Effective ways to keep birds off your garage

A black and white photo of a pigeon in front of the garage.

Birds have an innate ability to get anywhere and everywhere. Especially when it comes to finding a place to call their own. When that place is where it should be (i.e. in the wilderness) – that’s great! However, that’s not always the case. With the rapid expansion of humankind, they are often forced to find other habitats. In that regard, a standard garage will more than do the trick. Which wouldn’t be that much of an issue, if pigeons and other common bird intruders weren’t to bring a host of problems. From property damage to diseases, fluttery beasts can turn your life into a nightmare. Fortunately, there are some effective ways to keep birds off your garage. Here’s some advice from solar panel bird control Enterprise NV specialists to help you in that endeavor.

Why do birds find garages and sheds so attractive?

There are several reasons birds love your garage. The first and biggest one is safety. Nooks, crannies, and shelves are amazing places to build a nest. They are cozy, secluded, and easy to build upon. It is not uncommon for owners not to even notice little buggers for weeks or even months. At least, not until they hear the chirping of baby birds.

A garage with a vintage car stored inside.
An average garage may contain everything a bird needs: food, water, safety, and nesting materials.

The second reason is convenience. Birds love having all the resources within reach. Food, water, nesting materials – if they can find these nearby, they’ll be calling dibs in a nanosecond. And, let’s face it, garages are the epitome of convenience. In most cases, there’s a lot of spare junk lying around, that they can use to build a nest. Often, there’s some sort of water source, even if it is just condensation. And, it is common for people to store some food in there, whether it is for pets or otherwise. So, for them, it is heaven on earth.

#1: Limit the convenience

One of the most effective ways to keep birds off your garage can be deducted from the previous point. Simply remove everything that makes it attractive to birds. By doing this, you are forcing them to fly further to find the things they need to survive. And birds just don’t want to bother doing that. In other words, by keeping your garage neat and tidy, you’ll not only make them go away. You’ll also ensure they don’t come back.

#1.1 Keep the area around the garage clean

Conveniences don’t necessarily have to be inside your garage for birds to take advantage of them. Debris, seeds, and water in your yard will more than suffice. Therefore, it is seldom enough to tidy up your garage and call it a day. Rather, you should make the surrounding area as clean as possible, too. So, don’t hesitate to get some Las Vegas turf maintenance experts to fix up your yard every now and then. By maintaining your lawn regularly, you’ll lower its appeal to birds and up it for yourself.

A messy garage.
If your garage looks even remotely like this, you’re inviting birds for a prolonged stay.

#1.2 Bird-proof critical systems

Birds may be using your garage as a “staging area” while setting up shop at another part of your property. The space underneath solar panels is a great example. It is secluded, warm, and safe. In other words – perfect for nesting. And, it is close to your garage, which has all the materials they need. In this case, you’ll have to employ additional measures, such as solar panel bird proofing. Otherwise, you’re only shifting the problem from one place to another.

#2 Limit their access

As mentioned, birds love convenience. And easy access to a perfect nesting place definitely counts as such. Therefore, you will have to take some precautions to keep them out. Fortunately, that’s not difficult to do.

#2.1 Close the doors when you’re not there

A newly built modern house.
Open garage door = open invitation.

Yes, yes, we know it’s obvious. Still, this is such a common mistake, that it deserves a mention. It doesn’t take long for birds to scout out a massive gaping hole in the front of your garage. And, once they do, they can move in at lightning speed. They are quite efficient that way. Also, you’re practically inviting them in, so, there’s that. Therefore, make sure your garage doors are closed when you’re not around. It is the easiest thing to do to save yourself a lot of headaches.

#2.2 Invest in a garage door (and windows) screen if you want to keep them open

In scorching areas like Vegas, even the smallest breeze can be a lifesaver. For this reason, most of us love to keep garage doors open while working. And birds love it, too. So, if you spend a lot of time in your garage, a door screen can be an ideal solution. It will help keep birds and bugs out while letting the fresh air in. And, just like that, you can be comfy and safe from flying beasties.

#3 Professional solutions are the best solutions

It doesn’t take long for a bird problem to become a full-blown infestation. Often, one season is enough to make your garage crawl with fluttery pests. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t notice the problem until it is too late. But, although this is a major issue it is far from unsolvable. Las Vegas pigeon control companies can deal with it in a matter of hours. Therefore, if your bird problem is getting out of hand, (or you don’t want to have it, ever), then hiring pros is the way to go.

#3.1 Seal the openings

Wire-meshed openings in the wall.
If an opening does not serve a specific purpose, be sure to seal it off. It is one of the most effective ways to keep birds off your garage.

Whether your garage is built solid or makeshift, there may be some crawlspaces birds can get in through. Sometimes, these openings serve a purpose, such as ventilation. But, that doesn’t change the fact that they are a liability. Therefore, do a thorough inspection of your garage to locate and seal them all off. However, if they do serve the purpose, this may be impossible. In that case, bird netting is your best choice. It is easy to install and, if need be, you can remove it just as fast.

#4 Reflective decorations can do the job

While some birds love shiny objects, most don’t. But, if those objects are shiny, moving, and flashing at the same time? Well, then they’ll just go: “Nope!” and be out of your hair. Reflective materials (ribbons, pinwheels, even old DVDs) can be effective bird deterrents. Placed strategically in and around your garage, they’ll keep little buggers a mile away. Also, they double up as a nice little decoration. And considering how cheap they are, there’s no downside to at least trying them out.

#5 Decoys? More like “deterrents”

Garden figurines are another cheap, yet effective bird deterrent. However, garden gnomes won’t do the trick. But, those that resemble their natural predators will. As we established, birds don’t like predators. So, hawks, owls, crows, foxes, or anything along those lines will do. Still, you’ll have to move them around every now and then. Otherwise, as birds get used to them, they’ll realize they are not a (real) threat.

#6 Scare them off with sounds

A pigeon mid flight.
Predatory sounds will make every bird think twice before landing on your property.

A bit more expensive, but still effective, option to scare birds off is with predatory sounds. It’s ok, nobody expects you to wait in the bush and “HYAH!!!” every time they get near. A device with pre-recorded sound will do it (for you). They are easily available online. If you’re ready to cough up a bit more dough, you can even find sound repellants that emit noises inaudible to human ears. A great choice if you don’t want to get accidentally startled.

#7 Bait and switch

Here we have an amazing and the most humane of ways to get birds off your garage. If you want to enjoy birds’ company, without them being a danger to your property – you can. Simply set up a birdhouse or feeder at a remote part of your property. Even a plain old bird bath can do, considering how the temperature in Vegas can go from “hot” to “HOT” in a matter of weeks. Et voila – birds happy, you happy.

#8 Make it impossible for birds to nest

This is, by far, the most effective and longest lasting of all the ways to keep birds off your garage. Fluttery beasts will seldom (if ever) nest in places they don’t have easy access to. Fortunately, some smart people invented a whole bunch of things to make your garage that way.

A close up of a sparrow with a cat in the bacground.
Cats are birds’ natural enemies. As such, they are a great bird deterrent.

Bird spikes are a great example. They are easy to install (by pros) and last for ages. As an alternative, bird shock tape can also work wonders. The electric pulse it emits is strong enough to make them rethink their life choices, without harming them in the process. Or, maybe you love to err on the side of chemistry. In that case, tacky glue or spray repellants should be your choice. Just make sure the solutions you’re using are FDA approved, so as not to hurt the birds.

#9 Get yourself a cat

If you have a bird problem and you’ve wanted a pet for a while (but not a pet bird) – here’s your excuse. It is the ideal opportunity to kill two birds with one stone (pun intended). Cats are pros at keeping birds away from, well – anywhere. They are yet another of their natural predators, that can be your trusty companion. And, cats are super-fun too, so that’s another thing they got going for them.

(#10) Don’t wait to deal with the issue

Well, ok, this is not one of the ways to keep birds off your garage. Still, it is super important. A small bird problem can grow into a major one and fast, at that. Therefore, it is imperative to deal with it before it has the chance to escalate. So, be proactive and use these guidelines to the best of your ability. Or, consult the experts and fix the problem without having to lift a finger. Either way, the options are there. It is only a matter of choosing the one that will suit your needs the best.

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