Combining natural grass with artificial turf in Green Valley NV – how to get the best of both worlds

grass field combining natural grass with artificial turf

If you are thinking about combining natural grass with artificial turf, but are not sure if it is possible, or how to do it properly, Peak Services has some tips for you. You can get the best from both of those worlds, and your lawn will look perfect! It will take a little effort to keep it beautiful, but it will be worth it!

What you should know about combining natural grass with artificial turf

People are often confused by a lot of information they get about artificial turf, and they are not sure if it is the right choice for them. It might seem like the artificial turf needs a lot of maintenance, but with turf cleaning Green Valley NV– it will be easy and fast! There are some things that are important and that you need to follow – but combining natural grass with artificial turf can be very easy. And it can look just perfect in your yard!

view of the grass you will get after Combining natural grass with artificial turf
Combining natural grass with artificial turf will give you a great yard!

Artificial turf has a lot of benefits

Before we start talking about installing and combining artificial turf with natural grass, you should be aware of all the benefits of artificial turf. One of the main advantages is that your yard will be green all year round! No matter where you live – you will be able to enjoy a great green lawn all year round. Not only that, but artificial turf is very durable, and with the help of turf cleaning Enterprise NV – your turf will be always clean and perfect! It is also pet-friendly and great for your kids.

What are the benefits of natural grass?

People often choose to have natural grass in their yards, because it is cheaper and familiar. Besides that, we all love that feeling of natural grass below our feet. It is also eco-friendly and it improves air quality. Besides that, they reduce noise and improve flood control. You will also need to look for bird removal Green Valley NV because natural grass attracts wildlife. Also, natural glass is cool during the summer.

kid sitting on natural grass
Enjoying natural grass fills you with positive emotions

How to combine natural grass with artificial turf?

So, now that you know all the advantages of both natural grass and artificial turf, you can better understand why combining them can give you a perfect yard with a lot of benefits. Combining them is easy, but you need to follow some tips. That way your yard will look better for a longer period. Artificial turf can look almost the same as natural grass, so no wonder that a lot of owners are really happy with their yards. Installing is the most important part, so make sure not to skip any of these steps!

How to start installing artificial turf?

Well, the first step is to remove the existing surface. No matter if it is natural grass or gravel – you need to remove it. After that, you need to lay a base of granite dust. The next step is the most important when combining artificial turf with natural grass – you need to separate them. The reasons for that are numerous, but having a border or some kind of edge is necessary. Your natural grass will need to be cut, and you don’t want to cut your artificial turf as well! Some people choose to use brick, or they separate them with a path.

house with a great lawn
Using artificial turf and natural grass you will get a perfect yard

The next step is to install a weed membrane, so you can make sure that your artificial turf will be clean. You can get the best from both of these worlds, but make sure to separate the natural grass and artificial turf. That way – it will last much longer! Of course, you can always hire professionals to handle this for you.

You can zone your yard

As you know, the color of your artificial turf and natural grass can not be the same. It won’t be a precise match, and it can highlight the difference and your yard won’t be looking perfect. The best way to avoid this is to zone your garden. Some people use artificial turf to pave their garage entrance, or they teach their dogs to use artificial turf only. And by using paths, you can really make your yard look beautiful and interesting. There are numerous ways to zone your yard and combine natural grass and artificial turf. Your yard will look amazing and unique!

Combining natural grass with artificial turf is great for kids and pets

A lot of people think that artificial turf is not great for kids and pets. But that is not true, and artificial turf can be a great place for your pets and kids! Your kids will love artificial turf since it is very pleasant and they can not get dirty or bitten by insects. On the other hand, cleaning dog urine is much easier from artificial turf. Also, on artificial turf, you can place solar panels, but you need to contact solar panel cleaning Green Valley NV to keep them in pristine condition. Mixing artificial turf and natural grass will bring you a lot of benefits!

dog on artificial turf
Your dog will love spending time on artificial turf

Maintain your lawn

If we are being honest, natural grass will need a fair amount of work when compared to artificial turf. Keeping them both looking clean and fresh will require a little bit of work on your natural grass. Make sure to cut it regularly. Also, feed and weed your lawn regularly if you want to keep it in good shape. Combining artificial turf and natural grass is a great solution, and you can really get the best from both worlds. With a little bit of planning, organizing, and maintenance -your yard will be perfect and beautiful!

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