How a solar battery protects your Henderson home?

Solar power bank as a symbol of how solar battery protects your Henderson home

Every year more and more people opt for the use of solar panels. Even though at first it might seem like a big investment, it is definitely worth it in the long run. First of all, solar panels require minimal maintenance. Also, they will help you reduce bills for your utilities and reduce carbon emissions. And if you add to that the number of sunny days that Nevada has it is no surprise it became the number six state when it comes to usage of solar energy. Specifically, Henderson has become one of the leading cities when it comes to the installation of solar panels. Still, apart from the installation of solar panels, many households decide to use solar batteries in order to store energy supplies. If you are curious about solar storage read this article and find out how a solar battery protects your Henderson home.

What is a solar battery?

The solar battery is a great way to store solar energy that was generated by the solar panels on a sunny day. This energy can be used on cloudy and rainy days and after the sun goes down. The great benefit of having a solar battery is that you could have solar energy any time of the day, even during the dark. Also, even if you use electricity from a solar battery it would be much cheaper than using electricity from the utility grid.

A picture of solar panels
Store the clean energy that you get generated by solar panels

The solar battery requires minimum maintenance just like solar panels. All that you would have to do is contact professionals such as Peak Services for the annual checkup and you can rest assured that you will have sufficient energy in your home. Regardless of whether it is sunny or not, and whether it is a day or night you would never have to worry again about the electricity in your home.

Types of solar batteries

Before you decide to install a solar battery in your home you should be aware of the different types of solar batteries. There are four types of solar batteries that can be used in our homes:

  • Lead acid – The lead acid type of batteries are the most common batteries used in homes. Even though they cannot hold much energy they are still cost-effective. And one of the most reliable choices when it comes to using them in the home.
  • Lithium-ion – The lithium-ion batteries are much lighter, smaller, and more efficient than lead acid batteries. They can store more energy which is why their price is much higher. The downside of using this type of battery is that if they are not installed properly they can catch fire.
  • Nickel-cadmium – The nickel-cadmium batteries are rarely used in homes. Because of their durability and ability to function in extreme temperatures they are mostly used for industrial purposes. Still, because of the low maintenance and energy that they can store the nickel-cadmium battery can be a good solution for your home.
  • Flow batteries – Flow batteries are the type of batteries that are least used for residential purposes. Because of their size and cost, they are mostly used in large spaces and for industrial purposes.
a solar battery
There are different types of solar batteries that can be suitable for your home

So how a solar battery protects your Henderson home?

After you have learned about the purpose and the types of solar batteries it is time to better understand the benefits and advantages of their usage. There is no doubt that there are many pros to using solar batteries in your Henderson home.

Lower utility bills

There is no doubt that solar battery protects your Henderson home from high and costly utility bills. With the usage of solar batteries, you may save up to 90% on your energy bill. Even though when having solar panels you would require some additional services such as solar panel cleaning Henderson services you will still be able to save money.  Because your battery can save energy from the grid during cheaper and off-peak times which will significantly lower your utility bills.

A woman looking at the utility bill
With solar battery your utility bills will be much lower

Off-grid independence

Once you have a solar battery you will not have to worry about the energy in your home. The energy produced by the solar panels will be only yours. And you will protect your Henderson home with solar batteries because your household will use renewable energy. And even when there is high demand for the energy you can sell it back to the grid. That way you can even earn extra money for other services in your home such as turf cleaning Henderson services or remodeling of your house.

Have energy even during an outage

When there is a power outage your solar panels alone will not work. But if you have solar batteries your solar system will be able to continue working. Simply said, once you install solar batteries you will not have to worry about the power in your home. Even if the whole neighborhood is in the dark. And even during a power outage, you can be certain that you will have for energy at least 24 hours. In some cases even longer. So do not hesitate to combine your solar panels with solar batteries. All that you will have to do occasionally is to hire solar panel bird control Henderson services to ensure your panels are working properly. And solar batteries will do the rest of the job and store enough energy for your home.

A bulb in the dark
Solar battery protects your Henderson home because you will have energy even during the power outage

Have energy any time of the day

As you already know solar panels work and collect energy only on sunny days. But with solar battery storage, you will not have to worry about the circumstances that you cannot really have an impact on. Once you install solar batteries you can be certain that your home will have energy day and night. Even if there are a couple of cloudy days batteries will store enough energy for you to use it. So take advantage of this system and protect your Henderson home with solar batteries.

Low maintenance

The good news about having solar batteries is that they require little maintenance. Annual checkups would be enough for them to ensure that they work properly. And their durability can be up to 25 years. This means that once you install them you would not have to worry about that part in your home. You would be able to focus on other things on your property that require attention. Such as hiring bird control Henderson services to get rid of birds from your property or simply to spend time with your family relaxed by knowing that you never have to worry about power again.

Not only that solar battery protects your Henderson home but it protects the environment as well

Once you get your solar battery not only that you will protect your home but you will help the environment as well. Solar panels are producing clean energy. This means that the process itself doesn’t pollute the environment. On the other hand, batteries will store that energy. That way even when there is no sun you will not have to use energy whose production can have a negative impact on the environment. All storage batteries are environmentally friendly and they are free of emissions. With just a little investment in the first place, you can save money in the long run. But also go greener, reduce carbon footprint, and make a positive contribution to our environment.

Go green sign as a symbol of how solar battery protects your Henderson home
Go green and install a solar battery in your Henderson home

Install solar batteries and do not worry about the energy in your home ever again

Even though the city of Henderson has many sunny days and solar panels get sufficient energy it is always better to be cautious. There might be some unforeseen circumstances such as weather that you cannot influence on. And when that happens your solar panels would not produce energy. For that reason, do not think twice and install solar batteries together with your solar panel system. Because not only that solar battery protects your Henderson home but the environment as well. Forget about high electricity bills and dark in your home during a power outage. Take advantage of modern technology and store clean energy for your home.

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