Ultimate artificial grass maintenance Las Vegas guide

The exterior of a house.

A beautiful lawn is a staple of any breathtaking garden. All that greenery serves as a perfect foundation for building up the curb appeal of your home. But whether real or artificial, a lawn needs to be maintained. Nowadays, more people are opting for artificial grass, simply because it requires much less work and maintenance than regular grass. Thus, we here at Peak Services have decided to do something for you. We have composed a comprehensive artificial grass maintenance Las Vegas guide that is going to provide you with all the essential tips you could need. Whether or not you want to implement them will be up to you.

A lawnmower on natural grass.
Artificial grass doesn’t require mowing, but it does entail taking other actions.

Natural vs artificial grass

People interested in transforming their gardens are aware that they need to work on the foundation, which is the grass. Usually, most people will either lean towards artificial turf or natural grass. We can’t tell you which one wins out, as this is something that will depend on your unique needs and preferences. But what we can tell you is that artificial grass requires much less maintenance than natural grass.

However, just because artificial turf won’t suffer from diseases and fungi does not mean that you can just install it and forget about it. Artificial grass still needs to be maintained for it to keep looking beautiful, as it is susceptible to quite a lot of wear and tear. Thus, be prepared to spend some time on maintenance and prolong the lifespan of your grass. All good things take time, effort, and energy.

Consider using professional services

If you are not the kind of person who likes to do things by yourself, then you can opt for professional help that is available at every step. Think about it – is there a task that can’t be handled by a professional team? Well, artificial grass maintenance is no different. With a simple phone call, you can find suitable turf cleaning Las Vegas services that will help you maintain your lawn and keep it in its optimal condition.

A woman holding a phone, ready to call for artificial grass maintenance Las Vegas services.
Contact professional turf cleaners and keep your home or commercial property in top shape.

Professional turf cleaning services will save your time and energy, which is particularly important if you own a big property or are a business owner. While it’s commendable to want to clean the area around your business yourself, you can dedicate that time to other business-related tasks. Besides, professional commercial turf cleaners in Las Vegas will definitely do a much better job, simply because it’s what they do for a living.

Artificial grass maintenance Las Vegas – where to begin

Maintaining an artificial lawn might look and sound like a complicated process, but we promise you that it isn’t. But before you begin taking any concrete actions, we believe you should first gather the right tools. There are some pieces of equipment without which artificial grass maintenance in Las Vegas won’t be possible, so make sure you get your hands on:

  • A leaf blower
  • A rake
  • A hose

We are pretty sure that you already have these pieces safely tucked away in your tool shed. But on the off chance that you haven’t had the chance to purchase them before, now’s the time to go out and buy them. With these pieces at hand, it’s time to get to work.

Keep harsh chemicals away from your artificial grass

Your artificial lawn might not look like a very fragile thing, but it is definitely susceptible to damage. One of the easiest ways to damage your artificial lawn is by using unsuitable chemicals. You might be tempted to use harsh and corrosive cleaners on your artificial grass as you know that they work wonders inside your home. But you need to understand that, if used long enough, these chemicals can cause permanent damage.

A pigeon on surveillance cameras.
Pigeons might not seem like something that can inflict plenty of damage. But the same can’t be said for their droppings.

Here’s something you might not be aware of. Did you know that bird droppings can actually break down and release corrosive chemicals? That’s why it’s essential to clean bird mess once it first appears. Of course, it would be best to completely prevent the problem by looking into bird control services in Las Vegas. You’ll be paying professionals to bird-proof your property, ensuring that no pigeons perch on your roof again.

Remove the debris

A lot of things can accumulate on top of your artificial lawn. However, what usually happens is that plenty of leaves fall all over your property due to the strong winds. And while they aren’t harmful, they are certainly not aesthetically appealing. Likewise, they make it impossible for you to maintain your artificial grass.

Thus, give your leaf blower a try. Make sure you remove all the leaves and accompanying debris from your property and get your lawn ready for different maintenance tasks. And even if you have just finished with all of the tasks we are about to mention, some of which are done every couple of months, removing the debris should be almost a daily chore.

Trim the trees and hedges

If you have a couple of trees on your property, there’s no doubt that you will get bored from cleaning all the leaves on a daily basis. You can’t interfere with a tree’s natural cycle – but you can trim it to minimize the debris falling on your grass. Trimming your trees and hedges will help you save the time you would spend on raking the leaves, and it will also keep your yard neat and tidy. This is especially important during the spring and summer months when you are inclined to spend more time in your garden or backyard.

Wash your grass

While natural grass needs to be watered, artificial grass needs to be washed. Thus, if you live in a dry area where there isn’t enough rainfall, or you are currently facing a hot season, you will have to use your hose. Plain water will be enough to wash away any debris from your property. All organic matter (such as bird and animal feces) will soften up and easily be washed away. And if you have a pet who roams around your property, it’s extremely important to keep your artificial grass in Las Vegas maintained and clean.

A person holding a garden hose that's essential for artificial grass maintenance Las Vegas.
Never underestimate what a simple gush of water can do for your artificial grass.

Of course, you can’t think of your pets only. Once you decide to water down your artificial grass, make sure you warn your family members. Even though artificial, this grass can get slippery, causing a myriad of different injuries.

How to approach persistent stains?

Did you know that artificial grass is very much like any other garment you have in your home? Well, they aren’t made from the same materials, that’s for sure, but they can stain just as easily. Whether you have spilled a liquid such as coffee or tea over your artificial grass, or the birds have done their thing, you will need to remove the stain as soon as you spot it.

Sometimes, water will be enough to eliminate a stain. But most often, you will need to find a more potent solution. Usually, a mixture of washing-up liquid and lukewarm water will be enough to remove the stain from your artificial grass. However, if the stain has hardened, you might need to approach it with a plastic spatula or even your toothbrush. But be gentle – scrubbing too hard can cause irreversible damage to your delicate grass.

While it’s definitely best to remove a stain as soon as you spot it, you shouldn’t stress out about being a few minutes too late. Your artificial lawn is actually resistant to staining, which is why you shouldn’t fret about not being quick enough.

Brush your artificial grass

You want your grass to look as good as new. The good news is that this can be achieved through frequent maintenance. What you ought to do is brush the grass regularly by making sure that you are brushing in the opposite direction of the artificial fiber. This will redistribute the blades, making sure your lawn wears evenly. While on the task of brushing your artificial lawn in Las Vegas, know that this is also the perfect time to search for weeds.

A person removing weeds.
Whether gardening or maintaining your artificial grass, it’s important to eliminate weeds from your property.

You might not associate weeds with an artificial lawn, and we completely understand that. However, weeds can sometimes poke through the synthetic grass base, causing problems. As with any other problem related to your artificial lawn (or life in general), we suggest you nip the problem in the bud.

What should you do if you notice weeds?

Our artificial grass maintenance Las Vegas guide aims to deal with regular, as well as less favorable situations. Noticing weeds on your artificial grass is definitely an undesirable occurrence. Luckily, the solution is a rather simple one – use a mild weed killer. Bear in mind that the word mild is emphasized. You don’t want to use a mixture that will be too harsh and result in a damaged lawn.

Likewise, we would like to mention that distributing a mild weed killer twice a year is a good idea, even if you don’t spot any problems of this nature. This will only prevent the problems from happening in the future, saving loads of your time and energy.

What not to do if you have artificial grass installed?

Knowing what not to do is just as important as taking the right actions. One of the best parts about having artificial grass is that you can relax and not worry about it as much. Sure, you don’t have to cut and trim your lawn as you would with natural grass, but you also need to be aware of some things you shouldn’t do if you want to keep your yard looking beautiful and damage-free. Thus, try to remember the following things:

  • As mentioned, never let stains harden and clean them up as soon as you spot them.
  • Don’t use barbeques, grills, or fire pits on your artificial lawn.
  • Do not leave any heavy motor vehicles such as cars on your artificial grass. Bear in mind that bicycles are safe.
  • Try not to use any sharp objects on your artificial lawn.
  • Remove garden equipment, such as a chainsaw or an edge trimmer after you finish using them, as having them lying around can damage your artificial grass.
A person grilling meat on a barbecue.
Barbecuing is one of our favorite summer activities, but you need to be careful around artificial grass.

It goes without saying that you probably won’t damage your artificial grass if you leave an edge trimmer for one hour, and you do it only one time. However, repeating this action time and time again will take its toll, and you will soon end up with an artificial turf that needs to be replaced.

Resort to this Las Vegas artificial grass maintenance guide to keep your lawn safe

We did our best to keep these artificial grass maintenance Las Vegas guidelines short and simple. And while it might seem like you have plenty of work ahead, you’ll soon realize that’s not really the case. Sure, removing leaves can be a daily chore. But it’s not something that will require more than ten minutes of your day. Likewise, preventing weeds isn’t a chore that needs your attention on a daily basis. It’s as simple as spreading a weed killer twice a year. Of course, if at any time you decide that you need some professional assistance, you can always contact us. Our professionals can get your artificial turf cleaned, making it easy for you to maintain it with simple actions.

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