What to do when a bird gets stuck in your chimney

bird on a chimney silhouette

Birds get stuck in chimneys more often than you know. If that happens to you, there are two ways to get the bird out. You can either do it on your own or find a bird control company to help you. Naturally, when a bird gets stuck in your chimney, calling bird control professionals to get it out is easier and safer. However, if you want to do it by yourself, Peak Services will teach you how to do it safely. Once everything is complete, we can even secure your chimney so that doesn’t happen again.

What do birds that are stuck in chimneys sound like?

So, you suspect that the bird is stuck in your chimney. Are you sure? Birds can create a range of different sounds when they are in trouble. It all depends on the species. You will probably hear a lot of scratching and rustling. However, that is how raccoons, squirrels, and mice can sound when they fall inside a chimney, usually while trying to avoid predators. The most distinct sound that can reveal that it is really a bird there is the wing flapping. If you hear that, you can be sure that it is really a bird there.

colorful parrot
If you hear the wings flapping, you can be sure that there is a bird inside your chimney

How long for a bird stuck in a chimney to die?

If a bird falls down inside your chimney, don’t panic. You might think that you need to resolve the issue immediately. However, birds can survive stuck in a chimney anywhere from two to seven days depending on the species (as long as you don’t light the fireplace).   So take your time, make sure that you prepare right, check what bird control Henderson residents usually call in these situations, and give them a call. See what they propose, check their rates, and make a decision whether you will do it on your own or you want to leave it to professionals.

Calling professionals or getting the bird out by yourself

Calling professionals is always the best choice. It is safer for you and the chances that the bird will leave the chimney unharmed will be much greater.  Still, as we already mentioned, you can also do it safely on your own as long as you prepare properly and stay calm. For this, you will need:

  • A towel that is large enough to cover the bird
  • A cardboard sheet if your fireplace doesn’t have a door
  • Pair of gloves
  • A friend or two

How to get the bird out of a chimney on your own?

If you decided to get the bird out without calling professionals, you can use one of two methods to do it.

woman holding a pigeon while thinking about what to do when a bird gets stuck in your chimney
There are two methods you can use when a bird gets stuck in your chimney

Letting the nature take its course

The first and easier way is to simply shut down the lights in your home, open all doors and windows, open the dumper and fireplace door, and let the nature take its course. The bird should fall into the fireplace and once it sees the daylight through your doors and windows it should simply find its way out. Be aware that sometimes birds won’t simply fly out but will instead start flying around the house. In this case, the most important thing is not to panic. Panic can make you do stupid things like injuring yourself or the bird or making damage to your home and furniture. So stay calm and try to guide the bird out slowly with your friends using the herding method.

This method is simple if the bird finds its way out on its own. Still, keep in mind that it can become complicated pretty quickly. Besides injuries and damage, you will probably have to find some good turf cleaning Henderson residents recommend in these situations to help you clean up the mess. That is why we suggest you try out this other method.

Catching the bird and releasing it

The other method, even though it might sound scary for some, is actually safer for the bird and you. The first thing you should do is put on a pair of gloves to protect your hands from dirt and injuries. Then, close the fireplace door. If your fireplace doesn’t have a door, use that cardboard sheet you prepared earlier to close the fireplace. Once you secure the fireplace, open the dumper to let the bird fall down. Next, slowly open the door, but just enough so you can throw a town over the bird. Once the bird is covered completely it will calm down. You can then catch it with your hands and release it.

If you are not sure whether the bird is hurt, you can find a bird vet in Henderson and take it there. Or find some bird sanctuary that will continue taking care of the patient.

bird at a vet
If you suspect that the bird is injured take it to a vet

Protect your chimney to prevent similar problems in the future

Once you get the bird out of the chimney it is important to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Birds often use unprotected chimneys for their nests. However, they also leave certain pheromones, which help them return to the same place. That is why immediately after you rescue the bird, look for some solar panel pigeon control Henderson residents use for cleaning their solar panels. They also do chimney protections and will be able to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

It is important to stay calm and prevent future intrusions

When a bird gets stuck in your chimney, don’t panic. Call professionals or use one of these two methods we mentioned above. And don’t forget to protect your chimney from future intrusions because if it happened once, it is almost certain that it will happen again if you don’t do something about it. Therefore, call professionals that will know how to close the chimney to prevent birds from falling in but also leave space for Santa.

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