Pigeons Under Solar Panels: 7 Easy Solutions

Pigeons Under Solar Panels: 7 Easy Solutions

Pigeons under your solar panels may seem harmless, but they’re more destructive than you think. Not only do they create an unsightly mess, but they can also damage your equipment if you fail to take action.

Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to prevent this from happening. In this article, we’ll discuss why pigeons under solar panels are a major problem, how to tell if you have a pigeon infestation, and seven easy solutions to fix it.


Why are Pigeons Attracted to Solar Panels?

Pigeons are constantly on the lookout for a safe and covered location to build their nest. They’re also attracted to warmth. Unfortunately, the space under solar panels fits all these criteria.

The panels provide protection from the elements and predators. They also generate heat, which creates a warm space underneath that attracts pigeons.

This means that if you install solar panels on a home or business you’ll need to develop a pigeon solar panel protection plan.


Can Pigeons Damage Solar Panels?

Pigeons are a nuisance, but they’re also destructive. Bird poop is acidic, which means if enough of it gets on your solar panels it can damage your equipment. Over time this might result in costly repairs. Plus, if too much poop gets on the panels it can reduce their energy efficiency.

It’s not just the droppings though. Nests underneath limit airflow and increase the temperature under the panels, which can result in cells failing. Pigeons can also create quite a mess on your roof. This added debris attracts squirrels and rodents who have been known to chew through electrical wiring. 

All this, combined with the noise pigeons make, is why you need to take steps to prevent this from happening.


How Can You Tell if You Have Pigeons Under Your Solar Panels?

The following are signs you likely have pigeons nesting under your panels:

  • Pigeons resting on your roof ridges.
  • Bird poop on your roof and solar panels.
  • Large amounts of debris and nesting material are strewn around your roof and property.
  • Rustling and cooing noises coming from underneath your panels.

If you notice any of the above investigate your panels to determine if you have a bird problem.


How to Get Rid of Pigeons Under Solar Panels

Pigeons are a big problem for solar panel owners, but luckily there are several different solutions to get rid of them. Here are seven ways to prevent pigeons from nesting under your panels:

Bird Guards

When it comes to how to keep pigeons from getting under solar panels, bird guards are by far the most effective solution. They’re made of mesh and attach to the sides of your solar panels, running along the entire edge of the array. They prevent birds from getting underneath while still allowing ample airflow.

A great thing about this option is it’s very low-profile. The mesh tends to blend in with the rest of the array, making it virtually impossible to notice from the ground.

Plastic bird netting can also be used in a similar fashion. However, it’s not as durable and tends to break down over time.

Before installing bird guards make sure you clear any debris from under the panels and disinfect the area. If the mess is particularly bad it’s recommended to call a professional.

Roof Spikes

Laying spikes around your solar panels, and on any areas where pigeons tend to roost, is a good way to keep birds away. Without a comfortable place to roost pigeons generally won’t stay around long enough to build a nest.

Spikes are effective, but they do have some downsides compared to bird guards. They’re not very attractive and it’s not totally uncommon for birds to find a way to build a nest in spite of the spikes. Finally, some people believe that laying spikes isn’t a very humane way to deal with birds.

If you’re going to use roof spikes pair them with bird guards or netting for the best results.

Plastic Birds of Prey

While this method is less sophisticated than others on the list it does do a very good job of keeping pigeons away.

Plastic birds of prey come in a number of different varieties. Owls are the most common but a fake eagle will work as well. Some are just statues while others have moving heads. You can also buy automated ones that make noises.

While this tactic does work it’s certainly not the most attractive. Not everyone wants fake birds all over their roof. So, if you’re looking for something a little more discreet this likely isn’t for you.

Bird Repellent Gel

This non-toxic gel makes surfaces sticky and uncomfortable for pigeons. By spreading it around your solar panels, roof ledges, and anywhere else birds like to roost you should be able to keep them away.

Of course, depending on the size of your house and solar panels you might need a lot of gel. If you have to cover a larger area this isn’t the best solution. The gel will also fade over time and will eventually need to be reapplied.

Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

These devices use motion sensors to detect when animals are near and emit an ultrasonic sound to scare off pests, including pigeons. They can be mounted near your solar panels to deter birds from ever building nests.

The frequency of the sounds is only detectable by animals so you don’t have to worry about being startled. However, if you have pets then this could bother them. Some devices also use strobe lights instead of sounds to ward off pests.


Keep Your Solar Panels and Roof Clean

A dirty roof attracts insects, which in turn attract pigeons. One of the easiest ways to keep pigeons away is to clean your roof and solar panels. Dirt and dust can also reduce the effectiveness of your panels, so it’s a good idea to clean them regularly.

Cleaning solar panels that are mounted on a roof isn’t always easy and can be dangerous. Consider hiring professionals to do it for you to ensure the job is done properly and safely.


Hire a Bird Control Expert

Removing pigeons from under solar panels and installing bird control devices is a big job. If you want to resolve the problem quickly, and get the best results, hire a bird control expert. They’ll assess your situation and use a combination of the above tactics to ensure you no longer have to worry about pigeons damaging your solar panels.


Have Any Questions?

Do you have a problem with pigeons under your solar panels? Are you looking for an affordable and effective solution? Contact us today to speak to one of our bird control experts.

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