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How to clean dog pee out of artificial turf
Many dog owners are under the impression that they’ll never need to clean their artificial turf — but they see that they were mistaken quite soon after installation. The problem is dog pee.
Is artificial turf safe for dogs?
People choose artificial grass for a variety of reasons — including the low upkeep, better aesthetics, and comfort of having bug and dirt-free turf. Many pet owners would also like to enjoy these benefits, but they’re concerned that it may not be a suitable option for their dogs.
Turf on balcony: Is it a good idea?
To turn your balcony into a more welcoming place, turf is often the way to go. It will instantly add a pop of color, a sense of nature, and some texture underfoot.
Do solar panels need to be cleaned
Since solar panels are a big investment, it only makes sense to ensure you keep them in top condition.
Pigeons under solar panels
Pigeons under your solar panels may seem harmless, but they’re more destructive than you think. Not only do they create an unsightly mess, but they can also damage your equipment if you fail to take action.

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