How bird nests create fire hazards

Two eggs in the bird nest

Birds are beautiful creatures that many enjoy watching and listening to. There are so many different species with different colors and life habits. Still, all birds have one thing in common and that is that they all build a nest where they lay eggs. Depending on the birds’ species, nests can vary in shape and size. But unfortunately, regardless of the shape and size they all have the same characteristics. They can be quite flammable. Why? Well, bird nests create fire hazards primarily because of the materials used to build the nest. But also because of the locations that birds choose. There are different ways to prevent all this from happening such as contacting professionals such as Peak Services to safely remove nests. But before you decide to protect your property from potential fire you should be aware of different ways in which bird nests can create a fire.

Types of bird nests

As already mentioned nests can be built in different locations and can have different sizes and shapes. However, there are three main types of nests that people are familiar with:

  • Cup nests – These are the most common types of nests. They are rounded and have the shape of a cup which is why they got this name. To build this type of nest birds can use different materials such as twigs, grass, leaves, etc.
  • Adherent nests – These are the types of nests that you would usually see attached to your home. Some birds, like swallows, prefer to build their nests on somebody else’s home. And these nests are built from sticky materials such as saliva and mud.
  • Renting a spot – Most of the bird species prefer to build their own nests, but there are some species that prefer to use somebody else’s. For example, owls and tits would rather use somebody’s else nest or take advantage of the hole in the tree than use their time and energy to build their own.
A cup nest
A cup nest is the most common nest built by the birds

Every bird species has its unique way of building a nest and the type of nest that suits them. Some of them prefer to build the nest among tree branches while others would use rooftops, building vents, electrical signs, etc. Most of the birds prefer to build their nests under solar panels. If this is the case with birds on your property you should use services such as pigeon control under solar panels to prevent the nest from catching the fire. By using this kind of service you would safely manage to get rid of the birds and protect your house from potential fire.

How do bird nests create fire hazards?

There are a few reasons why you should use pigeon removal Summerlin NV services. First of all, pigeons can be a health hazard to the environment because of the diseases they carry. Also, they can cause physical damage to your roof and other parts of your house. But most importantly because birds can create a real fire hazard. And this is without any doubt one of the scariest things that could happen on your property. Therefore, make sure to regularly check certain parts of your home where birds could potentially build the nest.

Bird nests can block chimney

It is certain that you like to see beautiful birds flying around your house and singing beautiful morning songs. But trust us that you do not want to see them nesting in your chimney. Although it doesn’t seem like that at first, bird nests can cause a serious fire because they will block the chimney. And once the heat from the chimney is initiated it will put the bird’s nest on fire. Because most of the materials used for to build the nest are highly flammable.

Bird nest on the chimney as a symbol of how bird nests create fire hazards
When located on or inside the chimney bird nests create fire hazards

To try to avoid having birds building nests on your roof and inside your chimney roof pressure washing services might be a good solution. This will remove all the dry materials that birds might have brought on top of your roof and that they could use to build the nest. This will keep your home safe but also it will protect birds from dying because of the smoke or heat.

Blockage of air ventilation can cause fire

Not only that nests can cause blockages in chimneys and cause fires but also in air ventilation as well. If you allow birds to build their nest inside the vents you are risking blockage of airflow. This can trap the heat and cause the motors of the fan to overheat. And when this happens dry material used to build the nest can easily catch the fire which can spread very quickly. Therefore, make sure to monitor if there are any birds in your vents. The best way to do it is to listen to the sounds of the birds.

Air conditioner
Bird nests can block air ventilation causing motors to overheat

If you suspect that you have birds inside your air vents contact professionals immediately to safely remove them. But do not do it yourself as that can hurt the birds. Also, you may spread the droppings and debris that they brought to your home. And this can be a serious health issue.

Nests can interfere with electrical equipment

Electrical utility structures are one of the places where birds love to hang out. It is comfortable for them to inhabit there but also because power lines are a bit heated they make a perfect warm place for birds, especially when the temperatures are lower. Therefore, it is no surprise to see the number of nests that birds build on electrical pole structures. But whether they decide to build it inside the structure or outside the nest on electrical poles may cause a power outage, and fire as well. And in the case one wire gets on fire because of the nest it will very quickly spread to another one, which can lead to a fire in another electrical pole. Overall, even though it doesn’t look like that it can be very dangerous as the fire may spread around the area quickly destroying things on the ground.

Electrical pole as a place where bird nests create fire hazards
Bird nests create fire hazards if they are located on electrical poles

Birds build nests near the heat sources

In order to build a home in a comfortable location, birds choose places that are a bit warmer. This is because the nest is the place where they lay eggs and breed the young ones. For that reason, most of the bird species decide to build their nests near the heating sources and electrical equipment. Even though it looks safe for them this can be a truly dangerous location both for the birds and humans as well. Because the chances are high that the nest built from the dry materials will catch fire. This usually happens because nests act as an insulator, causing a buildup of heat and potentially leading to fire. Thus, it is important to regularly check all your electrical equipment and sources of heat.

Cigarette butts on the ground
A combination of cigarette butts and bird nests will definitely create a fire hazard

On the other hand, solar panels are also an excellent place for birds because they attract sunlight. But birds droppings can interfere with the efficiency of the solar panels. So, if you are located in Summerlin, using solar panel cleaning Summerlin NV services would be highly advisable. This way your solar panels will work properly but you will also be certain that there are no bird nests on the top of your house. This will decrease the chances of fire and other risks that birds can put you in.

Birds build nests in residential areas

Over the years birds lost any fear of people and are used to living in residential areas. This is not a problem as long as birds are flying around. But once they decide to make our building their new home it can become quite an issue. Whether they decide to build the nest in the vents, under the roof, or in the holes of the old building there will be a risk of fire. This is because there are many people who smoke in residential areas and cigarette butts can be thrown into or near the nest easily. This can be a serious fire hazard since it can burn down the whole building. Therefore, if you are a smoker use the ashtray for cigarette butts.

But also, have professionals to help you keep birds away from your area. Even residential solar panel cleaning services will help you get rid of the birds in residential areas. You will be certain that there are no birds nesting on your roof or under the solar panels. Certainly, this will play an important role in the prevention of fire caused by bird nests.

Materials that birds use for building nests are highly flammable

Up until now, we have spoken about the locations of the nest and how they can cause a fire. But the main reason why bird nests create fire hazards is the material that they use to build them. Many dry materials are excellent materials for the birds to build the nest, but on the other hand, they are highly flammable and can induce a fire. For example, twigs and grass clippings are one of the most common nesting materials used by birds. But they are extremely dry and can catch fire quickly. On the other hand, even natural fibers such as wool and cotton can cause a serious fire. And straws, hays, and yard waste are also very dry and can be easily set on fire.

A chick on the dry wood
Bird nests are built from dry materials that are highly flammable

For that reason, it would be a good idea for your Summerlin property to contact turf cleaning Summerlin NV services. It is true that birds can bring these materials from far away but at least professionals will remove them from your property. This will decrease the chance of birds nesting on your property and lower the fire risk in your area.

How to reduce the risk of fire caused by bird nests?

Now that you know that bird nests create fire hazards and what are the reasons for that you should know how to prevent it from happening. As already mentioned above the best way is to have experts to help you remove the nest safely. But how to prevent birds from coming to your property and nest under your roof, in your chimney, or in other areas where they can cause a fire? There are different bird deterrents that you could use in order to keep them away.

Without any doubt, the most efficient ones are physical barriers such as bird spikes, bird netting, and bird wires. Also, there are smells that birds hate. So if you place essential oils with these smells in your garden you will certainly keep them away from your property. Use some of these techniques and methods and you will not have to worry about a potential fire caused by the bird’s nest.

Bird nests create fire hazards but you can prevent them

To sum up, birds are beautiful species to watch and listen to. Still, there are many problems that can be caused by birds. They can spread different diseases, they can block drainage systems, and create physical damage to homes. But also bird nests create fire hazards. Even though it is challenging to keep birds away from your property and avoid all these problems it is still possible. Thus, use different techniques to keep them away, and in case you spot them nesting on your property contact professionals to remove the nest harmlessly.

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