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No matter how much love and understanding you have for birds, nobody likes to play host to dozens of pigeons on their rooftop. Bird infestation is a truly vexing and unsanitary nuisance, one that only gets worse if untreated. Luckily, this type of issue is easily solvable. All it takes is a bit of help from an expert bird control Enterprise NV team. And, when you’re looking for some of the best, Peak Services is the prime choice.

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Peak Services is a company for artificial turf maintenance, solar panel cleaning, and pigeon control Las Vegas solutions that locals hold in the highest regard. Since our founding, our goal was to provide a quality service our clients can thoroughly rely upon. Over the years, we were achieving that goal daily by:

  • Maintaining the highest level of professionalism;
  • Offering quality services, tailored to our client’s needs;
  • Giving our personnel specialized training, thus making them true experts in their respective fields;
  • Updating our methods on a regular basis, to keep them effective and in line with the exacting industry standards;
  • Modernizing our equipment for maximum efficiency and minimal risks;
  • Keeping our services affordable.
Bird netting on rooftop.

We tick all the boxes when it comes to quality and reliability. Our bird removal Enterprise NV experts wouldn’t be so highly sought if we didn’t take it a step further still. That’s why our services offer unparalleled convenience, too. From devising a “plan of attack” to cleaning up after the job is done – we do it all on our own. With us, yours is only to give us a call, kick back, and relax.

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The best way to protect your solar array

A solar array is a collection of upsides, with next to no downsides. It is a source of clean, renewable energy that not only powers up your efforts, but does so while saving you money. Initially, though, it requires you to make a significant investment. And, since you already made that grand step, you deserve to get the most out of it. However, if birds take a liking to your PV system – that goal becomes all but impossible.

A roof entirely covered by solar panelsGet the most out of your solar array with the help of Enterprise NV pigeon removal specialists.

Pigeon infestation hinders nearly every aspect of solar panel functioning. Left unattended, it can rapidly render the entire system useless. It lowers the output and vastly increases the risk of malfunctioning. Sometimes, even to the point where replacing entire segments becomes necessary. But, with our solar panel bird control Las Vegas services, you can prevent this disaster before it strikes.

We use proven methods to make pigeons and other pest birds stay away from your solar panels, including:

  • Installing bird spikes at exposed areas, making it impossible for birds to land;
  • Wire meshing your PV system, which doesn’t lower your array’s output;
  • Chemical bird deterrents, all FDA-approved and safe for you, your kids, and your pets.

Each of these solutions is effective on its own. However, combined, they provide exceptional, lasting protection of your solar array and surrounding property.

Why You Need A Proactive Bird Control Plan?

Protect your investment

Bird droppings can quickly erode building materials leading to costly repairs and ongoing maintenance.

Deter future invasions

It’s better to keep the pests out than it is to deal with the aftermath. With Peak Services, your solar panels will be 100% bird-free.

Healthy environment

Birds are carriers of over 60 infectious diseases, some of them fatal to humans. They can even bring their own parasites into your home, including fleas, lice, mites and ticks.

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 “Peak Services was great. The techs were very knowledgeable and professional! Liera in customer service is so sweet! Thanks for getting those annoying pigeons off my roof!”

Sabrina G.

Las Vegas, NV


“You guys rock! I work in the solar industry and use Peak Services for all my critter guard installs, etc. They are very reasonably priced, consistently give quality service. They are very efficient and also take amazing care of my homeowners! Makes my life that much easier when I can have that peace of mind knowing my customers will continue to have an amazing experience while going solar with me! Thank you!”

Lesia D.

Las Vegas, NV


“Very good at communicating exactly what needed to be done. Very fast friendly service.

Attention to detail. I would highly recommend this company!  Informed me about everything they were doing and why it was important.”

Ashley L.

Las Vegas, NV

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Restore the curb appeal of your home

One of the biggest problems with having bird infestation is bird droppings. It blemishes the look of your roof and gives off a horrible smell. But, that’s not the end of it. Bird droppings are highly acidic. They damage paint, can dissolve plastic and silicon, and attract other pests. Therefore, it is imperative to get rid of them ASAP. When you opt for our pigeon control Enterprise NV service, this comes as a package deal.

After we dispose of the infestation, our roof cleaning Las Vegas team will give your roof a thorough scrub. We’ll ensure there are no droppings, nests, and residue that can damage your property. Even if you didn’t have bird infestation problems, you can benefit from our roof cleaning service. As with others, this one, too, comes as a standalone. Therefore, whenever you wish to refresh the look of your home and boost that curb appeal, all you need to do is give us a hoot. We’ll promptly respond to the call and make your rooftop pristine.

Protect your business with our bird control plans

The effects of Bird infestations are incredibly detrimental to any homeowner. However, for business owners, they are downright catastrophic. Non-stop Noise can reduce your employees’ productivity. Their droppings can damage your precious equipment and PV system. And, worst of all, the smells and mess birds leave behind can make any potential client run away. Therefore, for a business, bird infestation is something that must be dealt with to utmost effectiveness and with ruthless efficiency. And in the Las Vegas area, there’s no one better to entrust that kind of work to than Peak Services.

Our Enterprise NV pigeon removal experts excel in providing an array of solutions to help businesses large and small, including:

One of the main traits of our commercial services is that they cause only minimal disruption to your business. We’ll be in and out of your hair in no time, leaving behind bird-free, immaculate premises that you can be proud of. With us, your business will return to its former glory in no time.

Premium residential and commercial property maintenance in Enterprise

Owning any kind of property requires frequent maintenance and care. Of course, residential and commercial properties come with two completely different sets of challenges. We don’t want you to worry yourself with either of the two. Thus, we provide residential and commercial services in Enterprise that will be complete game-changers. Rely on us for support when in need of:

Solar panel cleaning

Solar panel bird guard

Roof cleaning

Turf cleaning

Business bird control

A close-up of pigeons.

There’s a reason pigeons are often referred to as “flying rats”. Same as said rodents, they are carriers of various diseases, a danger to your property, and an overall annoyance that makes normal functioning impossible. So don’t let these pests make your existence miserable. Not when the solution is so readily within your reach. Simply give us a hoot and some of the best-trained bird control Enterprise NV experts will be at your side.

Bird infestation doesn’t have to be an issue for you

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