How to avoid damaging your home with pressure washing

A person doing pressor washing as the symbol of how to avoid damaging your home with pressure washing

Pressure washing is a great way to thoroughly clean your house. It provides deep cleaning in the areas of the house that we might haven’t been aware that needed detailed cleaning. But apart from using high-pressure water to clean your home pressure washing has many other benefits. It will boost your curb appeal, increase your home value, and remove bird droppings, mold, and algae that can damage your home. Still, in order to enjoy the positive effects of pressure washing you should know how to use it appropriately. In order to avoid damaging your home with pressure washing you could contact professional services such as Peak Services to do it for you. Otherwise, you should be aware of the proper ways of pressure washing in order to prevent the deterioration of your home.

Tips on how to avoid damaging your home with pressure washing

It is true that pressure washing has many advantages but only if used properly. Whether you decide to use it for your home or for commercial purposes you should be aware of the area that cannot be cleaned by using power washing. For example, commercial solar panel cleaning providers would never use pressure washing as it can damage the solar system. And when it comes to your house avoid using it for gutters, windows, and shingles. Still, apart from the areas that you should avoid pressure washing, there are some other things that you should pay attention to in order not to damage your home.

Do not use extremely high pressure

One of the most important things that you should be careful of is the pressure of the water. It might seem like with more pressure you will clean better your house, but actually, you can damage it. Some parts of your house such as concrete and bricks can stand very high pressure. But on the other hand, paving stones and wooden areas need less pressure. Therefore, make sure to start with the lower pressure of the water and only increase gradually if you realize that the cleaning is not as efficient as you would want.

Measuring device
Avoid extremely high pressure in order to avoid damage

Even professional turf cleaning North Las Vegas service providers would never use the highest pressure right away. And it is well known that artificial turf can stand high pressures. All in all, one of the best ways to avoid damaging your home with pressure washing is to lower the pressure when needed.

Avoid damaging your home with pressure washing by using the right nozzle

Believe it or not, even the wrong nozzle can have a negative impact on your house. There are different types of nozzles designed for different types of cleaning. Using the wrong one can cause damage not only to your house but to the equipment as well. Luckily, nozzles are universal and color-coded so you can easily choose the right one.

  • Red – the most powerful nozzles that are not used very often
  • Yellow – usually used for concrete as this nozzle is too strong for other materials
  • Green – this is the nozzle most people use as it is appropriate for almost all surfaces around the house
  • White – mostly used for vinyl only as the pressure is too low for the other areas
  • Black – doesn’t have much pressure and it is good just for wetting the surface but not cleaning it

Do not use pressure washing on delicate areas

As already mentioned, there are some areas of the house where you should avoid using pressure washing. But apart from windows and shingles, you should avoid using it near flowers and shrubs as it can damage your plant. Of course, many turf cleaning Las Vegas professionals use pressure washing. But you will never see them use it just next to the plants and flowers in the garden. By paying attention to the areas that you are pressure washing you will not only avoid damaging your house but your garden will look pretty as well. And it goes without saying that before you start using a pressure washer in any area you should remove the furniture, especially the wooden one.

Wooden lounge
Be careful when using pressure washing on wooden areas

Avoid using an excessive amount of detergent

In order to clean your house properly a combination of detergent and pressure washer is advisable. Still, you should know how much detergent you put in. Because excessive amounts can ruin some areas and cause streaks. As a general rule, two or three ounces of soup should be used for one gallon. Still, make sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendation. This will certainly clean your home properly but there will be no damage to your property.

Distance and time of pressure washing can affect your home

Just like the pressure, the distance is important for pressure washing. If you are too close to the area that you are cleaning you are risking damages, scratches, and even cracks. Therefore, make sure to start pressure washing from at least two feet and slowly come closer to the desired area. But you shouldn’t use a pressure washer closer than 12 inches as this will definitely cause some damage to the surface. Also, the time of pressure washing is crucial. If you are cleaning one spot for a longer time you may destroy it. Thus, it is better to return to the area a couple of times if needed than ruin it.

Sand clock
To avoid damaging your home with pressure washing do not clean one spot for a long time

Pressure washing is good for your home if you apply it correctly

Pressure washing has many benefits and advantages for your home. It is certain that you should use it in order to keep the area around your house clean and your home bacteria-free. Still, if you don’t use it properly you will be risking some serious damage and loss of money for the repair or replacement. Hence, either contact professionals or learn the appropriate techniques to do it in order to avoid damaging your home with pressure washing.

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