How to get rid of sparrows on your property?

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Sparrows are one the most spread birds in the world. They originated in the Mediterranean region and spread quickly to Europe and Eastern Asia. In 1850 these birds were imported to North America to help control insects and their population. Still, it was quickly realized that sparrows do not eat insects outside the nesting season. However, by the time people realized that these species spread across the country wildly. Nowadays, it is believed that there are around 150 million house sparrows in North America that rattle other bird species. Also, there are many other problems that they can cause to your estate. To avoid any damages that these species can cause you should contact professionals such as Peak Services Las Vegas to help you get rid of them. Still, there are ways to do it by yourself as well. Read this article and learn how to get rid of sparrows on your property.

Problems that sparrows on your property can cause

Even though birds can be beautiful and appealing they can cause many problems for homeowners. Especially sparrows. These are some of the problems that they can create for you and your property:

  • Sparrows can transmit diseases. As with any other bird, sparrows dropping can influence our health without us realizing it. If there are any bacteria living in their dropping they can be airborne. This means that even by just inhaling the air we can get infected. Also, if we eat any food or water that was contaminated can bring possible risks of us getting sick. Ultimately, their nests are home to parasites that can also influence our health and the droppings can provide an unpleasant odor on your property.
  • Sparrow nests can create fire risks. Because of the materials that sparrows build their nests, there is a risk of fire. To build their nest sparrows use dried vegetation and fill all the holes of the nest with feathers. As these are highly flammable materials there is a higher risk of fire when the temperatures are high. On the other hand, these materials attract bugs that can inhabit your property only because of the sparrows’ nest. Ultimately, a sparrow nest can clog your draining system and cause even bigger problems to your property.
  • Sparrows can be a threat to other bird species. The existence of sparrows can reduce bird variety on your property. Sparrows are very protective of their nest which makes them aggressive. Very often they are competing with other birds for a nesting site. For that reason, they might even end up killing other birds and their eggs. This is especially the case with eastern bluebirds which can be very beneficial for your property because they consume a large number of insects.
sparrow nest as a symbol of how to get rid of sparrows on your property
There are many problems that sparrow nests can cause to your property

What are the ways to get rid of sparrows on your property?

Because there are many problems that sparrows can cause to you and your property you should consider getting rid of them. In order to get rid of sparrows on your property, you will need to use different methods. Also, be aware that this can be a challenging task, but not an impossible one. There is no doubt, that one of the best methods is to contact a bird expert that has equipment and knowledge on how to do that. Whether you need to eliminate sparrows or you need the assistance of a pigeon pest control Las Vegas, do not hesitate to contact them. With their help, you will be able to remove birds that can invade native species and create problems on your property.

Get rid of their favorite food

One of the easiest ways to get rid of sparrows on your property is to eliminate their favorite food. If you eliminate food that sparrows feed on such as oats, wheat, cracked corn, bread scraps, and sunflower seeds there is a big chance that sparrows will not visit your property. In case you want to feed other bird species use food like nectar, nuts, and fruit. There is a chance that sparrows will be attracted to this food but it is certain that they will not overfill your property.

A picture of wheat
Wheat is one of the sparrows’ favorite foods

Make sparrow traps

Another way to get rid of the sparrows on your property is to make sparrow traps. These traps are a good solution because you will catch a bird without killing it. Once you catch sparrows in the trap make sure to drive them far away from your property. When sparrows are looking for food they don’t go further than 5 miles from their nest. This means if you drive them far away from your property it is unlikely for them to come back. And in case you don’t know what to do with sparrows once you catch them in the trap contact bird control Enterprise NV. They will have the solution for the sparrows and ensure to remove them safely from your property.

Install sparrow netting

Sparrows usually make their nests in the wholes of the house or in the services of the buildings. They can build their nests under the roof, solar panels, or your garage door. In case you have a sparrow nest and need assistance to remove it from solar panels contact solar panel cleaning Las Vegas services. They have experience and will be able to eliminate bird nests from your property. Still, in order to prevent sparrows from making a nest in the first place, you can always install sparrow netting. These netting will also stop birds from making a nest in vents, pipes, and chimneys. 

Bird netting as a way to get rid of sparrows on your property
Use sparrow netting and keep them away from your property

Use bird repellent gel

There is no doubt that one of the best bird deterrents is bird repellent gel. You can apply this gel on your windows, roof edges, and any other spots where you suspect that sparrows could nest. This is a non-toxic gel that will help you get rid of sparrows and other birds such as pigeons, starlings, etc. This is probably one of the easiest methods that you can use to get rid of the sparrows on your property.

Use electronic distress sound

In case you would prefer to skip the installation of bird netting there are other ways to keep sparrows away. One of the most effective methods is electronic distress sound. These devices emit sounds that birds would make while they are in danger. Also, there are devices that would emit sounds of bird predators which can also keep them away. To get the best result it would be smart to install a couple of distress sound devices across your property and use a few more methods. Undoubtedly, this will keep sparrows away from your property.

Install water sprinkles

One of the most common and effective ways to keep birds off your garage, trees or roof is to use water sprinkles. They will not only scare away sparrows but other songbirds as well. The water sprinkles are motion sensitive and their sensor will detect any movement when the birds come nearby. This is not only a good way to keep sparrows away but also to water your plants. If you have bigger property consider installing a couple of water sprinkles. That way you will be certain that the sparrows will not gather on your property.

A dog next to the water sprinkle
Water sprinkles are one of the effective ways to get rid of the sparrows on your property

To get rid of sparrows on your property use reflection

To eliminate sparrows from your property you should use reflection, but be aware that their efficiency will depend on the places where you place them. If you install wind-activated reflectors on the roof you can be certain that sparrows will not nest there. This will not keep away only sparrows but other birds as well that don’t react well to light signals. This is because light signals will tell birds that there is another nest in that place or that this can be a dangerous site for the nest. Also, reflective tapes that are placed on threes can be a good way to get rid of the sparrows and birds that are keen on eating fruit.

Call professionals to help you out

Lastly, the simplest and the most effective method to get rid of sparrows is to contact professionals. This will save you time, nerves, and energy. And you can be certain that they will finish the job in no time. Also, bird experts will be able to give you advice on how to equip your property and what are the most effective ways in order to stop attracting sparrows to your property. If you want to focus on other things and enjoy your beautiful property instead of chasing sparrows there is no doubt that this will be the best solution for you.

Sparrow on the three
Bird control services will help you get rid of sparrows on your property

Getting rid of sparrows on your property doesn’t have to be a problem

As you can see, sparrows can cause many problems to your estate, but there are also ways to eliminate them. The most effective way is to call bird experts to help you get rid of sparrows on your property. On the other hand, if you prefer to do it yourself there are many methods that you could use. Whether you will use one technique mentioned above or you will combine a couple of them rest assured that very soon sparrows will stop giving you headaches.

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