Do birds cause roof damage?

Pigeons on damaged roof because birds cause roof damage

Performing regular checkups of the roof is crucial in order to detect early signs of roof damage. There are different reasons why your roof can get damaged such as extreme heat, build-up ice, tree branches, roof debris, etc. Still, one of the most common reasons for your roof to get damaged that we usually don’t take into consideration is damage caused by birds. There are different ways how birds cause roof damage. Therefore, make sure to inspect your roof regularly, and if needed hire professionals such as Peak Services to help you with roof maintenance and bird control. That way you will be certain that you have a safe roof over your head.

How can birds cause roof damage?

To many homeowners, birds are beautiful creatures and they love having them in their yards. However, many don’t think about the damages that they can cause to the property. From picking fruits and vegetables in your garden to gathering on your roof there are many ways in which birds can be a danger to your environment. Not only that they carry different diseases but they can also cause physical damage to your property. Thus, it is important to be aware of how birds can cause destruction to your property, especially your roof.

Birds on the roof of the building
There are many ways how birds cause roof damage

Birds’ droppings are acidic

Birds’ droppings contain uric acid which is extremely acidic and can eat away roofing materials including tiles, metal, and shingles. This can easily lead to corrosion of your roof making its structure weaker. Also, birds’ dropping retains water which is why moisture can get trapped onto the surface of the roof. Over time moisture will enter the underlays of the roof leading to mold growth, rot, and other water damage. Lastly, birds’ dropping will attract different insects and pests that can cause serious damage to the roof.

As the birds’ droppings can damage your roof in different ways and are unhealthy for the environment you should consider hiring professionals. If you are located in Henderson find one of the best bird control Henderson services providers. They will help you extend the lifespan of your roof and also get rid of the birds from your property.

Their nests can clog the gutters

The roof is usually an ideal spot for birds to nest. But because of the materials that they use to build nests, your gutters might get clogged. Birds use dry materials such as leaves, grass, and twigs that cannot be easily get washed by rainwater. The buildup of these materials in the gutters or air vents can cause blockage causing damage to the roof and structure of the house. Therefore, you should clean regularly your gutters and avoid potential damage to your roof. The best way to do it is to use services such as pressure washing Las Vegas services. Professionals will know how to use pressure to wash out all the debris and dry materials that birds use to build nests.

Bird in the gutter
Birds’ nests can block gutters which can cause damage to the roof

There is a fire risk because of the flammable materials that they use

As already mentioned birds use dry materials to build their nests which are highly flammable. If there is extreme heat there is a risk that the nest on your roof can catch fire and spread to the rest of the building. Also, because of the blockage in the ventilation system, there will be no airflow which can lead to overheating that can lead to a fire. This will not only damage your roof but your entire home. Lastly, because bird nests deteriorate over time they can fall apart spreading flammable materials over your roof. To avoid this from happening, make sure to regularly inspect your roof and remove nests that are present. Undoubtedly, this will lower the risk of damage to your roof and protect you from fire.

Birds cause roof damage by pecking at the shingles

Lastly, believe it or not, birds may cause roof damage just by pecking. There are several ways in which birds pecking may cause harm to your roof:

  • Removing granules: Every roof shingle is covered by granules that protect the roof from water damage. By pecking these granules your roof will become more vulnerable to the weather conditions and get damaged faster by the sun, rain, or ice.
  • Creating holes: Birds pecking at your roof can create holes in the roof, especially if they peck at the same spot. These holes will allow water to enter through the roof and create water damage to the interior of your home.
  • Exposing underlying layers: When birds are pecking at the shingles they are exposing the underlayers of the roof to the extreme weather conditions that the roof underlayer cannot sustain. Exposing wooden underlay to the sun or rain means that your roof will collapse faster.
  • Nesting: While nesting birds may remove some of the shingles creating a gap between them. And this can be especially the case with pigeons. Therefore, make sure to use pigeon control North Las Vegas services and avoid any possibility for the water to seep into the interior of your home.
A bird on the roof
Bird pecking can create gaps between shingles

Prevent birds from damaging your roof

It is certain that there are many ways how birds cause roof damage. Still, if you are aware of them and perform regular maintenance on your roof, all this can be avoided. Also, there are different bird deterrents that you could use in order to keep them away from your property. Consider installing bird spikes, using netting, or placing some of the bird audio deterrents that might keep them away. Also, make sure to clean gutters regularly and trim trees because birds usually use branches to get to the roof. Birds may cause damage to your roof, but you can still prevent that from happening.

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