How do you know when you need a new tile roof?

Red tile roof

Having a secure roof over your head is one of the most important things in your home. But very often we forget to take proper care of it, because of its position and location. Therefore, in order to have an undamaged roof and be certain that it doesn’t require repair you should maintain your roof properly. Make sure to do regular checkups at least twice a year. If you are afraid of heights or you don’t know how to do it consider hiring professionals such as Peak Services to perform an annual inspection. This way you will be more relaxed by knowing that your roof is in good condition. But even when performing checkups you should also know what are you looking for. Read this article and find out what are the signs when you need a new tile roof.

What are the benefits of having a tile roof?

Roofs are not a cheap investment and therefore you should be careful before you decide which one will you put on top of your home. You should take into consideration the climate and other outside conditions in the area. It is certain that different roof materials have different advantages. Still, there is no doubt that having a tile roof is one of the best choices that you could make. The biggest benefit of having a tile roof is its durability. Tile roofs have a long lifespan and can last up to 100 years. Also, they are resistant to different weather conditions such as strong heat and heavy rains. And most importantly they are environmentally friendly since they are made from earth material and can be recycled.

Snow on tile roof
Tile roofs can withstand extreme weather conditions

But in order to keep tile efficiency through the years you should maintain them and ensure that there are no damages to the roof. Just like many artificial turf maintenance companies offer great services you can find the ones that offer great roofing solutions. Only with the experts by your side and proper maintenance, you will ensure that your tile roof lasts longer. 

Signs when you need a new tile roof

As already mentioned the maintenance of your roof is one of the most important things in order to keep it in good condition. It is crucial to regularly clean it as this will remove all the debris that gathers on the roof due to the winds. Also, roof pressure washing is a smart thing to do because it will not only clear debris from your roof but birds droppings as well that can damage the tile. While you are cleaning your roof make sure to inspect different areas and look for the signs of whether your roof needs to be repaired. This will also help you know when you need a new tile roof and is it time to replace it.

There is leaking and water damages

There are different signs that will show you that your roof needs replacement. Some of them don’t have to be directly seen on the roof. For example, if you notice leaking in your home you should immediately consider checking your roof. Water leaking can mean that there is a broken or cracked tile on your roof that is allowing water to enter your home.

Drops of water as leaking can be a sign when you need a new tile roof
Leaking from the ceiling is a sign when you need a new tile roof

Also, even if you don’t have leaking in the home but notice dark spots and watermarks on your ceiling this could mean that your roof needs to be inspected. It is crucial to do that as soon as you find signs of water damage in order to avoid further destruction of the roof. The most common places where you can see the consequences of a leaking roof include:

  • Ceiling joists
  • Wall framing
  • Fascia boarders

You can see the light through your roof

Another obvious sign that you need tile roof replacement is the light coming into your room through the ceiling. This could mean only one thing – that you have cracked tile or a hole in your roof. The best way to check this is to turn off the light in your upper rooms during sunset. There will still be enough light coming from the outside, but it will be dark inside so you are going to be able to spot the light. Know that a tile roof that is in good condition will never let the light into your room through the upper wall.

A light coming to the attic through the ceiling
Light coming from the ceiling in the upper rooms can mean that you have cracked tile

Also, if you have solar panels be aware that this could mean that your solar panels need an inspection as well. This is why you should occasionally hire solar panel cleaning services in Henderson to clean and inspect your most reliable source of the energy and insure its efficiency.

Discoloration of the wall and ceiling stains

Not only water stains can indicate that you need to replace your tile roof, but other changes on the wall can as well. If you notice discoloration on your ceiling you should suspect that your roof is not in good condition. Mildew is the most common reason for the discoloration on the walls. It can be caused by different things, including a damaged roof. You can easily repair your wall but that is not the solution if the problem appears again. In that case, the best solution would be to change the tile roof or your solar panels. Also, to prevent this from happening you should pigeon proof your solar panels. Pigeons’ droppings are very acidic and can cause damage to the panels and tiles which will result in discoloration on the walls.

A sagging roof is a time when you need a new tile roof

For your roof to be efficient it is crucial to be installed properly. Therefore, after the installation ensure that the top of your roof is following a straight line. If you notice that there is no straight line along ridge or that has sagged in the middle that means that your roof was not installed well. But a sagging roof can happen due to some other reasons as well. If there is a vast amount of water, heavy weight on your roof, or faulty material your roof will sag and it means that you should consider replacing it. Thus, in order to avoid all this make sure to hire professionals to install your roof and inspect it occasionally. It is better to spend a little extra money on its maintenance than to pay for the full roof replacement.

Mold, moss, and algae

While you are inspecting your roof make sure to check for mold, moss, and algae. This can be very dangerous for your roof and your home because mold can spread tiles apart creating a gap between them. This will lead to leaking and other things that can damage the interior of your home as well. If you don’t catch this on time bacteria and fungi will grow which means that you will have to replace your roof immediately.

A moss on the old roof as a sign when you need a new tile roof
Moss on the tile roof is a clear sign when you need a new tile roof

The appearance of mold on the roof or solar panels can be very frequent in commercial and industrial areas. Therefore, make sure to prevent all this and get solar panel cleaning services for commercial properties. This will prevent the presence of mold, moss, and algae and you will not have to replace your roof before its lifespan ends.

Tiles are cracked or loose

It goes without saying that if you notice cracked or loose tile it is a clear sign that you need a new tile roof. There are many reasons that can cause cracked and damaged tiles such as the build of ice and snow, extreme heat, and bird dropping. If you notice a flock of birds in your area you should prevent all this and use bird control in Henderson services to get rid of them from your property. And in order to properly inspect the roof you can visually check if any of the tiles are cracked. But in order to check if there are any loose tiles you should step on them. This can be dangerous so make sure to do it carefully or simply hire professionals to do it instead of you.

Debris in the gutters

It might seem impossible but an occasional inspection of your gutters can also tell you if you need a new tile roof. The protective coating material of the tile tends to collapse due to different weather conditions. So if you find any small pieces of this material inside of your gutters you should suspect that you have a damaged roof. Of course, it is normal to have a few loose granules in the gutters. But if you notice an increased amount consider that a warning sign.

Gutters on the wall
Insecure gutters can mean damaged tile roof

Thus, not only the regular checkup of your roof is important but the maintenance of your garden is as well. Use providers of turf cleaning services in Henderson and together with them inspect gutters around your house. Also, if you notice that gutters are coming away from your house it means that your roof is damaged due to the water or rot.

Damaged ridge and flashing

The ridge is the highest point of your roof. It is the place that should have a top cover or a cup. This will prevent water from entering your home and ensure proper ventilation. Because it is such an important part of the roof structure you should inspect it more often. This is because if the ridge is in the poor condition the whole roof might be damaged or even collapse. On the other hand, loose flashing can also cause many problems such as leaking, discoloration on the ceiling, and growth of mold and mildew. But loose flashing can also be a sign when you need a new tile roof.

Lookout for rotting underlay

In order to have a roof in good condition it is necessary to have undamaged underlay as well. The underlay of the roof and the tiles work together to keep water away from the interior of your home. But if there are any cracks in the underlay of the roof you would have to contact experts to fix it. Still, if the underlay is rotten or worn out then you will definitely have to replace the whole roof. Rotten underlay can make the whole roof structure collapse and can be a serious hazard for people living inside the house.

A house with a tile roof
The underlay of the roof is an important part of the roof structure

Consider the age of your tile roof

Lastly, the most obvious sign when you need a new tile roof is the age of the roof. Tile roofs can last long and withstand different weather conditions. Still, if you have a roof that is for decades on top of your house you might consider replacing it. There is no exact time when you should change your tile roof. But you should take the advance of the manufacturer and experts that you hire to perform annual checkups. They will be the best people to tell you if the lifespan of your tile roof is over.

Inspect tiles regularly to have a secure roof over your head

As you can see there are many signs that will tell you when you need a new tile roof. From leaks, discoloration, and mold to damaged gutters and underlay. Therefore, the most important thing is to perform regular checkups of your roof and the area around your house. This will tell you if there is any damage to the roof that needs to be fixed. Or simply if you will need to replace the whole roof. Just make sure to catch all the signs on time and you will have a secure and efficient roof over your head.

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