What smells do birds hate

A bird smelling a flower

It is certain that there are many bird lovers around the world that use different techniques to attract birds and enjoy their songs and admire their beauty. Still, there are some species that can create problems in your backyard which is why you should try to keep them away. One of the best methods that you could use to get rid of the birds is to hire professionals such as Peak Services to safely remove birds from your property. On the other hand, there are ways that you could use in order to get rid of the birds by yourself. Undoubtedly, one of the most efficient techniques is bird deterrents that have different smells. This way you wouldn’t hurt any bird and you would keep them away from your backyard. So, what smells do birds hate? Read this article and learn more about scents that will keep birds away.

Reasons to keep birds away from your property

Even though they are beautiful creatures you should know about the harm that birds can bring to your property. First of all, they can be a health hazard. Many birds can carry different diseases such as salmonella or avian flu that can be even deadly for humans. Also, they can cause damage to your property. While searching for food they could damage plants in your garden. Also, they nest in gutters and drains which can cause a blockage that can lead to flooding in your home.

A flock of birds flying away
Find out what smells do birds hate and use them to keep them away from your backyard

And believe it or not, birds can affect the efficiency of your solar panels as well. Because of the pigeons’ droppings, your solar panels might not get enough sunlight that they would need to work properly. Therefore, pigeon control under solar panels is crucial in order to keep your property damage-free and ensure that your solar panels are working properly. Lastly, birds may bring pests to your property that can be very harmful both to your fruits and vegetables as well as to you and your family.

What smells do birds hate?

If you want to keep birds away from your property you should rely on smell bird deterrents. And if you know what smells birds repel you will be able to make homemade essential oils in order to stop them from gathering in your backyard. Even though birds’ sense of smell is not well-developed it has been proven that there are certain odors that irritate birds and they find them uncomfortable.

For example, if you are located in Summerlin the most effective way is to hire turf cleaning Summerlin NV services. After the experts are done with their job you can place the essential oils on the turf, in the area around plants, porches, or other areas that you would like to keep clean from birds’ droppings.


One of the scents that birds probably hate the most is the smell of garlic. This is because it contains a chemical called allicin which is very irritating to birds. Luckily, this odor is only annoying to birds but it doesn’t hurt them. Therefore, if you would like to get rid of the birds you can simply use garlic powder and mix it with water to make a homemade spray. Spray it in the area around your house or in the places where birds gather and nest the most, such as gutters and under the roof.

A garlic as it is the answer to what smells do birds hate
Mix garlic with water and spray around your property if you want to get rid of the birds

Also, consider spraying it on your fruits in the garden. Birds are usually attracted by the smell of ripping fruits. But if you put a little bit of garlic spray on your plants it will keep birds away and it will not cause any harm to your plants. Just be aware that the garlic smell dissipates quickly which is why you would have to re-apply it often.


Another smell that birds hate is the smell of peppermint. Birds find this smell really disturbing which is why you can use it to keep them away from your area. And the best part is that peppermint oil is not harmful to your plants, birds, or the environment. Thus, use peppermint oil, mix it with water and apply it to the areas where birds nest. Since they are usually gathering on the roofs and creating nests under the roof it would be a good solution to first apply roof pressure washing, to clean it from any bird droppings and then place the peppermint oil. This will ensure that the area around your house is safe and free from birds’ droppings or birds that are destroying your plants.


Vinegar is a very effective solution to keep the birds away. The only problem with it is that it can cause harm to your plants. Therefore, it is a good solution for your porch and the area around your house, but not for your garden. If you would like to spray it in your garden the best solution is to put a drop or two of vinegar in your garlic or peppermint oil and spray it around the plants. Otherwise, put the vinegar into the spray bottle and spray it on your porch, garage, and other areas that are away from your fruits and vegetables. This can be an effective solution as much as professional pigeon removal Summerlin NV services. The birds will be removed from your property but in a way that keeps them safe and causes them no harm.

Three bottles of vinegar
Vinegar is one of the smells that birds hate but t can be harmful for your plants


Chili can be irritating to some humans, so just imagine how birds would react to it. Because of the capsicum annuum that gives chili the spicy flavor birds stay away from it. Chili comes in different forms and to keep birds away you can use all of them. Just use some water and add to it chili powder, chili salt, or chili pepper and sprinkle it around the area that you would like to keep birds-free. You can even use vinegar instead of water, but as already mentioned above be careful because vinegar can harm your plants. On the other hand, if you mix it with water you can rest assured that you will not cause any damage to your plants or your property.


Believe it or not, lemon is another smell that will keep birds away. Because the scent of lemon is so strong birds would quickly fly away from the area. Whether you are going to use freshly squeezed lemon juice or make a spray mixed with water it will have the same result. And that is that you would not have to worry about damages that birds can cause to your property again. Rest assured that lemons are one of the most effective natural solutions to keep birds away from your property but at the same time, they are not toxic or harmful to the birds.

Two lemon slices
Freshly squeezed lemon juice will keep birds away since they repel the smell of lemon

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is an odor that many animals hate including birds. This is because the smell of cayenne pepper irritates the olfactory glands of the birds. Therefore, if you are having problems with pigeons or any other birds in your area cut a little piece of cayenne pepper, mix it with water, and spray it around your property. Just be careful while you are doing that because this spray can irritate your eyes too. This will keep birds away not just from your garden but from your roof and solar panels as well. And before you apply this technique consider getting residential solar panel cleaning. Once your solar panels are clean from bird dropping your cayenne pepper smell bird deterrents will ensure that birds don’t mess with your solar panels ever again.

Chili pepper as the answer to what smells do birds hate
If you were wondering what smells do birds hate the short answer is cayenne peppers


If you were wondering what smells do birds hate the answer is that there are a couple. But the certain thing is that the smell of mothballs or ammonia repulses birds. The best way is to simply put a couple of mothballs in the garage, in the corners of your porch, and in selected areas in your garden. There is no doubt that this smell will keep birds away. But also be aware that the odor of mothballs can fade quickly so make sure to replace them occasionally in order for this method to be truly effective.


Probably the smell that birds hate the most is the smell of citronella. This is a natural scent found in lemongrass. Although many households use this odor as a refresher in their homes birds just repel it. It is a strong smell so even if there are some other scents from your garden that would attract birds rest assured that citronella will keep them away. You can use a fresh plant or oil. If you opt for the fresh plant simply pour lemongrass around your garden and the smell will keep birds away. On the other hand, you can buy the oil form of citronella and keep it in the areas that you want to keep bird-free. The good thing is that it will not keep only birds away but the insects such as mosquitos and flies as well.


There is no doubt that cinnamon is something most humans like. All of us have cinnamon sticks in our kitchen or cinnamon powder. But for the birds is a different story. Birds dislike the smell of cinnamon. Thus, if you want to keep birds away from certain areas on your property all that you would have to do is place a couple of cinnamon sticks around your house. Also, you can use cinnamon powder and mix it with water. You can spray it in the corners of your porch, garage, or other areas around your home. Using cinnamon is both an effective and affordable way of keeping your property free from birds.

Cinnamon sticks
Birds hate the smell of both cinnamon sticks and cinnamon powder

Bird gel

Lastly, the smell that birds absolutely repel is the smell of the bird gel. This product is mostly used by professionals and you can buy it in the stores if you don’t want to make your own essential oil. The smell of this product will depend on the type of bird gel but some of them can have a mixture of smells mentioned above.

The advantage of using bird gel is that it doesn’t only irritate the sense of smell of the birds but it is also a physical barrier. The gel is very sticky to birds’ feet which will also irritate them and prevent them from roosting in your backyard. Just like using solar panel cleaning Summerlin NV services is the best solution to keep your solar panels efficient, bird gel is the best solution to keep your property bird-free.

There are some essential oils that you shouldn’t use

If you would like to keep birds away from your property you should know what smells do birds hate as they will help you keep them away from your backyard. Still, there are certain smells that can be toxic for birds which is why you should never use them. The smells of tea trees, eucalyptus, and sandalwood can cause respiratory problems in birds. Therefore, you should not use them. In order to get rid of the birds you can either hire professionals or make essential oils on your own but it is important to do it in a safe manner and without hurting birds.

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