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Birds are the nemesis of solar arrays. Their presence in large numbers can lower their efficiency. And if the problem is left to progress, a severe malfunction is all but certain. Therefore, the question naturally arises: Is there a way to protect your PV system? A reliable, lasting solution to prevent flying pests from ruining your property? The answer is “yes” – and you’re looking at it. Peak Services Las Vegas are among the leading solar panel bird control Summerlin NV experts. Our teams are fully equipped and ready to take care of your bird infestation issue. So, don’t let the problem blow out of proportion when the solution is at your fingertips. Give us a hoot today and enjoy your pest-free solar array.

Choose the best solar panel bird control solutions in Summerlin

For years now, Peak Services was the choice for solar panel bird control Las Vegas relied upon. The reason for this is rather simple: we cover all the bases. Our comprehensive approach allows us to provide an avid service that you can depend upon through and through. When you opt for us you’re opting for:


In the majority of cases, members of our team come from the background in bird control and solar panel maintenance. Still, they are required to go through rigorous training. Thus, further deepening their knowledge and understanding of the issue and how to deal with it.


The methods we use are all industry-approved and in line with current standards. Of course, the same goes for our equipment. The tools and accessories we use are state-of-the-art and allow for speed and quality. Moreover, they render the risks to your property virtually non-existent.


Chemical solutions we use to clean are industrial-grade. They are strong and efficient and get the job done without compromise. However, they are also gentle and eco-friendly. As such, they don’t leave behind traces that could harm your children and pets, or yourself.

Deal with the bird infestation swiftly and painlessly

Bird infestations are a big issue in Summerlin, NV, as well as the entire Las Vegas area. This is mostly due to the fact that it starts subtly, and spreads rapidly. In fact, pigeons can overtake a whole building in just one season. And, with them, they bring a whole host of issues. From property damage to vile and sometimes fatal diseases. Therefore, this is a problem that must be taken care of with utmost speed and efficiency.

Enter Peak Services. As the Las Vegas pigeon control team of choice, we boast an outstanding track record. Since bird infestation is a pressing matter, we focus on swift execution, which doesn’t lower service quality. You can expect us to solve the problem in record time, to your utmost satisfaction. Simply because that’s the only way we operate.

solar panel bird control Enterprise NV

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Prevent pigeon infestation around your solar panels instead of mitigating

If you’re a proud owner of a solar array, chances are you’re already on birds’ radar. Pigeons love nesting under PV systems. It is secluded, warm, and protected. In their eyes, it is an ideal home. However, for you, it translates to a horror show.

Birds invite other pests and, together, they bring more than a hundred diseases and parasites. Even if they didn’t, you’re still looking at the possibility of your solar panels breaking. Which means either hefty repair bills or even pricier replacement.

The best way to counter these negative effects is with a proactive solution. And, if you’re looking for one of the best, look no further than our solar panel bird control Las Vegas service. Preventing pest birds from considering your property as a potential home is one of our specialties. We do it through a combination of:

  • Solar panel bird guards: Lightweight wire meshes that protect your PV system without hindering its functioning;
  • Bird spikes: Quality products that can endure all weather conditions and last for years;
  • Chemical solutions: Effective deterrents that are also harmless to humans and pets.

This two-pronged approach handles both sides of bird infestation: physical and biological. Once our Summerlin NV solar panel pigeon control experts install them, moving into your property will be the last thing on any bird’s mind.

Why Peak Services Bird Guards?

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Our bird guarding service comes with a 2 year workmanship warranty from the time of job completion.



The mesh is made of galvanized steel and coated in black PVC to ensure ultimate weather resistance.



Our bird guards have been used regularly on many large Las Vegas solar company projects without any major issues.

There are quite a few reasons why Peak Services has hundreds of happy clients. You can view our previous work to see why we are some of the most sought-after Las Vegas solar panel bird control experts at the moment.

Keep your property protected with commercial solar panel pigeon control

Pigeon infestation is not a residential problem only. Quite the opposite. Businesses stand to suffer even more from it. Lower PV system output is a direct hit to your bottom line. Aside from that, the lawn and surroundings tainted by bird droppings paint a ghastly picture. The kind that deters potential clients, thus hitting your profits once again. And, since commercial solar arrays are larger in general – the problem is even bigger.

Flying pests bring many dangers with them

All it takes for the infestation problem to fly away is having the right Summerlin NV solar panel pigeon control team.

Don’t let something as solvable as bird infestation harm your business and your reputation. Our Summerlin NV solar panel pigeon control teams are experts in bird infestation handling on commercial properties, too. We will deal with flying pests on your property efficiently, regardless of the infestation size. And, the best thing of all – we’ll do it without disrupting your operation. Business as usual and the problem goes away – that’s Peak Services’ way.

Refresh your solar panels to optimize their performance

A clean PV system is an efficient PV system. It is as simple as that. However, in Nevada, keeping it so is easier said than done. Winds can carry desert dust for miles and there’s next to no rain to help deal with the issue, at least a little.

But, that’s why you have Peak Services. A simple hoot, and you’ll have a full team ready to take care of:

We come fully equipped to deal with any amount of dirt on any size solar array. And, the best thing is – you don’t have to lift a finger. Our crew will handle the job, start to finish, while you lay back and relax. With us, solar panel maintenance truly becomes a walk in the park.

No infestation is too big for our solar panel bird control Summerlin NV specialists

Left to progress, bird infestation is absolute hell. Smells, noise, damages, diseases – combined, they make normal functioning impossible. But, now, you have an ideal solution to this issue – one of the finest solar panel bird control Summerlin NV teams. And, they can be at your doorstep, ready to go in a nick of time. Simply get in touch with Peak Services – and that is it! Because with us, even problems of such magnitude become easy to deal with.

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