7 reasons why you shouldn’t clean your own roof

A perfectly cleaned roof

There’s a reason why the expression “The roof over the head” existed for so long. Take a look at primitive tents and shelters. There’s not much to them. No walls, no foundations. They are just roofs. Indeed, this housing element alone was a synonym for safety and protection from elements and wildlife for ages. Today, we elevated the concept to new heights (both literally and figuratively). Still, one thing hasn’t changed. A roof, same as any other part of the house, needs regular cleaning. But, while this was easy when roofs were on the ground, today it is anything but. Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t clean your own roof and, instead, leave it to the residential and commercial maintenance Las Vegas professionals.

#1 You are risking severe injuries

A man in plaid shirt falling
The high possibility of falling is the main reason why you shouldn’t clean your own roof.

When you look at a roof of a modern house, it doesn’t seem like much. Most one-story homes are only 10ft – 15ft in height. So, climbing up there and cleaning should be a piece of cake, right? Not really. In fact, this prospect carries immense risks to your health. Up there, even a minor misstep can lead to you plummeting to your doom. If you think we’re being overdramatic – we’re not.

The risks are real

A 10ft. fall is more than enough to leave you severely injured. Best-case scenario, you’ll end up bruised and battered. However, falling from that height most often results in fractures. This can have lasting consequences that can lower your quality of life – for the rest of it. One of the worst cases is spine fractures which can leave a person in a wheelchair for life.

And, yet, that isn’t the worst part, although it seems that way. A fall from that height can even be fatal. According to the Center for Construction Research and Training, nearly 12% of all fall-related fatalities occur from 6 – 10ft falls. This means that you don’t even need to reach the roof for the worst to happen. A slip-up while climbing the ladder is more than enough.

Risks escalate with more height

Everything aspect of washing your roof carries certain risks with it. First, you need to get all that equipment up there. That means multiple trips up and down the ladder, all the while carrying bulky and heavy tools and handfuls of cleaning chemicals. Needless to say, this can hinder your movement and reaction time. Second, rooftops are hazardous environments. Simply, there’s no saying what can go wrong.

An encounter with a hornet’s nest, a splash of chemicals in the eye, heat-induced dizziness – these are all risk factors you cannot plan for. Lastly, once you start washing, you’ll be on a slippery slope – literally. And, we showed how dangerous that can be. So, with everything said, these risks alone are reason enough why you shouldn’t clean your own roof.

#2 Power washing works great but requires proper equipment

The dirt that accumulates on a roof is quite persistent. As such, the standard cleaning methods simply won’t do. Well, they can – but that would take an insane amount of time. Therefore, the only logical solution is to use a pressure washer to speed things up and get the best results. However, therein lies the problem.

A woman holding a pressure washer
Power washing is a great way to clean the roof – or ruin it.

Without the proper know-how, power washing any part of the house is incredibly risky. The high-velocity stream can:

  • Crack or loosen shingles. This can cause many issues, such as letting dirt and pests inside your home, leaks, and, of course, hefty repair bills;
  • Strip the shingles of granulation. Granules are more than an aesthetic choice. They act as another layer of protection and insulation for shingles. Therefore, removing them will lower their effectiveness, leading to a larger utility bill;
  • Damage roof elements. Shingles aren’t the only ones at risk. A pressure washer can easily damage gutters, vents, and skylights, too.

Needless to say, this can severely reduce the lifespan of your roof and attached systems. Moreover, these are the problems that can result from power washing only. We didn’t even touch upon the possible pre-existing issues.

#3 You risk creating much bigger problems

The roof is the most exposed part of the house. As such, it is subject to decay, due to time and elements. This leads to problems like loose shingles, decayed wooden beams, and forming of weak spots on the roof in general. Each of these spots is a safety hazard for you and your home, as it takes only a light pressure to end up with a new hole on the roof. And falling through it, for that matter.

However, the biggest danger is that these damages are, in most cases, invisible. Unless, of course, you know exactly what you’re looking for. And, let’s face it, most homeowners don’t. This is why you shouldn’t clean your own roof, ever. Instead, leave it to the professional roof cleaning Las Vegas crews, who can spot said issues with a glance. That way, you won’t risk your health or hefty repair bills.

#4 You can flat-out destroy your PV system

Solar power is gaining traction by the day. Especially so in sunny states, such as Nevada. Therefore, we must address this specific case separately. Most of the residential solar arrays are installed on the rooftops. As such, it is only logical to wash them along with the rest of it. However, this is a major mistake.

Several solar panels on a roof.
A PV system is even easier to damage than shingles.

Solar arrays are even more sensitive than shingles and other roof elements. They won’t stand amateurish handling or any sort of improvising. This includes tools, methods, as well as cleaning solutions. Also, they can be incredibly demanding to maneuver around. Not to mention, stand upon, which can cause cracks and, even worse – slip-ups.

Simply put, DIY-ing can result in damage that can reduce the overall integrity of the entire system – not just a single panel. So, if you are a proud owner of a solar array, definitely go for professional solar panel cleaning Las Vegas service. It is a much better solution than having to replace entire sections of the array and roof alike.

#5 There be things up there

Nobody expects to find squatters in their home. Especially not on the roof. However, just because you don’t expect them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Indeed, your roof may house some unwanted tenants. Insects, birds, rodents – they all find a way to get up there and have a party. And, they don’t really love when someone tries to wash “their” home away.

Aside from droppings and residue, which can be a falling hazard, they will sometimes try to defend their nests. And, nobody wants a wasp, pigeon, or rat jumping in front (or on) them.

A close up photo of a hornet.
Nobody expects a fight against insects up on the rooftop. Yet, it happens, more often than you think.

In this case, there is only one solution. Call exterminators or bird control services Las Vegas companies provide to take care of the problem. Only then it will be safe to get up on the roof and clean it. However, even that is easier said than done. Said nuisances aren’t only hard to get rid of, but to spot in the first place, too. Hence the importance of hiring pros. They are trained to spot these problems and react accordingly. Thus, helping you take care of the problem before it escalates, making it safer for everyone.

#6 Your time is worth more

Another great reason why you shouldn’t clean your own roof is time. While it might not seem so, this activity will take up a large portion of your schedule. For someone without experience, it can take an entire day to wash even the simplest roof. But, that is only if the stars align, and everything goes according to plan. Otherwise, you may waste a whole weekend, or more, being up in the heat and soaking wet, risking your well-being. And, let’s be real here, that’s no one’s definition of a “good time.”

#7 You can actually spend MORE money DIY washing your roof

This! Most people avoid hiring pros because they think it will cost them an arm and a leg. But, this reasoning is plain backward. Just think about everything you need to wash your roof.

First, you must rent or buy roof washing equipment. Renting is affordable, however, there is a catch. You can never know what state the equipment you rented is in. You don’t know who or how they used it, or if it was properly maintained after, for that matter. That means you’ll literally be “sprayin’ and prayin’” when you start cleaning your roof. And that only exasperates the risks we mentioned earlier.

A person holding 100 dolar bills.
Hiring professional roof washers is a surefire way to save money and a lot of nerves.

Second, a sponge and some soapy water just won’t cut it. You need the right cleaning solutions. However, these are not only pricey but, if mixed improperly, can pose a real risk to your health. This includes things like poisoning, skin burns, and eye irritation. All of which can lead to a quick trip to the ER and a hefty hospital bill. And, that is the best-case scenario.

Lastly, we must reiterate points #2, #3, and #4. Without training and education in proper methods, roof cleaning is almost a certain way to slap yourself with huge repair bills. And every single one of them will be much higher than the cost of hiring roof cleaning pros.

The result is NOT worth the risk

While pressure washing your roof is, technically, doable, from everything said it is easy to see that it simply isn’t worth it. You’ll waste a lot of your time, energy, and money, and for what? For a small chance to do a good job, and a big chance of ruining your roof, solar panels, and your health. Therefore, don’t risk it. Instead, hire Las Vegas roof cleaning specialists and rest easy, knowing they’ll do the job and do it well.

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