best bird deterrents in 2022
What are the best bird deterrents in 2022
Birds are a beloved choice for a pet and great fun to have around. They are natural pest control in fields, parks, or farms. A lot of people even decide to welcome the fluttery creatures in their front yard trees. But, if they are uninvited guests, things take quite a different turn. Birds can be […]
Benefits of pressure washing your home or business
Every homeowner is aware of the fact that they need to take good care of their home and maintain it on a regular basis. However, not every homeowner knows which actions to take in order to protect their most valuable investment – their property. The same goes for business owners. They know that their commercial […]
The exterior of a house.
Ultimate artificial grass maintenance Las Vegas guide
A beautiful lawn is a staple of any breathtaking garden. All that greenery serves as a perfect foundation for building up the curb appeal of your home. But whether real or artificial, a lawn needs to be maintained. Nowadays, more people are opting for artificial grass, simply because it requires much less work and maintenance […]
Bird mess cleanup guidelines
Bird mess and droppings have the power to ruin the aesthetics of any home or commercial property. It doesn’t matter how much money you have invested in the curb appeal and the exterior design of your home – bird mess will annihilate it all. At Peak Services, we know that bird dropping can be unsightly […]
A ball on artificial grass.
Ultimate guide to installing your artificial turf in Nevada
Every homeowner has a vision of their property being surrounded by lush green grass. However, while having greenery around your property is a sight for sore eyes, this is also a project that entails massive amounts of time. Thus, many homeowners have found an equally pretty yet much more simple solution – artificial turf. While […]
Efficient roof cleaning and maintenance tips
Being a homeowner is a full-time job. It’s definitely something that brings you plenty of joy, as nothing beats that feeling of being proud after seeing your property shine in all of its glory. For that to happen, a homeowner needs to invest plenty of time into maintaining their property. As one of the biggest […]
Pigeon on a branch
Getting rid of pigeons on rooftops – professional tips & tricks
Nobody likes to have a flock of pigeons nestled on their rooftop. Pigeons are known as the rats of the sky, as they are birds that can carry more diseases and health hazards than actual rats do. Additionally, all the noise that will be produced by these birds is enough to have you thinking about […]
How long do solar panels last
How Long Will My Solar Panel Last? Here’s What to Know
Solar panels are one of the most popular ways homeowners and businesses alike can reduce their carbon footprint, lower their energy costs, and show their commitment to fighting climate change. Whereas you may think of solar panels as being a permanent solution, they do wear out. It’s important to be clear about what to expect […]
Artificial Turf Infills:
Artificial Turf Infills: Everything You Need to Know
When artificial turf first came on the market, consumers had no choice about what to buy, as there was only one option. Whereas this simplified the decision process, you didn’t end up with a great turf.

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