Artificial Turf Infills: Everything You Need to Know

Artificial Turf Infills:

When artificial turf first came on the market, consumers had no choice about what to buy, as there was only one option. Whereas this simplified the decision process, you didn’t end up with a great turf.

Today, you have a huge range of choices — and that extends beyond the appearance, durability, and texture of the grass blades. For instance, you also have multiple artificial turf infill options.

Whereas this is something you have likely thoughtless about than the surface of the grass, infill does have a crucial role to play in the performance and aesthetics of your turf.

What Is Infill for Artificial Turf?

If you’re still in the early stages of figuring out what turf you want, you may be unclear about what exactly artificial turf infill is. Infill is the material you find between the blades of the artificial grass.

All types of infill provide stability and support for the turf, but some have added qualities like antimicrobial protection, extr