6 artificial turf maintenance tools

A model of a house on the artificial turf

The biggest upside and the main reason people opt for artificial turf is how easy it is to maintain. However, “easy to maintain” does not mean “no maintenance at all.” It still takes some effort to keep it looking fluff and lifelike. Fortunately, even that can be made super-easy. All it takes is adequate equipment and your yard can be the talk of the neighborhood. With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of artificial turf maintenance tools that Las Vegas pro turf cleaners recommend.

#1: Leaf Rake

Let’s start off with the basest of basics. Of all the artificial turf maintenance tools, a Leaf Rake is the simplest one. And, yet – it is also the most essential. This plain tool is an absolute must for anyone looking to keep their artificial grass in good condition.

A person using artificial turf maintenance tools to clean leaves.
Some of the simplest artificial turf maintenance tools are also the most essential.

For the most part, a leaf rake is used to collect leaves and debris. However, while standard metal or aluminum rakes will do the job, they also run a high risk of damaging the turf. Therefore, it is imperative to get the right one for the job.

In this regard, plastic or nylon bristle rakes are the best. They are lightweight enough not to cause harm to your artificial grass. But, they’re also sturdy enough to make raking fast and easy. They’re also incredibly cheap, which is another big plus.

#2: Push Broom

Continuing with the trend of the most basic tools, we have a Push Broom. Another lightweight, simple-to-use “device” that makes caring about artificial turf a breeze. And, since you already have a yard, chances are you already have at least one of these handy.

A Push Broom’s primary purpose is obvious. It is used to push the dirt around to a place where you can easily collect and dispose of it. However, it is also amazing for grooming the turf back into an upright position. Which is a thing not many people know about.

Still, it is important to note that not just any old push broom will do the job. Similarly to Leaf Rakes, it is important to choose a broom that won’t damage the turf. So, the same rule applies here: just the one with stiff nylon bristles and you’re golden.

Bonus tip: Do not use your household push broom for artificial turf. No matter how well you clean the turf, there’s still a lot of dirt and bacteria in it. Unless you disinfect the broom after each cleaning, you’ll bring all of those back inside.

#3: Garden Hose

But, wait a minute… Artificial turf does not need watering… Why do I need a garden hose, then? And to that, we say: fair point. However, while synthetic grass does not need watering it is still just that – synthetic. Essentially, artificial turf is a plastic rug for your yard. And, like any rug, it can get stains from mud, dirt, food, or animal droppings.

A person forming a rainbow with a garden hose.
Synthetic grass does not need watering. It does need a good wash every now and then, though.

Fortunately, a Garden Hose can make quick work of these nuisances. Especially if you combine it with other artificial turf maintenance tools on this list. For best results, you can get a garden hose extension with a few working modes (spray, shower, etc.). It will make it even more effective and your job much easier.

#4: Electric Leaf Blower

Now we’re getting to the fun stuff! Electric Leaf Blower is an amazing artificial turf maintenance tool. And, a super fun one, at that. In a way, it combines the rake and a push brush to make quick work of leaves, dust, and small debris in your yard.

The best thing about Electric Leaf Blower is how easy it is to use. Just point and push the button – et voila. Dirt-be-gone in a matter of seconds. Also, it is much, much more silent than gas-powered leaf blowers professional turf cleaning Las Vegas crews use. You won’t be getting any noise complaints from your neighbors with this one! Not even if you’re using it on a daily basis. So, definitely, a must-have.

#5: Power Brush

Ah, yes, the bread and butter, the meat and potatoes of artificial turf maintenance. The tool residential and commercial turf cleaners swear by – the mighty Power Brush.

The biggest fortes of a Power Brush are:

  • It is super easy to use. For the most part, it is an equivalent of a lawn mower. Plug it in, push the button, push it around. That’s it. Really;
  • It works wonders, regardless of turf size. Whether you have a small backyard or a huge one, Power Brush will let you clean it with no hassle.

This piece of equipment is awesome for getting rid of the waste from your synthetic grass. But, that’s not why everyone loves it so much. Aside from cleaning, Power Brush rejuvenates the turf. It re-fluffs it and makes it look like the day it was installed.

#6: Cleaner

Your artificial turf is subject to a whole host of unhygienic factors. Dust and dirt are the most common and obvious ones. However, there are a whole lot of others. If you have pets, it is safe to assume they’re using the turf as a bathroom. But, even if you don’t, other animals are there to “make it up” for it. Primarily – birds.

Brown pigeon in the grass.
Hardly any animal can make as much mess of your turf as pigeons.

These pesky buggers are known to dish out their “gifts” everywhere and anywhere. So, unless you want to hire pigeon pest control Las Vegas specialists every two weeks or so, it is imperative to make your turf as clean as a whistle. And, that’s only possible with the right cleaning agents.

Fortunately, today, you can find these in virtually every store. Or, on the internet, if you want to make it even easier. Simply look for artificial grass cleaners that are marked either:

  • Pet-friendly;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Non-toxic.

These are all good choices to add to your collection of artificial turf maintenance tools. With them, you’ll not only make your turf clean but, also, viruses and bacteria-free.

THE best artificial turf maintenance tool, ever

While synthetic turf cleaning is a relatively simple task, sometimes it can become a chore. You may not have enough time to do it or, simply, do not want to bother. In that case, you can add the absolute best of all artificial turf maintenance tools to your arsenal. Which is – the contact info of professional Las Vegas turf cleaners. And, just like that, you’ll have every tool in the arsenal at your disposal, even if you have none. And, the best thing is – you won’t have to lift a finger to make your yard look breathtaking.

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