The importance of bird control around commercial buildings

rooftop of a commercial building

Every business owner knows how important visual appeal can be for their enterprise. Whether working in a giant corporate building or a small family shop, you want it to look beautiful. A good-looking and clean building can both attract and inspire old and new clients alike. Even your employees feel more comfortable if they know their workspace is clean and maintained. However, this can be hard to achieve if you’re troubled by the smells, sights, and sounds of unwanted feathery guests. Pest birds can cause a lot of damage to your business, and this is why bird control around commercial buildings is so important. Bird waste and droppings can be a big health and safety hazard, meaning you’ll need reliable bird control Las Vegas services. Here, we’ll discuss some common types of pest birds, bird control benefits, and ways to be proactive about the problem.

Bird types that require commercial control

birds flocking on a commercial buildings rooftop
Birds are a major problem for commercial and private buildings alike

Before we dive into the problem, let’s talk about some of the bird species you might see around commercial areas. To be effective, you need to know what you’re dealing with. Commonly spotted flying pests include:

  • Pigeons. The most common bird found everywhere in the world, and the biggest frustration for business owners. Their droppings accumulate fast and can damage your property. The fungus growing in the feces can corrode stone, causing it to crack and break down in the snow and rain. They’re one of the main reasons for solar panel bird proofing.
  • Starlings. You can usually spot flocks of starlings roosting on top of buildings, especially at night, polluting the area with their refuse. They make their nests in cavities such as drainpipes, wall gaps, and under solar panels. Over time, they can cause serious issues.
  • Sparrows. Most commonly found around commercial buildings storing food, such as factories and warehouses. Attempting to get to packed goods by pecking causes product damage. They can also be found around corporate buildings, due to passive food sources from employees and pedestrians in the vicinity.
  • Gulls. If you’re located in any coastal city around the world, you know how big of an issue gulls can be. Roofs provide predator-free nesting grounds, and food is available everywhere. Compared to pigeons, gulls produce far less fouling. However, their droppings can still harm roofing materials, and clog the drains and gutters.
  • House Mynas. This imported pest can be found in the United States, Australia, South Africa, and many other nations. According to the IUCN, the myna is among the top 100 worst global invasive species. Besides nesting on top of buildings, they also tend to scavenge food from restaurants and stores.

Main reasons for establishing bird control around commercial buildings

Although people may not realize it at first, enforcing bird control around commercial buildings brings with it many benefits. Here we’ll go through a few things you stand to gain from protecting your property.

Rooftop of a commercial building
A clean business front adds to your professional image

Bird control helps uphold and maintain your brand image

Regardless if you own a small family store or a large corporate building, the appearance of your place of operations greatly affects the image you portray in public. This is a well-known business tip and yet another reason why bird control is so important and beneficial. If you allow your property to become plagued with feathered pests and their refuse, your reputation and image may suffer greatly.

Defaced storefronts and office buildings could drive people away, as they might not take your service or presence seriously. Because of this, you need to make sure that your property reflects who you are, in a professional and social sense. With bird control, you will have a clean building with a well-maintained exterior. But, you will also shape the image of your business, and gain credibility. A clean property attracts more customers and makes them feel comfortable, bringing you long-term success.

You can save on property maintenance and repair costs

Defaced facades, damaged machinery, and vehicles can be quite costly to repair. And this doesn’t even include the time and labor needed to restore your property. For example, repainting an entire building can take a heavy toll on your business budget. Maintenance, repairs, and commercial solar panel cleaning are affordable, and even necessary, every few months or years. But if you don’t protect your property from birds, you will have to do all of these things much more frequently.

In the long run, this can cost you a small fortune. If your machinery is damaged, you may even need to replace it altogether, which is a financial disaster. The cost related to machine and property repair doesn’t only cost a lot. It can slow down or even stop your production flow, which causes even more losses and delays.

pigeon peering from a nest in a wall
Lack of bird control around commercial buildings can create a domino effect of problems

But, if you perform bird mess cleanup properly and in advance, you can completely avoid needless maintenance and replacement costs for your business. You will, of course, still need to perform regular maintenance, but it will certainly be less frequent, and more cost-effective. All things considered, bird control around commercial buildings helps you better allocate your maintenance budget, and run a more successful business.

Bird control helps prevent the transmission of diseases

One of the main reasons why every business owner should look for bird control methods is health and safety. The spread of diseases from birds to humans usually occurs through droppings. For example, the droppings of seagulls have very high acidity. If left untreated, the bacteria in the droppings can rapidly spread to humans. By frequently inspecting your property, you can prevent birds from nesting around it. And as far as your property goes, the people visiting it the most, besides you and your staff, are your customers.

The last thing you want is your clients getting sick and having a very negative experience. Worst yet, everyone affected can further spread the disease to their friends, family, and colleagues. This leads to major health problems for everyone, and potential legal problems for you. And thus, applying bird control around commercial buildings really helps protect all involved from harmful bacteria.

experts cleaning windows on a building
Frequent inspection and maintenance prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases

The best starting point in the prevention of diseases is cleaning your roof and ventilation system from bird droppings. This is a great place for birds to make their nests, as it is isolated. Air vents and air-conditioning systems can then easily carry disease-carrying bacteria straight into your workspace. However, making sure that your ventilation is free of pest birds may be difficult. In some cases, you may need to use bird spikes to keep the pests at bay. Working with a team of professionals can ensure that your home is safe in the fastest time possible, for long periods of time. Making sure your business is free of pest birds, saves you from many health hazards, and the high costs needed to mitigate the damage they may cause.

Commercial bird control also stops insects and parasites

As pest birds move from place to place, they carry with them various sorts of insects and parasites. Once these micro threats are introduced to your commercial building, you have a new challenge on your hands. Some parasites carried by birds can cause quite a severe infestation if they make it to your home. This can cause extremely high costs of pest eradication in your work environment. And it doesn’t just end there, either. Disease-carrying parasites can also attract insects to the nesting area, which can then spread further. Egg shells, droppings, and feathers can also be ideal building materials for rats, which brings yet another problem to the equation.

pigeons eating near a lake
Without commercial bird control, your pest problem can quickly multiply

Applying effective methods of bird control around commercial buildings allows you to avoid the added costs of pest eradication. Pest control specialists can get rid of pigeons on rooftops, and routinely check your business for various forms of pest infestation. If you try to do an inspection on your own, you may miss some key signs of an infestation. But, with the help of professionals, your business will be clean, safe, and pest-free!

Things you can do to protect your business from pest birds

As a property owner, there are certain measures you can enforce in order to take control over any bird-related problem that may occur. These are all preventive measures that serve to stop the problem from appearing, rather than remedy it. However, they are all equally important for the general well-being of your business.

Perform regular inspections to spot early signs of infestation

As we’ve already mentioned, prevention is better than treatment. This is why routine maintenance checks are an important part of bird control around commercial buildings. Early detection helps stops birds from flocking around your business, nesting, and multiplying. If you stop them from gathering early on, you save money that would otherwise go toward their control and removal. The size of your property, as well as its possible hiding spots, will determine just how often you need to carry out your pest inspections. If you own a large business building, your focus should be on the ventilation systems. In a warehouse, on the other hand, the areas of interest are high beams and high, difficult-to-reach places.

commercial silo without bird control
Warehouses and storage silos are especially prone to pest birds

This is why it is a wise idea to set up a schedule, in order to create a constant pattern of safety checks. Doing all of this in a regular rotation ensures that your property remains safe and that all potential issues are spotted early on. If you carry out the inspections routinely, you will be actively involved in the control process. This helps you stay informed about what is happening with your business. And ultimately, this helps you choose the best possible bird control methods suited for your business.

Apply direct measures to keep unwanted guests at bay

Making sure that your property is pest-free doesn’t end with simply checking the hot spots from time to time. Sure enough, inspections help, but you need a more permanent solution in the long run. The best way to achieve this is to apply defensive measures which will help you stay safe from birds and the dangers they carry. Bird netting, bird spikes, and flash tape are among the most common and best bird deterrents. Installing them slows down the nesting process of pest birds.

Depending on your area, you may completely rid yourself of the feathered invaders with these measures. These solutions are non-lethal, meaning you can install them with a clean conscience. Keep in mind that you can’t just install these safety measures, and forget about them. Just like the rest of your property, they require regular maintenance. Otherwise, they may wear down, and fail to do their job.

bird control expert installing deterrents
Working with professionals ensures a pest-free work environment

Rely on the help of commercial bird control experts

Everything we discussed so far is aimed toward protecting your property, as well as the health and safety of your staff and inventory. However, protecting your business against birds is a massive task, which you cannot do alone. This is why it is vital that you contact reliable experts that specialize in bird control around commercial buildings.

They will be able to inspect your property in detail, give you an accurate report of the current condition, and advise you on the next steps to take. They can then install and apply any preventive measure you agreed to, as well as perform regular maintenance of the property. Every commercial building and business property is different and requires a different approach. Professionals know how to approach every situation, and bring things under control. With the help of experts, you can have a safe, clean, and pest-free property for years to come.

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