Nevada guide to laser technology in bird control

laser used for bird control

Birds are, generally speaking, very beautiful creatures, and play their unique role in nature. However, they can sometimes cause quite a lot of trouble in your surroundings. Crows, pigeons, and sparrows can really mess up your roof, balcony, and other open spaces. In addition to this, they can be very noisy and completely destroy your peace. Controlling these birds is a huge task. And you can’t simply stay in front of your home shooing them away all day. In times like these, you have to rely on pigeon pest control Las Vegas services. And the good thing is, that bird repellent technology is constantly evolving. We now have efficient ways to keep birds away, without harming the environment or disturbing the look of our home. Besides standard bird spikes and meshes, there is a rise in using laser technology in bird control.

green laser beams
Laser technology in bird control is one of the best deterrents on the market

Strong laser beams are now used for much more than just annoying your cat or pointing at important things on a whiteboard. There are many real-world applications that utilize laser beams to achieve a specific goal. Construction, mining, search and rescue, and in recent times, bird control. There’s been a notable rise in laser deterrents in both residential and commercial uses. With that in mind, it seems that laser technology really is an effective method of scaring birds away. So, let’s dive into the basics of this revolutionary approach to bird control, and learn more about its many uses.

How laser technology in bird control works

If you compare it to traditional bird control methods, laser technology has many advantages. It is silent, works at long ranges, and affects practically all species of birds. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly and non-lethal. Lastly, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. All of this, and more, makes lasers great for commercial bird control Las Vegas, as well as for residential use.

In most cases, laser bird-deterrents use a bright green color. Although you can use any color, green has proven to be the best option. It is the brightest color to the human eye and is 5 to 10 times brighter than any other color. If you compare their power, a 100mW green laser is much brighter than a blue, red, or orange one. Lastly, this type of bird deterrent is used during the day, which is why you need the brightest color possible to be effective.

pigeons flying away
Using lasers is effective even with minimal accuracy

The reason why laser technology is so effective in bird control is the fact that birds often rely on each other while in the open. When you shine a laser at a flock of birds, scaring one of them is enough to do the job. It will then signal the rest of them to flee, sensing danger. This means that you don’t need to cover a large area in order to be effective. Because of this, lasers are favored in solar panel pigeon control Enterprise NV. When you hit a bird with a bright laser beam, it becomes shocking, since it doesn’t understand what it is. Their instincts will make them flee immediately, which makes lasers a great, non-lethal solution to your problems.

Lasers are an effective solution in many areas

One of the greatest benefits of using lasers as bird deterrents is the fact that you can use them in many areas of life, both commercial and residential. They’re a simple solution, regardless of how big your problem is.

Protect your home and garden with anti-bird lasers

airfield using laser technology in bird control
Lasers are commonly used at airports, crop fields, and other commercial landmarks

One of the greatest threats to the outdoor look of your home is certainly pest birds. But if you use lasers against them, you can:

  • Effectively protect your entire property from their nests and refuse.
  • Keep your facade and roof tiles safe from their acidic droppings, which can easily eat through any material.
  • Your solar panels will no longer serve as shelter for these flying critters, allowing you to maximize your energy output, and save a lot of money in the process.
  • Keep your friends and family safe from airborne bacteria and other critters that usually come with pest birds.

Laser technology in bird control is a great ally in the commercial field as well

Protecting your home is one thing, but protecting your business is something completely different. Pest birds can have a huge impact on the business flow and your livelihood, which is why lasers are a true lifesaver when it comes to:

  • Protecting your assets. Industrial sites and factories are a magnet for birds seeking remote places with a potential food source. Their nests can clog your gutters, cause fire hazards, and damage your facilities.
  • Agriculture. Starlings and pigeons can be a real nuisance to farmers. Their fields often attract flocks of birds looking for an easy meal. This causes millions of dollars worth of damages in lost crops and animal feed. Intelligent laser tech keeps the pests away with ease.
  • Aviation. Fields next to airports are favored by birds. These are locations with little human presence and plenty of food. This quickly becomes a problem when a stray bird meets an approaching aircraft. In the best-case scenario, this leads to downtime and costly repairs. Worst case scenario, you’re looking at a hazard to human life. Lasers offer the ideal solution to these problems.

Before using laser deterrents, do your due diligence

Although laser technology in bird control is reliable and safe, it becomes even more effective when you know how to properly use it. The first thing on your list is understanding the different types of repellents. There are handheld lasers and automated ones. Handhelds are operated manually, while automated ones work with sensor triggers.

After this, it is important to learn all of the features the device has. Learning how your laser operates will help it become one of the best bird deterrents in your arsenal. Functions like multi-color beams or remote-controlled operations surely help in various situations.

Lastly, acquire proper training on how to properly use your laser deterrent. Safe use helps you, as well as those around you, and maximizes the lifecycle and efficiency of the laser itself. For quick and effective learning, we recommend relying on online training tools.

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