How Often Should You Clean Your Solar Panels in Nevada and Why Avoid the DIY Method

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Having solar panels is an excellent choice, whether you installed them for household usage or your company. Nevertheless, installing a piece of solar-powered equipment isn’t enough on its own. If you wish for your devices to last as long as they possibly can, you will need to maintain them properly. The average lifespan of solar panels is estimated to be around 30 years. In order to fully use them for this period, you will need to clean your solar panels in Nevada regularly. But how often should you do so? And luckily, Peak Services experts have some excellent advice on this matter.

Learning when to clean your solar panels in Nevada

Regular maintenance of solar panels is a must for whoever wishes to use this equipment. However, the term ‘regular’ may vary depending on where the equipment is. Commercial solar panel cleaning experts say that the optimal time between two cleanings should be up to six months. Nevertheless, this statement should be altered in the case of the state of Nevada.

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Please note that you will have to clean your solar panels in Nevada more often because of its dry desert-like climate.

Since Nevada is the driest state in the USA and is located mostly throughout deserts, it is obvious that any solar panels installed there should be cleaned more than once in six months. There is more dust, dirt, and sand that can soil your equipment and cause it to stop working properly. Therefore, you should clean your solar panels in Nevada more often in the hotter months, like July and August, whenever you see it’s necessary to hire solar panel cleaning enterprise NV services. This can be once in two months or once per month. Later in the year, when it’s cold and snowy, there’s no need to clean them this often. Once or twice for the entire season should be sufficient.

The importance of solar panel maintenance

Although this expensive equipment doesn’t need much maintenance, it requires it on a regular basis. There are many external factors that can soil your panels and shorten their lifespan. If you don’t pay attention to this and check your panels regularly, you may find them working inadequately sooner than your think. The most common things that can cause dirt to your solar panels are the following:

  • Weather – especially in Nevada, the desert-like climate can cause the solar panels to often get dirty
  • Surroundings – things like trees can soil and even damage your equipment with fallen branches, leaves, and other things
  • Birds – are the main reason you should clean your solar panels in Nevada

How birds can cause uncleanliness and damage to solar panels

Birds are the worst enemy of any solar-powered equipment. Not only can they cause an ugly mess on your roof that is unpleasant to look at, but they can also damage your solar panels. Birds are naturally drawn to warm and protected places. They are perfect for them to build their nests. Unfortunately, solar panels provide them with these excellent conditions. This is why experts recommend installing solar panel bird control Las Vegas, as soon as possible after installing the panels themselves.

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Birds can’t only cause a mess on your roof, but they can also damage your solar panels if you don’t install a bird guard as soon as possible.

Bird droppings cause an unsightly mess, and they also block the solar receptors on your panels, which means they won’t work at their maximum efficiency. Moreover, when birds nest under your solar panels, it blocks the airflow and increases temperature, which also disrupts the proper function of your equipment. And if you don’t notice it on time, you can have many problems in the future. Therefore, if you didn’t install a bird guard, it would be wise to call in solar panel bird control North Las Vegas as soon as you notice birds are nesting under your equipment. The experts will remove them in a safe and ethical way.

Who should clean your solar panels in Nevada

Although cleaning solar panels may seem like an easy task, there are many ways an untrained person could damage them. Water is by far the most useful means to clean your solar panels in Nevada. However, most would opt for a sponge and a bucket of water. But the danger of it is that the water could get under the panels and irreversibly damage them. Therefore, the best option is water pressure. As we mentioned, an untrained person will most likely damage the equipment. This is why you should avoid the DIY cleaning method at all costs.

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It’s always best to leave things to the professionals, especially when trying to clean your expensive solar-powered equipment. If you try to do it yourself, you might damage the panels.

Nowadays, there are many services you can hire for solar panel maintenance, like bird control Henderson and solar panel cleaning. Since we mentioned that cleaning should be between once per month and once every six months in the state of Nevada, it really isn’t an expense you can’t afford. For around $100 per cleaning, you will have your equipment working perfectly, and moreover, you won’t risk damaging the solar panels by trying to clean your solar panels in Nevada by yourself.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you will understand the importance of solar panel maintenance and how often you should clean your solar panels in Nevada. Remember that how often you clean them largely depends on the climate and the seasons in the state of Nevada. Check your equipment regularly, and you will notice whenever it needs a thorough cleaning. Watch out for birds and thigs that surround your solar panels. And ultimately, remember that it’s always best to let professionals do the job than to risk damaging your solar-powered equipment by doing it yourself.

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