, because pigeons are flighty and erratic creatures, there is no assurance that they will not become accustomed to seeing the gel surrounding a solar panel and eventually stop caring about it.

What can the council do to stop the problems caused by the neighbor’s birds?

It’s not easy to cope with next door neighbor pigeons in Las Vegas. If a neighbor is uncooperative, you should report the problem to the local government. A representative will adhere to the local tenancy legislation and may even be able to force the neighbor to fix the problem if it originates from their home. Before contacting authorities, make sure you notify your neighbor of what you plan on doing.

neighbors arguing about pest bird issues

If your neighbor doesn’t want to cooperate, you should definitely contact the authorities.

For instance, the Council may demand that a renter cease feeding birds if that’s what’s creating the problem. The Council will act rapidly to fix the problem if birds are causing damage to your home. The Council‘s first priority is maintaining public safety, so be assured they’ll do what it takes to find a solution.

Final Note

Years of friendship may be jeopardized if you and your neighbor disagree on how to handle this situation. Try everything you can to prevent this. It is very difficult, but you should try to cope with next door neighbor pigeons in Las Vegas on your own. But if your neighbor cannot take responsibility, you should absolutely report them to the Council. 

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