a man installing solar panels
How long do solar panels last in Nevada
Before installing solar panels on their roofs, most people want to know the answer to the question “how long do solar panels last?” The answer may be a little more complex. The duration of solar panels will depend on many factors. However, the most important one is how well you maintain them. Although an optimal […]
An egg in a handwoven basket
Guide to relocating a birds nest from your roof
Having birds choose your roof as their nesting place may seem awesome at first. After all, having some chirpy friends can be a true joy. However, after a while, everyone ends up changing the tune. Bird nests carry a lot of detriments. They can make a mess of your property, making it look ghastly. They […]
A perfectly cleaned roof
7 reasons why you shouldn’t clean your own roof
There’s a reason why the expression “The roof over the head” existed for so long. Take a look at primitive tents and shelters. There’s not much to them. No walls, no foundations. They are just roofs. Indeed, this housing element alone was a synonym for safety and protection from elements and wildlife for ages. Today, […]
laser used for bird control
Nevada guide to laser technology in bird control
Birds are, generally speaking, very beautiful creatures, and play their unique role in nature. However, they can sometimes cause quite a lot of trouble in your surroundings. Crows, pigeons, and sparrows can really mess up your roof, balcony, and other open spaces. In addition to this, they can be very noisy and completely destroy your […]
Pro tips for preventing birds from nesting under solar panels
Installing solar panels is one of the ways you can help humanity to have a better tomorrow. And after doing so, it’s no shame to feel proud of yourself. Not only are solar panels good for the environment but they also make your home look more appealing. Unfortunately, there are factors that can ruin not […]
family home with fake grass and a pool
Creative ideas for landscaping with artificial grass
These days, artificial grass has become the ideal solution for breathing life into an urban environment. More and more homes around the world are opting for it, and it shows. Simply step aside and look around you, and you’ll see a number of perfectly trimmed patches of luscious green turf. Landscaping is a simple, yet […]
Two people playing soccer, taking the full advantage of the benefits of artificial grass for sports facilities.
What are the benefits of artificial grass for sports facilities?
From its invention until today, many sports fields have installed synthetic turf. One of the first sports to replace real grass was baseball, with The Houston Astrodome being the first to make the switch in 1966. Realizing the potential, other sports soon followed in their footsteps. Still, in the early years of playing on synthetic grass, there were […]
A massive flock of pigeons.
How to scare off birds in Las Vegas permanently
While most birds live in the wilderness and rarely come in contact with humans, some of them occupy our everyday spaces. However, sometimes that can escalate into a bigger problem. Birds like pigeons are known disease carriers, and their acidic droppings can damage all sorts of surfaces. Furthermore, the widespread availability of food and nesting […]
Brown brick house with grey roof
Power washing a brick house – yes or no?
Brick houses are truly things of beauty. They give the building a rustic feel and reflect on their surroundings, making even yards warmer and cozier. However, while gorgeous, they are still susceptible to dirt, mold, and pests. Sooner or later, you’ll have to tackle this problem. And, if that moment comes, you’ll surely try to […]

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