How to Get Dog Pee Out of Artificial Turf

How to clean dog pee out of artificial turf

Many dog owners are under the impression that they’ll never need to clean their artificial turf — but they see that they were mistaken quite soon after installation. The problem is dog pee.

Whereas synthetic grass does offer great drainage and rain will wash away some dog pee, traces of urine will stick around and cause bad smells.

Let’s look at how to clean fake grass of dog urine to prevent those odors and to ensure you keep enjoying your turf.

Why Does Dog Pee Cause Bad Smells?

Although dog urine won’t damage your turf like it does natural grass, it also doesn’t seep in the ground below as effectively.

Over time, urine builds up, causing the smell to become stronger and more unpleasant. This is because, whereas 95 percent of dog urine is water, the rest is urea, uric ac