Some of the problems pigeons cause in high-rise buildings

Pigeons on top of the building as a symbol of problems pigeons cause in high-rise buildings

Followed by house sparrow, pigeons are one of the most spread birds in the world. There are more than 400 million pigeons spread worldwide and most of them live in cities. These birds are native to Europe and the Middle East so the number of pigeons living there is not a surprise. But why are there so many pigeons in the United States? In 1600, pigeons were brought to the United States, probably as a source of food. However, nowadays they can be found in every city, especially in urban areas, nesting on the ledge of buildings. And because of the food they feed on, today they are considered to be the number one pest bird in the United States. So let’s see why is that and what are the problems pigeons cause in high-rise buildings.

Why do pigeons look for high-rise buildings?

Overall pigeons will nest anywhere. But there are still a few requirements that need to be met in order for them to feel that they found the perfect spot. Usually, they search for a flat and dry surface. It is also important that the place is well protected from different weather conditions. Still, one of the main factors when choosing a nesting spot is the height of the place. Therefore high-rising buildings are a perfect location. The main reason why pigeons are looking for high-rise buildings is that they feel safe from predators on the ground. Also, from above they can easily spot food sources.

A flock of pigeons on top of the building
Pigeons nest on top of high-rise buildings in order to escape from predators on the ground

Mostly, pigeons tend to nest in high-rise buildings in urban areas such as residential buildings, commercial buildings, homes, restaurants, etc. They roost in urban areas because of the closeness to the food. But having a flock of pigeons on rooftops can cause many problems. For that reason, it is important to contact professionals such as Peak Services to help you with bird control. Because of the experience and tools that they have, experts will know exactly how to deal with the pigeons that are nesting in your area.

What are the problems pigeons cause in high-rise buildings?

At first, pigeons might look harmless. For that reason, many people decide to feed them in the parks and on the streets. But we should be aware of the problems that pigeons can cause to the environment. Especially if they are invading the area in large groups. So if you notice even one pigeon be assured that pretty soon there will be a whole flock on the top of the building. Therefore, do not hesitate to take measurements to get rid of them because there is a number of problems that they can cause when nesting in high-rise buildings.

Pigeons’ droppings are acidic

It is well known that bird droppings are very acidic. These acids eat different materials gradually causing many problems to the buildings. For example, with time pigeons dropping will damage the material of the roof and in some cases reduce the lifespan by half. Also, pigeons dropping are so acidic that in the long run can damage the roof and cause leaks. Because of this, there can be many problems in the building itself.

Pigeon on top of the table
Pigeons’ droppings are acidic, so it is important to keep them away from the area where you eat or live

As Las Vegas is one of the places that is overcrowded with pigeons many high-rise buildings became home to flocks of pigeons. Therefore, if you are located here and you are having flocks of pigeons on top of your roof make sure to contact bird removal North Las Vegas services. This will ensure a longer lifespan of your rooftop and ceiling. But also you will avoid additional charges that you would have in case there is any leak in the building.

Their droppings can ruin the paint and metal parts of the building

Apart from causing leaks in the building which repair can be very costly, pigeon droppings are so acidic that can destroy the paint of the building. Painting the whole building can be very costly as well. And painting a building has to be done in order to avoid penalties from health officials. Also, pigeon droppings will not only damage the paint but the metal finish of the building as well. Just imagine how acidic and unhealthy their droppings are if they can damage the metal surface.

For that reason, it is important to prevent flocks of pigeons from gathering around the building. If you own a business building, commercial solar panel cleaning would be one of the ways to protect it. By preventing the pigeons from nesting in your commercial building you would save money on future painting. Also, you would not have to worry about any fines from health officials.

Pigeons can easily damage the ceiling

Just like hiring turf cleaning North Las Vegas services to take care of your outdoors, it is important to take care of your ceiling as well. It might not be as visible as the turf outside the building but it is a crucial part of the building. And the pigeons can easily damage the ceiling. This is why you should prevent them from gathering in a high-rise buildings. Not only that their dropping will destroy the ceiling and cause the leak but there are other things that pigeons may cause as well.

Damaged ceiling as one of the problems pigeons cause in high-rise buildings
One of the problems pigeons cause in high-rise buildings is damaged ceiling

Pigeons can easily find holes in the roof and enter the ceiling. If they stay there for a long time and multiply the number of the dropping there might be many problems in the long run. Eventually, the ceiling will not be able to keep up with the weight and it will collapse. This can be a serious problem whether it happens in the building or in your home. So make sure to find a way to get rid of the pigeons before they cause damage to your ceiling and home.

They spread diseases easily

It is no secret that there are many birds that carry different diseases. And pigeons are one of those birds. There are many diseases connected with pigeons such as:

  • Histoplasmosis
  • Pigeon Ornithosis
  • Salmonella
  • Cryptococcosis
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Encephalitis

Apart from being acidic pigeons’ droppings contain a large number of viruses. Even though most viruses are not fatal for the human race it is still important to be careful around pigeons. Because most of these diseases may be transmitted by air and you can get infected just by breathing. For that reason, it is important to keep pigeons away from the building. Not only that they can cause damage to the building but they can spread viruses via air as well.

A woman wearing mask
Pigeons can spread viruses via air and you can get infected just by breathing it

As one of the cities that has a number of pigeons, Henderson NV introduced many companies that know how to deal with pigeons. Therefore, if you are located here and have problems with pigeons contact bird control Henderson services. They will ensure to keep your building damage-free and keep you and your family healthy. 

Their nest can block the building’s drains

Believe it or not, pigeons can cause serious damage and problems to the drains in high-rise buildings. Very often pigeons build their nests in the corners of the roofs, and the drains as well. This can cause serious problems because it can lead to blockage of the drains. Finally, the standing water in the drain can make them explode and make your roof collapse. For that reason, it is very important to keep flocks of pigeons away from high-rise buildings.

Whether you own a commercial building or you live in a residential building hiring bird removal services is a must. This way you will ensure that your drains are not blocked and there will be no severe damage to your building. Also, this is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t feed pigeons. Even though it looks like an innocent action, feeding pigeons will attract them to your area, creating nests on high-rise buildings.

The nest of pigeons can cause blockage of the ventilation system

Overall, pigeons can nest anywhere in the building. Even though they can still cause some damage to the building and environment it is certain that it is better when they nest in the open parts of the building. Because when they nest inside they can create many potential problems for the building itself. Apart from blocking drains, pigeons’ nests can also block ventilation systems. This can cause serious problems with the airflow and cause some health issues.

Ventilation system on the roof
Blockage of the ventilation system is one of many problems pigeons cause in high-rise buildings

Unfortunately, there was even a case in the mid-nineties when five people were killed in the same apartment because of carbon monoxide. And the main reason for this was the nest that was blocking the exhaust system of their fireplace. This case is extreme and there are not many fatal situations like this. Still, it is an example of how pigeons’ nests can cause unpredictable events in buildings and in some cases be destructive.

Pigeons use nesting material that is highly flammable

Lastly, one of the problems pigeons cause in high-rise buildings is fire. In order to make the nest pigeons use extremely flammable materials such as straws and dried twigs. And nests are one of the most common sources of fire in buildings. For that reason, you shouldn’t take for granted pigeon flocks in your area. As they can cause some serious problems and damage to your building and your environment.

Just like some people hire turf cleaning Las Vegas services in order to keep their yard clean, you should contact professionals in order to get rid of the pigeons. This will prevent any health issues that pigeons may cause, fire in the building, or blockage of your drains and ventilation system. And also, your high-rise building will not miss any paint or have a damaged ceiling.

How to prevent pigeons from nesting in high-rise buildings?

There is no doubt that the prevention of pigeons nesting in your building is much better than trying to get rid of them. Getting rid of the pigeons can be a problem because they remember the area where they have food. Therefore, there are a couple of things that you can do in order to keep pigeons away from your high-rise building. 

First of all, make sure to remove all the garbage cans and trash away from the building. Pigeons always search for the trash because this is the place where they usually find food. Also, make sure that you and your neighborhoods don’t feed them. There are also many bird repellents in the form of a spray that you can use in order to prevent pigeons from gathering in your area.

Gate with netting as one of the ways to solve problems pigeons cause in high-rise buildings
There are different bird deterrents to use in order to keep pigeons away

Lastly, a great way to keep pigeons and other birds away is to use bird deterrents. Whether you will use bird spikes, netting, or any other type of barrier it will be your choice. Also, there are both physical and audio deterrents that could be installed. Make sure to do good research and find the best solution for your area. Maybe it would be a good idea to install a couple of deterrents in order to be sure that pigeons will not nest in your building.

There are many problems pigeons cause in high-rise buildings

Even though pigeons look like regular birds, there are many problems that they can cause to our environment. They can easily spread diseases and their dropping are very acidic and unhealthy. Also, as you can see there are many problems pigeons cause in high-rise buildings. From damaging the metal, ceiling, and metal, to blocking drains and ventilation systems. Lastly, pigeons’ nest is built from very flammable materials and can be a safety hazard in the building. Therefore, make sure to take precocious and prevent pigeons from nesting in your building.

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