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Although low maintenance, artificial grass still needs to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Keep your turf looking fresh and natural with Peak Services turf cleaning Enterprise NV team.


You always hear how artificial turf is super low-maintenance. How you barely have to lift a finger to make it look awesome. The real truth, however, is that synthetic grass is still subject to outside influences. Dirt and debris will taint it and lower its appeal. Animals will leave unsightly stains and smells that are hard to get rid of. Elements will weather it down and reduce its longevity. So, as with any other part of your property, synthetic grass, too, needs regular maintenance to counter all those negative effects. However, it is also true that you don’t have to waste your time and energy to protect it.

Today, you have one of the best turf cleaning Enterprise NV companies ready to take that burden off of your hands and mind. Give Peak Services a call and use your turf for what it’s meant to – your unconditional enjoyment.

Get the most out of your sinthetic lawn with proper maintenance

Split comparison between artificial grass and tiles.

Artificial turf is a significant investment regardless of brand or size. Furthermore, it is an investment meant to last for a good part of your life. To be exact, 10 to 15 years. However, the only way to get that mileage out is with expert maintenance. And that entails:

  • Sophisticated cleaning methods;
  • Modern equipment and corresponding cleaning agents;
  • A trained and experienced crew to use all of the above to the utmost effectiveness.

So, even with synthetic turf maintenance considered as “low”, these requirements are anything but. In fact, anything less is subpar care that neither you nor your turf deserves. Fortunately, it is now easier than ever to ensure your synthetic lawn receives premium treatment.

Let your lawn prosper with the skills and resources of our turf cleaning Enterprise NV team

As we’ve established, standards for proper turf maintenance are, in fact, quite high. Not every team will manage to keep up with them.

However, Peak Services is not just “any” team. We are some of the finest experts for turf cleaning in Las Vegas. A team that not only fits the above criteria but excels at fulfilling them:

  • Training is a must for every member of our collective. That way, you know you’re getting a team that knows what they’re doing;
  • We hold ourselves up to the highest quality standards. Our crew does not stop until they are 100% sure you’re satisfied with their work;
  • Our services are based on contemporary methods, devised by industry experts. This is why they boast exceptional reliability and effectiveness;
  • We wield an arsenal of modern tools. These allow for swift work, free of unnecessary risks.

Combined, these traits allow us to provide top-tier service. The kind that saves your time and energy, while giving exceptional results. Which, on its own, would be enough. But, not for us. We’re always taking it a step further. That’s why our services come at a budget-friendly price, fit for anyone’s needs and pockets. With Peak Services, you can truly have it all.

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Why You Need Regular Turf Cleaning?

Protect Your Investment

Our cutting edge cleaning system will ensure that your turf will look and smell its best. We will remove any nasty buildup, disinfect the artificial grass, and unclog drainage.

Rejuvenate Your Turf

Regular cleaning will re-fluff the flattened areas on your turf, ensuring that brand-new look. We will carefully restore any wilted blades to an upright position. 

Get Rid of the Odor

Pet urine, poop, and moisture trapped under the turf can leave an unpleasant smell that is hard to get rid of. Most store-bought turf cleaning solutions will mask the scent, but getting rid of it requires a professional service. 

Join Hundreds of Happy Clients

Who trust Peak Services


 “Peak Services was great. The techs were very knowledgeable and professional! Liera in customer service is so sweet! Thanks for getting those annoying pigeons off my roof!”

Sabrina G.

Las Vegas, NV


“You guys rock! I work in the solar industry and use Peak Services for all my critter guard installs, etc. They are very reasonably priced, consistently give quality service. They are very efficient and also take amazing care of my homeowners! Makes my life that much easier when I can have that peace of mind knowing my customers will continue to have an amazing experience while going solar with me! Thank you!”

Lesia D.

Las Vegas, NV


“Very good at communicating exactly what needed to be done. Very fast friendly service.

Attention to detail. I would highly recommend this company!  Informed me about everything they were doing and why it was important.”

Ashley L.

Las Vegas, NV

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Count on our turf cleaning Enterprise team to protect your entire property

Here at Peak Services, protecting your investment is the top priority. This is why we do not stop at turf cleaning only. Our capabilities extend well beyond that. Within our portfolio you can find:

With our services, you can ensure the lasting protection of your property and its most critical systems. Of course, everything we said about our Enterprise NV turf cleaning service applies here, too. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional results in a record time. All of it – without sacrificing the quality in the process. With us, you will have the peace of mind you need and deserve.

Make your clients crave doing business with you

Some try to fight it, and many more try to deny it. Yet, the simple fact remains – First impression matters. Nowhere is it more prominent than in business. Simply, one look at your HQ can make a potential client make a decision to stay or run away. For this reason, it is imperative to make that first impression count. And count it will! With our commercial services you can give your business the makeover it needs for maximum appeal:

Efficiency and flexibility are the main traits of our commercial solutions. As such, we can handle the work you hire us to do as swiftly as humanely possible. Our Enterprise NV turf cleaning and solar panel maintenance staff are meticulous and detail-oriented. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about damage and a decline in quality. Whether you want us to deal with a full-blown bird infestation or to make your PV system spotless, we’ll do it without obstructing your work.

Opting for Peak Services means opting for quality and convenience.

Maintenance of artificial turf and the solar array is not something to trifle with. Both are huge investments. Both reflect on your long-term finances. And, most importantly, both impact your everyday life. As such, they demand respect and proper care. The kind that only the most trained turf cleaning Enterprise NV teams can provide. And, when you want one of the best, Peak Services is a natural first choice. So, don’t contend with “OK-ish” solutions that will be merely satisfactory. Not when prime service is readily within your reach. Give us a hoot today and ensure your property remains safe for you to enjoy.

Primetime turf cleaning Enterprise NV services are at your fingertips

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Curious about our cleaning process or pricing? Give us a call for a free estimate – we’d love to help!

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