How to implement bird control for retail stores in Nevada

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If you are a retail store owner there is no doubt that its safety is your main concern. There are many procedures that you will have to pay attention to in order to keep your retail store safe and your products secured. From implementing security systems to protect yourself from shoplifting to making sure your employees provide the best customer service there are many things that need to be done. Because of so many tasks, you might forget about things that at first can seem not so important, but actually are vital for your business. And that is bird control. Even if they are small little creates, birds can create big problems. For that reason, read this article and learn how to implement bird control for retail stores in Nevada.

What are the problems that birds can cause to your retail store?

There is no doubt that hygiene is a priority number one for any business. But in order to keep your place sanitary it is not enough only to clean it regularly. You should also take some measurements and protect your retail store. One of the important measurements is to keep birds away from your retail store. Do not underestimate the importance of bird control around commercial buildings. This is because birds can cause many problems for you and your business.

  • First of all birds’ dropping may drive customers away. People might be disgusted by it and think that you don’t pay attention to your hygiene. For that reason, you will end up losing customers, and automatically your revenue will be affected.
  • Another problem that birds can cause to your retail store is diseases. Birds’ droppings not only drive people away because of their odor but because they can carry diseases. If dropping were affected by any viruses, they can easily be spread through the air. And this can put you, your employees, and customers in danger of getting ill. Also, some birds may even cause food poisoning or spread salmonella.
  • Lastly, birds may be a safety hazard for your retail store. Because usually their nests are made of dried vegetables and flammable materials there might be a risk of your store catching a fire. Especially if the nest is in a hot air area that is not able to escape.
Birds on the street
Bird control for retail stores in Nevada is important because of the problems that it can cause

As you can see birds may be a real challenge for your business. For that reason, it is important to take bird control seriously and learn how to deal with them.

How to implement bird control for retail stores in Nevada

There is no doubt that one of the most efficient ways to implement bird control for retail stores in Nevada is to contact professionals such as Peak Services. With bird experts, by your side, you will not have to worry about any financial losses, safety risks, and the spread of diseases that birds can cause. Bird professionals have experience, tools, and knowledge. They will know how to get rid of the birds and prevent them from coming back to your properly. Still, if you prefer to do this by yourself there are a few methods that can be effective and successful.

Keep your dumpster area clean

This is probably one of the most important things when owning a business. Not only to keep birds away but also to ensure that the area around your store is clean and sanitary. Also, dumpsters that are clean and free of any food will keep birds away. Even if you do not have food in your dumpster there are other materials such as paper and plastics that can attract birds too. This is because they use these materials to build their nests.

Trash cans in front of the bingo place
Keep trash can lids closed to prevent birds from gathering in the dumpster area

In order to keep your dumpster area clean and away from birds make sure that your trash cans have lids. Also, assign one of the employees to regularly check this area. However, if it happens that you already got sparrows or pigeons in your dumpster area contact pigeon pest control Las Vegas to help you get rid of them and give you some tips on how to prevent them from coming back.

Your loading dock doors should be closed when not in use

Another way to keep birds away from your retail store area is to keep your loading dock doors closed. This is important because, in most cases, birds will enter the area the same way as humans – by using the door. The difference is that the birds will not leave the area easily, especially if it is suitable for nesting. For that reason, whenever you are not using the loading dock area ensure that doors are properly closed and secured.

Place signs that will prevent people from feeding birds

Food is the main reason why birds are gathering around your retail store area. One of the ways to prevent them from coming back is to place signs asking people not to feed the birds. This is something that people enjoy doing, but very often birds get used to getting food in your area which will make them come back and nest in your retail area. Place signs and talk with your employees to avoid feeding the birds. 

A person feeding a bird
If people in your area feed birds they will come back and nest

Have regular building inspections

To have bird control in your retail store area in Nevada you should get into the habit of doing preventive maintenance at least two times a year. Make sure to check all the places where you suspect that the birds may create a nest. Also, talk with the building manager to hire external services if needed such as roof pressure washing, solar panel cleaning, etc. This should be done in order to keep the area clean and prevent the birds from nesting in the area.

Use bird netting and bird spikes for bird control for retail stores in Nevada

Apart from your behavior and the behavior of your employees, there are some other ways that you can implement in order to keep birds away from retail stores. You can get a pigeon guard for solar panels, use bird netting or install bird spikes. All these tools will help you in your bird control and you might even use all of them. Bird netting will prevent birds from passing and entering your retail store area. On the other hand, bird spikes are a physical barrier as well that will ensure that the birds cannot access the area that you are trying to protect.

Bird netting as a symbol of bird control for retail stores in Nevada
Bird control of retail stores in Nevada can be done by using bird netting and spikes

Prevent birds from nesting around your retail store by implementing sound deterrents

Another excellent way to scare birds away is to install sound deterrents. This electronic distress sound device will emit the sound of the bird that is in danger and some of those will even emit the sound of birds’ predators. That way when birds approach and the sound goes on birds will content your retail store area to the dangerous area and avoid it.

And if your retail store is located in Summerlin and you need help with bird control get the assistance of pigeon control Summerlin NV service. Combine professional services with sound deterrents and you can rest assured that your retail store area will be free of birds.

Use visual displays to scare birds away

Lastly, another great way to scare off birds permanently is to use visual displays. For example, you could install reflectors on the roof of your building that will send signals to birds that there is another nest in that area or that it might be a dangerous area. Also, you could place reflective tapes on the threes in front of your retail store which will also scare birds away. If you combine visual and sound effects you can be certain that there will be no birds that are nesting in your commercial area.

Bird on the three as a symbol of bird control for retail stores in Nevada
Visual displays will scare away the birds

Combine methods and your bird control for retail stores in Nevada will be an easy job

As you can see there are many ways to keep your retail store secure and prevent the birds from gathering in the area. You can either try one technique mentioned above or you can combine couple of them. But one is certain. The most efficient way for bird control for retail stores in Nevada is prevention. Keep the area clean and have regular inspections to keep birds away. And in case you have a problem with birds and nesting contact the professionals as they will know how to handle it.

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