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Keep pigeons, other birds and pests out of your solar panel system with the professional support of Peak Services. Get an estimate for our solar panel bird proofing services now! schedule a service today.

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It goes without saying that solar panels are a great way to save both the environment and a bit of money too. They’re designed to harness the power of the sun and create a free and high-quality source of electricity. But, in order to achieve this, they need to be placed on elevated surfaces, such as rooftops. This makes them relatively inaccessible to people. However, they become the perfect shelter from the rain, strong winds, and the sun for some uninvited guests, such as pigeons and other types of birds. This fact is the cause of many problems. Once birds start nesting under the panels, they multiply rapidly and pose a threat to both your panels and roof tiles.

Luckily, Peak Services are here to help you protect your property! Thanks to our solar panel bird control Green Valley NV services, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief!

Professional solar panel bird control is vital

Ideally, you want to protect your roofs as soon as possible. And if you already noticed birds nesting around your precious panels, you need to act fast. Besides the general debris birds bring with them, their droppings are highly acidic and can wreak havoc on your solar panels and roof tiles. Your first thought would probably be to grab some ladders, a drill, and protective meshes, and head to the roof. However, we strongly advise against DIY attempts, as being on the roof is quite dangerous. Instead, rely on experts for pigeon control under solar panels!

We’re able to apply protective measures in a safe and reliable manner. The most important part of effective bird control is the ability to install the mesh without damaging your solar panels. We have the skills and tools to protect your panels without ever drilling, cutting, or damaging them!

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Why Peak Services Bird Guards?

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Our bird guarding service comes with a 2 year workmanship warranty from the time of job completion.



The mesh is made of galvanized steel and coated in black PVC to ensure ultimate weather resistance.



Our bird guards have been used regularly on many large Las Vegas solar company projects without any major issues.

There are quite a few reasons why Peak Services has hundreds of happy clients. You can view our previous work to see why we are some of the most sought-after Las Vegas solar panel bird control experts at the moment.

Flying pests bring many dangers with them

If you aren’t proactive about your home’s protection, you may quickly get many feathery visitors, carrying problems on their wings. Some of the issues that come with birds are mere annoyances, while some are major health and safety hazards. First, you have the birds themselves, being a general nuisance by sitting on your roof or fence, as if to taunt you. They can be especially infuriating in the morning, making noise right over your head while you try to catch up on your sleep. Then, we come to the major issues, starting with the droppings.

Birds produce large amounts of droppings, which pose a threat to everything around them. They can quickly cover the surface of your solar panels, rendering them useless. This is among the main reasons why you require professional solar panel pigeon control Green Valley NV services. If not treated, droppings can cause even more issues.

Flying pests bring many dangers with them

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They can ooze down from your panels and onto your tiles and into the gutters. This in turn causes roof damage and blocks up your water drainage. Then, we have the rest of the problems such as feathers, broken eggshells, nest materials, and even dead birds. All this filth and debris carry nasty diseases with them and create the perfect conditions for other types of pests, like rats and other insects. If pigeons make their nest under your solar panels, more birds will come soon. In just a few months, 2 pigeons can turn into 20, and cause a myriad of problems. But the great news is that we’re here to provide you with the best bird control services in Las Vegas! We’re here to make sure your solar panels are clean and safe from those feathered felons!

We offer a variety of maintenance services tailored for your convenience

Although solar panel bird control is vital for your Green Valley NV home, that isn’t the only service we can offer! Your home requires constant maintenance if you want it to be beautiful and functional at all times. And of course, this doesn’t apply only to your residence, but to your business as well! When it comes to maintenance, the type of property doesn’t matter to us. We believe that everyone deserves excellent services, and we have the skills and tools to provide them. So, if you want to give your property professional care and attention, you can rely on Peak Services for:

Peak Services helps you maintain your property

Each of these services can be purchased individually or in the form of a package that guarantees your ultimate convenience and satisfaction. And the best part is, it all comes at very affordable rates! Excellence doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and everyone deserves only the best for their home or business. That is why all of our services have favorable and competitive rates. If you’re still not convinced, we invite you to see our work! Actions speak louder than words, and we are very proud of our skills and achievements in the field.

The best solar panel bird control Green Valley NV experts are at your disposal!

When it comes to the safety of your solar panels, nothing but perfection is allowed. That is why Peak Services staff members are highly skilled in their field of work and they know how to take great care of your property. If you want the best solar panel bird control Green Valley NV can offer, then we’re the crew for you. We have experience with all types of solar panels, installed in homes of various sizes. Simply get in touch with us, and let your worries go.

Besides offering a 2-year workmanship warranty, we are always available to provide professional advice on solar panel maintenance. Your health, safety, and proper maintenance of your home are our priority, and we’re always ready to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your satisfaction. So, if you’re looking for the best Green Valley can offer, look no further than Peak Services!

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