How efficient are bird spikes?

A small bird between bird spikes as a symbol of how efficient are bird spikes

Today there are more than 1125 species of birds in the United States. While we enjoy the company of most of them and we like waking up with their song, there are many birds that are considered to be pests. This is because there are many bird species that come to our property looking for food. By doing that many birds destroy our gardens, seeds, and plants. Therefore, many people look for different bird control methods. The most effective one is hiring a professional bird control company such as Peak Services. But also there are other ways in preventing birds from coming to your property such as netting, audio deterrents, and bird spikes. Undoubtedly bird spikes are very common bird deterrents. So how efficient are bird spikes? Read this article and find out more about them.

What are the bird spikes and how do they work?

Bird spikes are a great bird deterrent system. They can be installed on roofs, window sills, attached to eaves, or any place that you would like to keep bird-free. These are narrow strips of spikes the purpose of which is to prevent large birds from landing and roosting in your area. This is an especially helpful method when trying to get rid of pigeons, crows, and gulls. If installed correctly bird spikes will serve as a barrier between birds and your property and prevent them from gathering in your area minimizing the chance of birds destroying your garden.

Flock of birds flying
Install bird spikes and prevent them from landing on your property

Many bird control North Las Vegas companies recommend this bird deterrent as it can be very effective. And if you combine it with some other methods there is no doubt that you will be able to keep birds away from your home or commercial building. Still, be aware that bird spikes work well with large birds, but they are not an effective solution for small birds because of the size of their feet. Therefore, if you are looking to get rid of the sparrows or starlings you would have to use some other methods.

The advantages of bird spikes

There is no doubt that bird spikes can be a very effective solution in bird control and that is a method that has many advantages. For that reason, many bird control Enterprise NV companies are using this deterrent. Also, many professionals recommend bird spikes to their customers as they can be very helpful and keep pest birds away from the area. This is especially important if you are running a food business or you have plants and fruit in your yard. There are a few very important benefits of using bird spikes:

  • Bird spikes are a cost-effective bird control solution in the long run that requires no maintenance. All that you would have to pay for is their installment and forget about large pest birds on your property
  •  Whether you opt for plastic or metal bird spikes rest assured that they both have a large lifespan
  • They can be installed even in areas that are very difficult to access and they can be used on any surface material
  • Bird spikes can easily blend in so the appearance of your home or building will not change
  • This bird deterrent can stand extreme temperatures and it is weather-resistant
  •  Most importantly, bird spikes do not harm birds, they just prevent them from landing

How efficient are bird spikes and where should you install them?

As you can conclude by now, bird spikes are a very effective solution for bird control. However, they are effective and they will work only with large birds. If you have problems with smaller birds such as house sparrows you should seek another solution. Also, the efficiency of the bird spikes will depend on the place where you install them. Bird spikes can be installed anywhere regardless of the height of the place and the material of the surface. Still, it is recommended to install them as high as possible. That way you will ensure that pest birds are not landing anywhere near your home.

Pigeons on the roof
If you were wondering how efficient are bird spikes install them and be assured you will never have a flock of pigeons on your roof

But in some situations, you would have to install them in some places that are not as high. For example, window sills are a very common area to place bird spikes in order to keep them away from your home. Also, very often birds are looking for holes to hide and nest. Therefore, pipes and chimneys can be another great place to install bird spikes and prevent birds from nesting near your home. Overall, there is no correct answer on where you should install them, as in different areas bird spikes will work differently.

Different types of bird spikes

As already mentioned above there are metal and plastic bird spikes. They are both very effective solutions for large pest birds so there is no difference when it comes to their productivity. The main difference is that metal spikes are considered to be a premium product with a longer warranty and will impact less the visual effect of your home or building. Bird spikes also come in different sizes. The most common ones are 2.5 inches (narrow bird spikes), 5 inches (wide bird spikes), and 8 inches (extra wide bird spikes). The size that you should choose will depend on the types of birds that you are trying to keep away from your property.

Picture of the sparrow
There are different types of bird spikes. Find the one that will suit you best

Bird spikes are effective and they do not harm birds

If you were wondering how efficient are bird spikes we think that you should have the answer by now. Bird spikes are a very effective bird control solution. They will not work with small birds but are a great way to keep away large birds from your property. They are also a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require maintenance. Occasional pressure washing Las Vegas would be recommended just to ensure that your property is free of any bird droppings. Also, this will ensure that there are no viruses or diseases. If you are having issues with pest birds in your area use bird spikes and there is no doubt that you will prevent them from roosting on your property.

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