How sensitive solar panels really are

Las Vegas has installed 443 megawatts of solar capacity, which comes out to about 690 watts per person. In addition to ranking second in the nation for its solar capacity per capita, it also comes in third for total installed capacity. It’s clear as the weather, solar energy is slowly becoming more popular, especially in sunny states like Nevada. However, there are still some questions left to be answered, especially those accounting for its efficiency. Peak Services will help you find out how sensitive solar panels really are, as well as how to maintain them.

How long do solar panels last

Solar panels are incredibly dependable. In fact, many solar panels installed in the 1980s are still working at the expected capacity. Not only do solar panels last for decades, but the lifespan of these devices has increased dramatically over the last 20 years. In addition to decades of effective performance and improved longevity, many solar manufacturers guarantee their products with performance warranties. Moreover, there are ways to prolong the life of your solar panels, whether it is regular cleaning or even hiring bird removal in North Las Vegas.

Field of solar panels in the open
For those who wonder how sensitive solar panels really are, Peak Services have the answer

How sensitive solar panels really are

As temperatures begin to rise with the onset of spring, trees begin growing thick with green leaves. The changing weather is welcomed by many in Las Vegas. However, some businesses or homeowners might be asking themselves “How sensitive solar panels really are against heat?” With the spring and nice weather, all sorts of birds will reappear, so one can wonder if you need pigeon guard for solar panels. Solar panels are indeed very fragile, but strong glass and frame surrounding them are enough to keep them protected and durable.

In addition, solar panels are put through extensive tests that imitate extreme world conditions such as 60 miles-per-hour strong winds, medium-sized limbs, and relatively large hailstones. Solar panels are built from three layers of rock or silicone encased in tempered glass. The glass is several times stronger than standard plate glass, which means it’s less likely to break.

What affects their efficiency?

Temperature: The efficiency of photovoltaic cells is influenced by temperature. When the temperature drops, the voltage between the cells increases, causing more electricity to be produced.

Poor installation: Wind can sometimes displace poorly installed solar panels, causing irreparable damage. The underbelly of the panel is the most vulnerable part, so poor installation can lead to a broken panel in high winds. That’s why it’s important to select an experienced and expert solar installer who is professional and careful.

Man installing a panel carefully after learning how sensitive solar panels really are
Installing a solar panel should always be done with the help of a professional

Solar shading: Solar panels are sensitive to solar shading. Partial or total shading conditions can affect the panel’s ability to generate electricity, resulting in lower output and power losses. Cells within a solar panel are usually connected in series to get a higher voltage and therefore an appropriate production of electricity.

Poor maintenance: Solar panels are expensive and fragile. Therefore is crucial that they are maintained properly. This will prolong their lifespan and efficiency. Pressure washing services in Las Vegas are a must when it comes to the preservation of your solar panels.

How to maintain your solar panels

Owning solar panels is a good investment and can save you money in the long term. Here are a few tips for solar panel maintenance, including cleaning your panels. When you clean solar panels, make sure to keep them out of the shade. Scrubbing with a rough sponge or using harsh cleaning products can scratch the glass, which reduces its efficiency. The best way to clean solar panels is with a soft cloth or biodegradable soap.

To clean your solar panels, use gentle materials that won’t damage the surface. You can just run a hose along the panels to remove any dirt. This will keep your panels looking nice and reduce calls on solar panel maintenance. For your safety and the safety of others around you, use a long-handled wiper to clean the panels while you are standing on the ground.

Solar panels close up
Cleaning and maintaining your solar panels is a must

When you clean the roof, use safety ropes or a harness for support. Always watch out for dirt on solar panels to make sure it doesn’t build up since they can absorb sunlight better when they are free of dirt. Many people question, do solar panels need cleaning. The answer is yes; depending on the type of panel you have, you might be doing weekly or monthly cleaning solar panels. And of course, the best tip for maintaining your solar panels is to get a professional company to clean them for you.

Snow and ice can build up on solar panels, but since they are angled and have a low melting point, they usually melt off. If they persist, spraying them with lukewarm water helps remove them. Do not use hot water to clean snow or ice from solar panels because the temperature difference can cause cracks in the panels.

Final thoughts

To conclude, solar panels can be sensitive and fragile. They can even break. Solar panels typically don’t require much maintenance. They should be kept free from obstacles that cast shadows over them, however, and they need an unobstructed path to the sun to operate optimally. They are designated to withstand both low and high temperatures, and they can last up to 30 years.

Keeping an eye on your solar panels’ energy output as they age is important. A prolonged drop in production could signal a need for maintenance. As solar panels age, their performance tends to decrease but if there’s a drop early on it’s more likely due to dirty or obstructed panels. To conclude, with just a bit of care and attention, you won’t be wondering how sensitive solar panels really are, and you will be able to rest assured knowing you are doing what’s best for your panels.


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