When is the Best Time to Install Solar Panels in Nevada?

a man installing solar panels

Deciding to convert your energy usage from electrical to solar is one of the most important decisions. Besides having enormous benefits for the environment, solar energy can be quite useful for residential use as well. Not to mention, it can help you save money in the long run. Even if the market price may be a bit higher, having solar-powered equipment will definitely pay off in the future. However, you may be aware of the benefits solar panels will bring you if you have already decided to install them. The question now is – what’s the best time to install solar panels in Nevada? And Peak Services can help you to find out everything there is to know about solar panel installation and its proper maintenance. So, continue reading this article if you are interested.

The benefits of finding the best time to install solar panels in Nevada

The purchase of solar panels should definitely not be made hastily. It is something that will require planning and preparation well before the professionals come to install the panels onto your roof. This is why you can choose when they will do so. Ideally, summer would be the best time to install solar panels in Nevada. The warm summer weather without heavy rains is perfect for conducting the work. The rain cannot damage your panels once installed, but it can cause problems if the work hasn’t been finished yet. Likewise, the sunny weather is perfect for the first test of your solar-powered equipment. The more sun there is, the faster you will see if everything has been installed and works properly.

a house with solar panels
If you carefully choose the best time to install solar panels in Nevada, you can ensure everything works properly.

What to pay attention to upon installation of solar panels

After you’ve purchased the expensive solar panels, it’s crucial not to forget about them. What we mean is, don’t think you are done with your solar panels once the professionals finish installing them. The approximate life span of solar panels is around 30 years, and you want to make sure that they work the entire time properly. Of course, negligence can cause that life span to shorten significantly. This is why you need to focus on three main things in order to keep your equipment functioning for as long as possible. Those things are:

  • Cleaning the panels regularly – even if you find the best time to install solar panels in Nevada, you won’t have them for very long if you don’t make sure you clean them properly and regularly
  • Turf cleaning – your surrounding can potentially cause damage to your equipment, and you want to ensure that you do everything you can to prevent this. Hiring professionals to do the turf cleaning for you is the best idea in this case.
  • Bird proofing the equipment – is one of the most important things you need to do after installing the solar panels. Birds can cause a lot of damage to your equipment if you are not extra careful about them.

    a man who found the best time to install solar panels in Nevada
    Make sure to implement the most important things upon solar panel installation.

Why does solar panel maintenance upon installation matter?

Solar panel maintenance isn’t demanding, but it certainly is crucial. If you want the equipment to last you a long time, it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Experts recommend solar panel cleaning Henderson once every six months. However, if due to other external factors besides dust and dirt, your panels get stained, it’s recommended to clean the more often than this.

However, you shouldn’t clean the panels yourself. You can damage them if you don’t know how to properly apply pressure washing Las Vegas. This is why it’s best to leave it to the professionals. This service isn’t expensive, and certainly, it is worth it if it means your equipment won’t get damaged.

Turf cleaning after finding the best time to install solar panels in Nevada

If you follow our advice and install solar panels in summer, there won’t be much work regarding turf cleaning. However, it would be wise to do it before the fall comes. If you have a backyard full of trees, it’s necessary to ensure that they won’t damage your panels. Trim the long branches that are near your roof and may potentially cause damage. You certainly won’t want to lose this investment due to negligence of turf cleaning.

a big tree
Ensure you trim all the branches so they won’t cause any danger to your solar panels.

Why bird is proofing crucial when it comes to solar panel installation?

We’ve all seen what unsightly mess birds can cause. Besides that, birds are very dangerous to solar panels. Why? Your equipment provides a warm and dry shelter which is perfect for nests. This is why solar panels naturally attract birds. However, their nests can block the receptors of your equipment and restrict the airflow, causing it to stop working eventually. Therefore, solar panel bird proofing is an essential thing. And it’s best to install the bird guard as soon as possible after installing the solar panels themselves. This device is a steel meshing that prevents birds from nesting underneath your panels. It is completely harmless to the birds and your equipment but highly efficient. And if you worry about how it will look from the ground, you’ll be happy to learn that they can hardly be seen from there.

a pigeon on a tree
Birds can cause a lot of damage to your solar panels, so don’t forget to install the solar panel bird guard as soon as possible.

In conclusion

After reading this article, we hope you have decided on the best time to install solar panels in Nevada. It’s possible to install them whenever you like, but preferably, we advise you to do it in summer, especially in the State of Nevada. As you have seen, there are many benefits of installing the equipment in this period of time. Just don’t forget the crucial things after the solar panel installation. Make sure you clean them regularly, do turf cleaning to prevent damage from surroundings, and most importantly – ensure birds don’t get near your solar panels.

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