Reasons why you shouldn’t feed pigeons

People feeding pigeons

Pigeons are birds that are native to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. In 1600, Europeans brought pigeons to North America, most likely as a source of food. However, nowadays, the population of pigeons is growing rapidly. It is estimated that there are 400 million pigeons in the world. The reason for their population growth is that they can live on food leftovers and they became domestic birds. There are many people that enjoy feeding them without being aware of the consequences that feeding can have on birds, humans, and our environment. So, if you are a bird lover read this article and learn what are the reasons why you shouldn’t feed pigeons.

City pigeons are not pets

It is true that pigeons can be loyal and lovely pets. If they are raised properly they can bond with their owners and bring joy to their life. Still, those pigeons that are taken care of by birders are completely different from city pigeons. Be aware that city pigeons are not pets and you shouldn’t treat them as ones. This means that you should avoid feeding them because this will increase their population in the cities and can cause many problems on your property. Still, if the pigeons have already invaded your garden you should contact professionals such as Peak Services immediately. With the help of bird experts, you will be able to keep your plants safe and avoid any possible diseases that pigeons can spread.

Group of pigeons as a symbol of the reasons why you shouldn't feed pigeons
One of the reasons why you shouldn’t feed pigeons is because that will increase their population in the city

There are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t feed pigeons

Nowadays, pigeons are considered to be pests that can have a negative impact on our environment and your estate. This is because of the bacteria, viruses, and other health hazards that they can spread. Also, feeding pigeons doesn’t have a negative impact only on the human race, but also on the pigeons themselves. Pigeons don’t stop eating even when they are full. They will continue eating while there is food and this can have bad consequences for them. For that reason, next time before you decided to feed pigeons in the park or leave food on the bench – think twice. Even though you think that you are doing the right thing, be aware that you are not helping the birds and that you shouldn’t feed pigeons.

Many diseases can be related and spread by pigeons

As already mentioned above, one of the main reasons why you shouldn’t feed pigeons is because of the health issues that they can cause. While it might seem entertaining for you and your family to feed these birds, this action will help increase their population in the cities and cause the spread of bacteria and viruses. The most common diseases related to pigeons include:

  • Histoplasmosis
  • Psittacosis
  • Cryptococcosis
A woman on the street wearing mask
Pigeons can spread diseases that can be transmitted by air

For example, because of the number of tourists that feed birds, Las Vegas became widespread with pigeons. For that reason, Las Vegas pigeon control services are playing an important role when it comes to the health protection of the population in the city. But professionals are not the only ones that are responsible for the prevention of the diseases spread by beards. If we stop feeding them we will contribute as well.

Birds dropping will impact your environment

Most birds carry viruses and bacteria in their droppings. Not only that bird droppings can have an unpleasant odor but can spread disease by air. This means that you can get infected only by breathing. And by feeding pigeons, you attract more of them, which means that there will be more pigeons dropping spread in the city. This can cause serious health issues but can cause damage to your property as well.

For example, because bird droppings are extremely acidic, they can damage metal if left for a longer period of time. Not only that this can cause damage to your car but even your roof or solar panels. For that reason, solar panel bird proofing is recommended. This will prevent any damages that can be caused by pigeons in the future.

One of the reasons why you shouldn’t feed pigeons is nesting

Pigeons are always coming back to places where they know that they will get food. If you feed them on your property they will know how to navigate their way back to you even if they are miles away. And if pigeons get the food they will make your property their new home and nest there. Nesting can cause a lot of damage to your property. Usually, they nest under roofs or solar panels. And this can block drains and damage your gutters.  For that reason, solar panel bird control Enterprise NV is essential. With the help of professionals, you will get rid of the birds and also prevent them from nesting on your property. Still, in order to avert pigeons from nesting, you should stop feeding them. as well.

Pigeon peeping out of the nest
Another one among the other reasons why you shouldn’t feed pigeons is because they will nest on your property

Pigeons may destroy plants in your garden

Even if you stop feeding pigeons they may continue coming back to your property. Especially if you have a garden with plants. For that reason, you should know how to get rid of the bird in the tree. And the reason for the pigeons to gather in your garden is because they are used to getting food in your area, but also because leaves and fruit are their food. Pigeons eat seeds from the soil which can damage the roots of your plants. Moreover, they can destroy your plants because they will try to find worms hidden under the leaves. All these can be prevented by not feeding pigeons and keeping them away from your property.

A pigeon eating from the ground
Pigeons can damage roots on your plant while looking for the food

Pigeons can hurt other bird species

If you have any other birds in your garden be aware that pigeons may hurt them. This is because pigeons are a very aggressive species when it comes to food. They don’t allow any other birds to take their food. For that reason, you shouldn’t feed pigeons, and that way you will keep your other birds safe. Also, there are many ways to keep pigeons away from bird feeders. So even if you don’t feed them directly by using some techniques you will be able to keep them away from your garden.

Overfeeding pigeons is not good

Overfeeding the pigeons can accumulate all the problems mentioned above. This is because overfed pigeons multiply at an unnatural rate and crate unnatural large flocks of pigeons. And this is something that can cause serious health issues for the human population.

On the other hand, the bread that we usually use to feed city birds is not a healthy source of nutrition for pigeons. Bread doesn’t have the proteins and fats that pigeons need to sustain their daily habits. Also, big pieces of bread may cause a digestive blockage to the birds. Bread that was left outside for a longer period of time will develop mold which can cause illness to the pigeons.

If you need to get rid of pigeons contact birds control services

By feeding pigeons, you may increase their population in your yard or your garden. And as you can see there are many damages that they can bring to your home. For that reason, you should stop the habit of feeding them in your area or in the city. However, whether you have problems with pigeons or you are trying to get rid of sparrows on your property the best solution is to constant professionals. They know all the methods and techniques that are useful to help you get rid of the birds. Not only that they have proper equipment but they will be able to give you advice on how to keep them away and prevent them from coming back in the near future.

Birds flying away
If you have problems with pigeon flocks contact professionals to help you get rid of them

Do not ignore the reasons why you shouldn’t feed pigeons

Even though you are a bird lover there is no doubt that there are many reasons why you shouldn’t feed pigeons. . There are many damages that pigeons can cause to the population and all that can be a result only because you fed them. They can spread diseases, inhabit your property and even damage it. On the other hand, feeding pigeons will not have a negative impact on the human population only but it can have a negative effect on pigeons as well. For that reason, think twice before you start feeding pigeons next time or you leave bread on the bench in the park.

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