Renting a pressure washer vs hiring professional roof cleaners

family home with brown roof tiles

As you’re probably aware, everything on your property is prone to damage and decay when exposed to the elements. If you leave your driveway or wood deck untreated, they will quickly start to stain and crack. The same goes for your home, and its most important part, the roof. If you clean it regularly, it will serve you for many years to come. However, there is one thing to keep in mind. Unlike the rest of your home, your roof is a very sensitive piece of structure. In order to properly clean it, you need to apply pressure. Pressure washing is very effective, but can be detrimental if done wrong. This is exactly why you need to decide between renting a pressure washer vs hiring professional roof cleaners. With roof cleaning Las Vegas services, you will receive excellent service. But with a DIY approach, you can save money.

family home roof during a pressure washer cleaning
Regular roof maintenance ensures the longevity of your tiles

Both of these approaches sound lucrative, but, they both come with their own pros and cons. Very often, homeowners attempt to clean the roof themselves or hire inexperienced cleaning companies. Both of these approaches can do more harm than good, both for your roof and your budget. If the job is done poorly, your roof can suffer severe damage, and deteriorate even faster. But, there’s no reason to worry! We are experts when it comes to hiring professional roof cleaners, simply because we are the professionals! With our help, you will understand how each approach works, which is better, and what you can expect from both. So, let’s dive into the world of roof cleaning, and find the answers to this important question.

What is pressure washing, and how do you know it is needed?

People often tend to mix up pressure washing with power washing. This is understandable, as they are virtually the same process. However, there is one notable difference, and that is heat. Pressure washing relies on cold water expelled at high pressure, to easily remove dirt and other residues. Power washing adds heat to create a stream of wet steam that easily removes oil and stubborn grime. For optimal results, cleansers and soaps can be added to both power washers and pressure washers. But, because power washing includes heat, you can’t use it in certain situations. For example, if you use power washing in residential solar panel cleaning, you can easily damage the delicate components within the panel. So although they are almost the same, they can be very different. And because of this, it is important to know when to use which approach.

tile roof before pressure washing
Frequent roof pressure washing is needed to prevent algae and moss buildup

The first thing to ask yourself before deciding to clean your roof is how old it is. If it is over ten years old, then your shingles are due for cleaning from mold, algae, lichen, or moss. If left untreated, mold and algae can eat through and decompose your shingles, causing leaks and damage. Having your roof in the shade of a large tree makes it even more susceptible to mold. Then, there are the birds. Bird droppings are highly acidic, and can cause a slew of problems. From roof damage to pest infestations. In addition, they love nesting under solar panels. So, if you have them, it is wise to hire solar panel cleaning Green Valley NV services in addition to cleaning your roof. Now that we know the basics, we’re ready to discuss renting a pressure washer vs hiring professional roof cleaners!

Renting a pressure washer vs hiring professional roof cleaners – the expert approach

Everyone knows that cleaning your home is essential, but few are willing to spend money on professional cleaners. If you want your home to look its best, you need to hire professional cleaners. There are many benefits to doing this, and here, we’ll explore a few of them.

hiring professional roof cleaners handling solar panels before pressure washing
Hiring professional roof cleaners ensures pressure washing and solar panel maintenance

Hiring professional roof cleaners gives you more options

High-quality cleaning services are something you can get only when you hire a team of professionals. Expert roof cleaners, such as Peak Services, have an expansive set of tools, machines, and devices that they use to clean effectively. No two roofs are alike, and thus, each requires a unique approach and cleaning strategy. In addition, professional roof cleaners have all sorts of accessories to maximize their effectiveness. So, regardless if you own a home or a business, they can fully adapt to the task at hand and complete it without effort.

You will get better equipment compared to renting a pressure washer

As we’ve just mentioned, roof cleaning largely depends on the choice of equipment. And it goes without saying that roof cleaners are armed with state-of-the-art machinery. A professional knows how to operate their pressure washer to quickly achieve desired results. If you rent a pressure washer, you may quickly find yourself in over your head, due to the lack of experience. These days, technology has advanced to the point where roof cleaning without damage is more accessible. And as a result, cleaning companies have invested in machines that help them reach the expected quality without struggle.

pressure washer rented for roof cleaning
Renting a pressure washer should be avoided if you lack roof cleaning experience

Technique makes all the difference between renting a pressure washer vs hiring professional roof cleaners

Even if you own the latest in pressure washing technology, it won’t be of much use if you don’t know how to use it properly. In fact, lack of experience and technique is the main reason why DIY roof cleaning attempts end in damage to your roof coating or even injury. If you ask the majority of homeowners how much experience they have with roof cleaning, the most common answer will be – none! The same can’t be said for roof cleaning companies. Professional cleaners know how to clean effectively, and ensure that your roof is both spotless and secure. As we’ve already said, every roof is different, and knowing how to handle each comes through years of experience

Professionals completely eliminate dust and dirt instead of just relocating it

When washing a roof, it is normal to start from the top and work toward the bottom. When this is done, the dirty water and grime trickle down the shingles. While most of the dirt goes away through the gutters, some of it may end up sticking to the roof or ending up on your facade. If you try to do this yourself, you may end up with an even messier home than it was at the start. But, this is not something you’ll see when professionals take over. You can relax and let them work their magic, knowing there won’t be any loose particles fluttering about on your roof. And once they’re done, they’ll make sure that your facade is spotless as well, and that there isn’t a speck of dirt from the roof around your property.

Two roof cleaners working together
Hiring professional roof cleaners means you don’t have to worry about quality and safety

Quality is a guarantee when hiring professional roof cleaners

When you hire a team of experts, you can be sure that they’ll know exactly what to do, and how to do it properly. They will make sure that your home or business receives the highest standard of service. If you hire a team of professionals with years of experience, your roof will really reflect that. Instead of a mess, the only thing they’ll leave behind is a clean and presentable property. If you want your roof to look its best in no time, professional cleaners are the people to call. Although it seems difficult, expert roof cleaners know how to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Renting a pressure washer vs hiring professional roof cleaners – the DIY approach

Many people love taking on DIY projects around the home. Doing home maintenance projects can be both fun and rewarding. However, there are some projects which you should delegate to the experts. And roof cleaning is one of them. Although you could technically pull it off, sometimes the risk simply isn’t worth the reward. Roof cleaning and maintenance is a serious task, and should be approached as such. So, let’s see what you can expect if you decide on renting a pressure washer rather than hiring professional roof cleaners.

Cleaning your roof on your own can result in injury

There’s no delicate way of saying this. Roof cleaning can be very, very dangerous. In fact, roof-related accidents are a very common cause of fatalities among professionals. At first, you may think that your roof isn’t all that high, or slanted. But once you’re up there, it becomes a whole different story. Falls happen for many different reasons. One second of not paying attention, or not adjusting your balance, can end very badly. This becomes even more common when you’re on a dirty roof, full of slippery algae and bird droppings. No matter how confident you are in your abilities, it is simply best to leave this task to trained professionals. Remember, safety always comes first.

man cleaning his roof by renting a pressure washer
The DIY approach may seem lucrative, but remember that it can be risky

You’re probably not alone on your roof

Once you climb up on the roof and bring all of your supplies up there, you may quickly come to realize that you’re not the only one up there. Wasps, hornets, and bees may have built nests on or around your roof, especially in hard-to-see places. They can be under your roof structure, in the chimney, or in the nearby trees. While taking a shot at pressure washing your roof, you run the risk of bumping into these tiny critters, while already being in a vulnerable position. Not only are you exposed to painful stings, but you’re also very likely to injure yourself in other ways as well. This is yet another reason why you should leave this to the experts. Professional roof cleaners know how to deal with these issues, should they run into them.

Renting a pressure washer vs hiring professional roof cleaners is a matter of experience or lack thereof

How many times have you cleaned your roof before? The answer is most probably, “never”. But for an experienced professional, the answer is “too many to count”. With years of experience in the field, comes a very detailed knowledge of roof maintenance and cleanup. A sixth sense, if you will. Good roof cleaners know how to properly treat a roof, but also recognize key elements, and potential issues. If you lack roof cleaning experience, you could easily miss things such as:

  • A potential weak spot that may lead to further degradation.
  • A leak, or a spot that has the potential to become a leak.
  • Areas which are in need of repair.
  • Signs that your roof needs emergency maintenance or replacement.

Not everything is visible to the untrained eye. And if you attempt to clean your roof by yourself, you may miss some important signs. Any slight signs of damage have the potential to turn into larger issues. And besides, even if you do recognize a problem spot, how will you know how serious it is, and whether or not you’ve fixed it or made it worse? Improper handling of roof issues can lead to more serious problems in the future. Knowing what to look for comes from experience and expertise. All things considered, roof cleaning simply shouldn’t be a DIY project.

tile roof with visible degradation before renting a pressure washer
Professional can easily spot warning signs which you may otherwise miss

DIY roof cleaning is cost-effective. Or is it?

Many DIY enthusiasts will claim that you will save money when renting a pressure washer vs hiring professional roof cleaners. However, there are a few things to consider. Even if you clean the roof yourself, you still have to rent the equipment and all the necessary supplies. And, the work will only take longer, because you’re not properly trained and lack experience in the field. In the end, despite your best efforts, your roof still won’t be truly clean. Think about how much it would cost you not to hire a team of pros. The costs to repair or even replace your roof are considerably higher, compared to routine cleaning. Every time you hire roof cleaners, you’re making a small investment into your property which is great in long term.

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