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Solar Panel Bird Control Enterprise

Being a homeowner can bring great satisfaction to a person. Having a place to call your own is fulfilling in many ways. Decorating and creating a pleasant space can be challenging but once it’s done, you are able to enjoy it fully. However, owning a home isn’t just about having a beautifully designed interior and exterior. To truly have an appealing home, the key is to maintain it properly and regularly by using services such as solar panel cleaning North Las Vegas.

Peak Services can provide the best, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. Having solar panels on your roof can add to the appearance of your home but if you don’t apply proper care, not only will they look unattractive but they will also lose quality.

Having solar panels doesn’t require complicated and often maintenance. However, it has to be applied on regular bases. Solar panels tend to have a life span between 20 and 30 years. It is your responsibility to keep them working for as long as possible by hiring a reliable company like Peak Services. That can be done with a little maintenance occasionally. It is quite simple. We advise you regularly check your roof for any unclean parts and hire special services for things such as:

  • Roof cleaning – by cleaning regularly, you can prevent flooding and thus dirtying and damaging your solar panels
  • Turf cleaning – leaves drops and fruits from nearby trees can make stains and make your solar panel cleaning in North Las Vegas very difficult.
  • Solar panel bird guard – not only can birds make an unsightly mess, but they can also cause damage.

Our residential solar panel cleaning services are a safe, swift, and economical way to keep your home PV system and the area around it pristine. And, with it, to have it working at its peak.

Importance of cleaning solar panels

Solar Panel Bird Control Enterprise

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Get the best results for your solar panel needs with Peak Services.

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Why You Need
Regular Solar
Panel Cleaning?

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Protect Your Investment

Protect Your Investment

Regular solar panel cleaning will significantly increase the durability of your solar panels.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance

Increase your energy output by removing the dust buildup, bird droppings and other debris that can block the sunlight from hitting your solar panels.

Save On Electricity

Save On Electricity

By increasing your solar electricity output, you’ll end up saving on electricity bill.

The proper ways for cleaning solar panels

You have seen the importance of Las Vegas solar panel cleaning, and everything that can cause dirtiness. If you notice during your regular visual inspection that your panels are dirty, it’s time to select a cleaning option. Our company offers few choices when it comes to ways of cleaning the panels. And keep in mind that rain is not a solar panel cleaning option since rain can cause dirt to accumulate at the bottom.

Solar Panel Bird Control Enterprise

Artificial turf also affects the state of your solar panels

The environmental impacts of solar power are enormous. But depending on the location of your home, the environment can have an impact on solar power, that is, on your solar panels. In that case, your solar panels might need a more frequent cleaning than usual.

For example, if you live somewhere near a highway or an airport, solar panels may experience high levels of atmospheric grime or oil buildup. Dry climatic conditions can also cause difficulties with cleaning solar panels. In areas where there is often wildfire, the ash from it can quickly reach your solar panels. That is why we highly advise you to consider professionals from Peak Services to do turf cleaning for you.

Another problem would be environments with many nearby trees. Installations located in such areas will have more leaves drop on the panels, which can reduce the absorption of sunlight. Trees also tend to attract birds that are no small problem. If solar panels accumulate bird droppings, they can damage their surface due to acidity which will reduce solar panel efficiency. In this case, solar panel cleaning from Las Vegas is a must!

Bird control can help maintain your solar panels clean

As we mentioned, birds can cause a number of problems. Not only are bird droppings unpleasant to see and can create quite a mess, but they can also cause damage to your solar panels.

Bird droppings are highly acidic and if there is too much of it, it can reduce the energy efficiency of your solar panel over time. Places that are warm, safe, and covered naturally attract birds. That is why they are attracted to solar panels since they provide all these conditions. Bird nests under your panels might restrict the airflow and increase temperature. If this happens, your solar panels are certainly going to break down.

In these cases, bird proofing and having professionals from Peak Services offer solar panel bird proofing in North Las Vegas on your panels is one of the most first things you need to do. Luckily, if our professionals install them, bird guards blend in quite nicely and cannot be noticed from the ground.

You won’t have to spend much time on solar panel cleaning North Las Vegas if you do so. And you have read in this article about the difference between clean and unclean solar panels. Don’t hesitate and contact Peak Services. Finally, the lifespan of your solar panels is partly your own choice.

solar panels cleaned
solar panels cleaned

Give your solar panels a
brand new shine!

Residential solar panel cleaning will provide aesthetic benefits. However, it’s going to do much more than that, as it will ensure that your solar panels perform at their fullest capacity. Likewise, our solar panel cleaning Las Vegas services will ensure that you significantly reduce the chances of any repairs and damages.

Feel free to contact Peak Services and let our experts worry about cleaning your system. We will use all of our knowledge and equipment to ensure that everything works out in your favor and as per your request.

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