How to find the best solar panel companies in Nevada

Solar arrays are finally at a spot where they offer enormous benefits, with little to no downsides. Over the past few decades, our technology advanced enough to make them a viable and stable source of energy. Not only that, but new manufacturing methods made it affordable, too. This is why we’re seeing PV systems gain popularity by the day. So, it is understandable that you’d want to reap those benefits, too. Only… Where to start? After all, a solar array is still a significant investment. Moreover, it is the one that should last you for a foreseeable future. Well, that’s what Peak Services are here to help you with. In this guide, you’ll learn how to find the best solar panel companies in Nevada to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

An electrician installing a solar panel.
When it comes to solar panel installation, anything less than expert services is a big risk.

Why is it important to find the best solar panel companies in Nevada?

Before we go into “how” to find a solar panel company for you, it is essential to go over “why” you want to do it. Mostly because this is a mistake a lot of first-time investors make. In your search, you’ll surely stumble upon countless DIY guides. They’ll tell you how residential solar panel cleaning and installation is “easy”. How “anyone can do it, no problem”. Those a bit more realistic might go with “doable”. While there is some truth to those statements, it is best to outright ignore them, and for more reasons than one:

  1. Safety: Solar panel installation is dangerous. By DIY-ing, you’re risking severe injuries and, in some cases, even death;
  2. Quality: Once installed, a solar array becomes an essential home system. As such, you want to be 100% certain you can rely on it, come thick and thin;
  3. Experience: An average person may install a PV system once or twice in their lifetime. A pro does it daily. This allows them to provide high-quality service and counter potential problems before they occur. Most importantly, to do it without jeopardizing you, your property, or themselves.

From these three facts only it is easy to see how going for pro service is the right choice. And, now, we can move on to “how”.

#1 ALWAYS do your research

As we mentioned, going solar is a big commitment and a long-term one. This is why a simple internet search just won’t do the trick. Rather, you’ll have to go much deeper. You’ll have to do thorough research to gather as much info as you can. Now, we are dealing with how to find the best solar panel companies in Nevada here. However, it is not where you should start, nor what you should limit yourself to.

A man holding a teacup while using laptop to find the best solar panel companies in Nevada.
To find the best solar companies in Nevada, you’ll have to spend some time researching. It will more than pay off in the end, though.

Instead, it would be wise to learn more about the substance first. Things like: what different types of PV systems are there? How rigid and rigorous are their installation requirements? Even what types of solar panel bird control Las Vegas solutions are available to you matter. These questions will save you a lot of time and effort. Most importantly, they will lead to a good decision and a great ROI further down the line. So, it definitely pays to spend some time researching.

#2 Credentials check – an absolute must

A solar array is a major electrical system that your home will grow to depend upon. As such, its installation is nothing to trifle with. This is why, under Nevada law, every solar panel contractor must be licensed and insured.

Here, you’re looking at several possible variants:

  • License Classification C-1 (plumbing and heating). This is the bare minimum for a company to be allowed to handle a PV system installation.
  • License Classification C-37 (solar contracting). Now, this is the stuff! A contractor holding this license can design, produce, install, and maintain solar arrays.
  • License Classification C-2g (electrical contracting, focused on photovoltaics). A solid alternative to C-1 and C-37. However, the holder of this license cannot alter, repair, or maintain wiring not pertaining to solar panels. Which is sometimes needed during installation.

Along with (one of) these licenses, you want a contractor with:

  • General Liability Insurance and;
  • OSHA certification.

If a company you set your eye on has everything here, it is a great indicator that they are not messing around. They are working within the confines of the law and accepting responsibility for their work. Which means that the chance of some shady business is minimal.

#3 A long track record is a sign of reliability

The solar market today can best be described as “dog-eat-dog”. The competition is huge and it grows by the hour. Therefore, if a company managed to stay relevant for a while, it means they’re doing something right. Often, they are your best bet.

A young businessman giving thumbs up.
A long track record is a sign of experience, expertise, and quality.

However, that doesn’t mean you should outright ignore newer companies. After all, young dogs are hungry. More often than not, they’ll grind, teeth and claw, to establish themselves. So, with them, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Still, they must fulfill other conditions mentioned here, too. Even more so than others, considering how they don’t have a massive referral list. Speaking of which…

#4 Referrals help familiarize yourself with the company

Today, a reputable firm will have a strong internet presence. A website is, of course, a must and ground zero for your research. Here, you should find all the basic info you need. From address and contact, to offer, pricing, and quotes calculator. Usually, a company will proudly display its awards and accreditations right there, on the homepage. Also, they will have a well-developed and active presence on social networks. However, what really interests you isn’t (always) on their website. But, rather, a Google search away and/or a phone call away.

The opinion of your peers’ matters

On the Internet – there’s no hiding the good or the bad. Which makes it that much easier to find the best solar panel companies in Nevada. To that end, online reviews will be your bread and butter.

Sites like Yelp!, Google My Business, and The BBB reviews section are all great places to start. Also, be sure to check specialized sites, such as EnergySage, for example. They will allow you to familiarize yourself with the workings of the company. But, more importantly, to see how they are treating their customers.

That said, if you run into several bad reviews, don’t dismiss the company right away. Instead, read up on the bad review and see how the company handled the complaint. After all, mistakes happen. But, a reputable firm won’t shy away from rectifying them, which will often be reflected in the follow-up review.

A smiling woman using phone to find the best solar panel companies in Nevada.
Don’t be afraid to follow up on the referrals a solar panel company provides. It is an amazing way to familiarize yourself with them.

Still, even with all the reviews, it still pays to get “close and personal”. So, don’t be afraid to get in touch with the company and ask for the list of referrals. It is yet another useful tool in your arsenal, that will help you paint a clear picture of the firm you are hiring.

#5 Transparency is a clear sign of respectability

This! A reputable company will play its hand straight. With them, you’ll know what to expect and you’ll never have a feeling that you’re being handled. So, while you’re on the phone, asking for referrals, be sure to have a list of questions, too. A representative of a good company will break their back to give you the best answer possible. But, they will also ask you a bunch of questions, too. Don’t worry – all of those are to help them find the best solution for you.

#6 The best solar panel companies will always do a preliminary inspection

Tying into the previous point, one of the telltale signs of a good company is their willingness to do an on-site check of your property. This is also known as an “on-site estimate”, “preliminary check”, or simply “inspection”. Still, it all serves the same purpose: to find out if your property can support a solar array.

A contractor and a technician inspecting solar panels
The best solar panel companies would rather deny service than let you be stuck with a barely working product.

During the inspection, solar technicians will do a thorough check of your roof, so you should consider roof cleaning before the inspection arrives. They’ll inspect structural integrity, light intensity, general suitability, and a whole host of other factors. Then, and only then, they’ll decide if they will install a PV system for you. Because, here’s the thing: not every property can benefit from a solar array. Good companies know this and they would rather refuse service than let you contend with sub-par results. So, if a representative refuses to do an on-site check, or takes a quick glance and says: “Yeah, ok, we can do it” – run. It shows that they care more about selling the product than about your well-being.

#7 Additional services: a good sign, but not a necessary one

Now we come to a bit of a controversial topic. Many solar installation companies offer extra services, mostly related to PV system maintenance. This is a good sign and a great convenience since you’ll have the same experts that installed your system ensuring it works as intended. However, if this is not the case – don’t fret. It is, actually, a good thing. It means that said company has a narrow field of expertise. And that, in most cases, translates into superb work.

Furthermore, this type of company often collaborates with other specialized service providers. Hence, they will be able to point you in the right direction, whether you need solar panel cleaning Henderson solutions, or any other type of maintenance. So, don’t shy away from asking and, of course, follow up on their advice.

Don’t be afraid to shop around and delay your decision a bit

As you can see, to find the best solar panel companies in Nevada, you’ll have to go through an extensive and time-consuming research process. So, here’s a last piece of advice: be patient. Check out several companies in your vicinity and ask all of them for quotes. Yes, it will take a bit more time. However, solar power is a literal life-changer. Or, shall we say, an incredible upgrade to your QOL. And with a decision that important, it pays to weigh your options in order to find the best one.


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