How to prevent birds from nesting

A bird nest with two eggs in it

As occasional visitors or pets, birds can be a true joy. However, if they decide to overstay their welcome, the situation can become dire in an instant. Birds can become a danger to your property, business, and worst of all – your health. Therefore, it is imperative to prevent birds from nesting close to you. But, how do you keep yourself and your property safe without harming birds? Here are a few tips from Las Vegas bird control experts to help you deal with the issue.

Already dealing with bird infestation?

The majority of people don’t tend to pay much attention to birds on their property. At least not until they start dealing with a full-blown infestation. If this is the scenario that you are facing – don’t panic. While bird infestation is a big issue, it is solvable. However, you will have to turn to professionals for help. For this problem, the best solution is to use professional pigeon removal Las Vegas services.

Several pigeons in a ditch.
Professional service is the best way to deal with the infestation and prevent birds from nesting.

Experts will remove the birds from your property, along with any nests they built. Also, they will sanitize the area, thus removing pheromones that attract birds back every season. Therefore, this option not only fixes the issue but it also helps prevent birds from nesting at your property. You might even say that this option lets you *ahem* kill two birds with one stone.

#1 Simple barriers can prevent birds from nesting

Birds value safety when choosing their nesting sites. As such, they’ll pick secluded places, hard to reach, and out of sight of potential predators. And nooks and crannies of your property fit that description perfectly. Vents, exhausts, gutters, overhangs – all of them are fair play. Fortunately, you’re not lacking options to prevent birds from nesting in these areas:

  • Bird spikes: An excellent choice for exposed places. Spikes are durable, effective, and can last for years. They make it hard for birds to land and maneuver, which prompts them to find a better nesting place.
  • Bird slopes: A simple wooden board placed at a 45+ angle makes it near impossible for birds to stand, let alone build a nest.
  • Wire/plastic mesh: The best way to block cavities, such as vents, without hindering their function.
  • Expanding foam: Another great option for blocking holes. However, be very careful when applying it. As its name suggests, it can expand and can completely shut the hole, thus leading to bigger problems.

While said solutions are effective, they do have one downside. They can be unsightly. So, if you don’t want to compromise the look of your property, it is best to let pros work their magic.

Don’t forget to birdproof your solar panels, too

A person in a jumpsuit using spray to prevent birds from nesting.
Chemical agents are super-effective bird deterrents. Just make sure to use eco-friendly ones.

Solar panels are among the most vulnerable systems when it comes to bird infestation. Since they are only a few inches off of the roof, they provide a perfect shelter for birds. However, this can cause a variety of issues, from lower output to complete breakdown. Therefore, if you’re a proud owner of a PV system, pigeon proofing solar panels is a must. Bear in mind, though, that solar panels are extremely fragile. So, if possible, avoid DIY solutions. Otherwise, you’re risking replacing one problem with another.

#2 A chemical solution to a biological problem

Chemistry already provides solutions to a lot of problems. Bird infestations aren’t exempt from this rule. And, the great thing is that they are some of the easiest solutions on this list to apply:

  • Spray repellants: As the name suggests – spray and pray. You don’t have to pray too hard, though. Spray repellants are excellent at what they do.
  • Roof glazes: With this one, the birds will be on a slippery slope. Literally. However, applying glaze is a lot of work, since you have to cover every inch for it to be effective.
  • Tacky glue repellant: Birds no likey sticky. Applying tactile glue to exposed areas will make them super awkward for them to land and, especially, stay in certain places.

One major thing to note here. If you decide to go down this road, make sure all chemicals you’re using are FDA-approved. Otherwise, you can injure or kill a bird, which can result in a hefty fine.

#3 Fear is in the eye of the fluttery beholder

Scare tactics are among the cheapest options to prevent birds from nesting. While not as good as the previous two, they remain quite effective. And, here, too, you’re spoiled for choice:

  • Animal figurines – plastic or wooden foxes, owl, ravens, etc. can all be great bird deterrents. They simulate their natural foes, which birds would rather avoid. Also, can be a great little decoration for your garden.
  • Shiny objects – In general, birds love snuggly places to nest. Adding some CDs on a string or reflective tape or mirrors (anything that reflects light, really) will make it too much of a “rave party” for them.
  • Sound “barriers” – If you want to use a bit of high-tech as a bird deterrent, and don’t mind spending a bit more, you can opt for some noisy solutions. There are devices that emit prerecorded sounds of natural predators that birds absolutely abhor. Said noises are inaudible for humans, so you’ll still have your peace.

#4 Bait and switch

A bird coming out of a birdhouse
Sometimes, all it takes to prevent birds from nesting is giving them options.

Do you want to prevent birds from nesting at certain parts of your property, but not get rid of them completely? If so, you can always use good old “bait and switch” tactics. Birds nest in places where they have easy access to food, water, and nesting materials. Knowing this, you can set up a desirable place for them that is conveniently not your property. There are lots of ways to do this, but birdhouses or feeders generally work the best. Simply place them where you want birds to go – and that’s it, you’re safe.

#5 Keep your yard neat and tidy to prevent birds from nesting in it

Now, you may wonder how exactly can this help you prevent birds from nesting? Don’t birds love neat and tidy yards? Actually, no. You see, birds are lazy. It might not seem that way, what with their round-the-clock shenanigans, but it is true. Birds will always opt for convenience over energy expenditure. Which works to your advantage, of course. Here’s what you can do to make it a bit more inconvenient for them:

  • Pruning trees and bushes open the space up, making it less concealed and, thus, more vulnerable to predators. And we already determined that birds don’t like predators;
  • Removing food sources, such as plants birds love, makes them think: “Yup, nothing for us here”. Thus, prompting them to move to more fertile areas;
  • Regular turf cleaning removes debris that birds use as nest-building materials. And, most birds would rather choose a different place, than fly for miles to bring a branch or two back.

So, by keeping your yard tip-top, you’re making sure birds will give it a wide berth. At least, as far as nesting is concerned.

Be proactive if you want to prevent birds from nesting

Birds are quite picky about nesting grounds. They love places that provide safety, easy access to nutrients, and nest-building materials. If your property has all of the above – it is prime real estate for them. What’s more, it is free. Therefore, the best way to prevent birds from nesting is to make your property undesirable for them. And, as you’ve seen, doing so is not hard at all.

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