How to prepare soil for turfing

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If you want to have a gorgeous garden all you need to do is invest in some good turf! There are many different options on the market, and one of them will surely fit your style and needs. You can have a beautiful garden that you always have dreamt of and that everyone will admire. However, before you install turf, you need to prepare the soil. The better you prepare it, the longer your turf is going to last. Today we at Peak Services will teach you how to prepare soil for turfing and how to have long-lasting turf.

Preparation is half the job done

Preparation is key no matter what you plan on doing in life, the same is with turfing. The better you prepare your soil, the easier the installation process will be, and the longer your turf will last. For this, you will need some tools and equipment.

house with a nice yard
You can have the beautiful backyard you always wanted!

Here is what you should get if you plan on laying the lawn with turf on your own:

  • garden spade
  • garden fork
  • pre turfing fertilizer
  • garden hose
  • topsoil

However, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty you can always contact professionals and let them handle this for you. There are many great lawn makers that can help you have the garden of your dreams.

Clean your garden

Once you get all the tools, you can start with the first step which is cleaning the garden. You need to get rid of the plants, grass, roots, and anything else that is covering the soil. You want to clear the entire area before you lay the grass. For this task, you can use a garden spade or garden fork. This is one of the most time-consuming and tiring tasks. Removing roots can be quite challenging and it requires a bit of muscle. Make sure to wear gloves, if not you will get blisters. The quicker and easier way to do this is to enlist the help of professionals. Many companies that offer turf cleaning Henderson can also help you clean the area too. 

Once you remove everything, you can compost the grass, and plants that you have removed. If you already know how to compost feel free to do it on your own, however, if you are new to this, make sure to bring everything to your local green waste center.

Start digging!

Start digging to remove any big rocks and roots that you may have forgotten. Make sure to remove even the rocks that are the size of a matchbox. They may seem small and unharmful to you, but they are no good for the turf. You can do this with a garden fork, or with a rotovator. Using a rotovator is a much better option since it requires less energy and takes less time to finish the job. You need to dig at least 6 inches into the soil to prepare it for turfing. This seems like a lot of work, and it is. However, just remember why you are doing this. Just imagine yourself spending time in the garden that you have created, and you should get the motivation to complete this task.

Pay attention to the soil. You may need to add gravel if the soil is hard. This will greatly improve drainage. On the other hand, you will need to get a topsoil improver if it’s too sandy.

a woman kneeling in the garden to prepare soil for turfing
Get rid of the rocks in order to prepare soil for turfing

Level the ground before you lay your turf

You want your lawn to be nice and even. The only way to achieve this is by leveling the ground. Remove any big chunks of soil or break them down if possible. If you leave them your lawn will look wavy and that is not the look that you want to go for. Also, you can trip and fall if you step on one of the bumps. Rake over the surface a few times. The longer the stokes the better! Once you go over the area two times with your rake, make sure to compact the soil in order to remove the air pockets. Moreover, the soil needs to be compact in order to avoid the turf from sinking during heavy rains. Once you finish this go over with your rake once more.

To prepare soil for turfing make sure to fertilize it!

This is an important step because it will help the grass stay strong. You can ask turf cleaning enterprise NV if they can sell you fertilizer or recommend you one. You should do this at least 24 hours before you install the turf. This way the soil will have time to absorb the chemicals. Thanks to this you will have the long-lasting green lawn that you have always wanted! 

One more thing that you should do is test the PH of your soil! To do this, make sure to get a PH testing kit. The perfect PH is anything between 5,5 and 7, anything else is not good. To fix the PH levels there are certain chemicals that you can use to balance it out.

grass strands
Make sure to fertilize your soil before you install the turf

Get ready to lay down the turf

And there you go, now you know how to prepare soil for turfing! As you can see this is not a complicated process. You just need some free time and tools. Make sure to do this in autumn or spring. You should avoid installing turf when the weather is too cold or too hot. Even though know you know all the steps that you need to take to prepare soil for turf, if this seems too complicated or like too much work make sure to hire lawn makers. They can take care of this entire process and even provide you with turf cleaning Summerlin NV if you need to clean your turf once everything is installed. 

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