Bird mess cleanup guidelines

Bird mess and droppings have the power to ruin the aesthetics of any home or commercial property. It doesn’t matter how much money you have invested in the curb appeal and the exterior design of your home – bird mess will annihilate it all. At Peak Services, we know that bird dropping can be unsightly – but they can also be cleaned with some work. That being said, there are still some bird mess cleanup guidelines you will want to adhere to in order to prevent any damage to your property. Plus, let’s face it – you want to make the process as easy as possible. With our special tips and tricks, that’s precisely what you will be able to do.

A pigeon in a garden.
Do pigeons seem to be ruining your property? Then take appropriate actions to solve the problem.

First things first – don’t you want some professional help?

You are certainly capable of cleaning the mess on various parts of your property by yourself. However, there are some parts of your residential or commercial property you will not be able to reach, at least not safely. If you have bird droppings all over your roof, it would be best to call for professional assistance. On the one hand, cleaning the mess from your roof is essential, as bird droppings are highly acidic. When left for too long, they can cause significant damage to your property. On the other hand, climbing on your roof isn’t the safest thing you could do. That’s where roof cleaning Las Vegas services come into play.

With professional assistance, you can clean the seemingly most unreachable places on your property. Bear in mind that roof cleaning services are rather affordable considering that they prolong the lifespan of your roof. If you have ever had to replace your roof, you know just how costly it can be. Thus, don’t give professional assistance a second thought and opt for a reliable company in your vicinity.

Take the necessary health precautions

A person wearing gloves, which are a staple of bird mess cleanup guidelines.
Don’t approach bird droppings without having suitable equipment.

Before you even come anywhere near bird droppings, you should make sure that you are fully protected. Bird droppings carry pathogens, and they can infect one with numerous diseases. In fact, bird droppings can be so dangerous that people with a compromised immune system shouldn’t come anywhere near them.

Keep in mind that you should still be very careful even if you are a generally healthy person. Before approaching the task of cleaning bird mess, we suggest you take all the necessary health precautions. This means that you should arm yourself with gloves, a mask, closed-toe shoes, pants, and a long-sleeved shirt.

Of course, you can also work on preventing the problem before letting it get out of hand. If you have gotten tired of cleaning bird droppings every single weekend, you can always look for bird control services in Las Vegas. You’ll get access to experienced professionals who will use different methods to ensure that birds stay away from your property.

Identify which parts of your property need cleaning

A man looking at a phone.
Contact professional cleaners if interested in keeping your property in top shape.

Before we get down to specific bird mess cleanup guidelines, you’ll need to identify which surfaces you will need to clean. This is important because the clean-up method will differ based on which part of your property needs to be cleaned. Different materials will be damaged by different substances and cleaning products, which is why you need to be cautious. Generally speaking, there are three main divisions of parts and materials of your property that can get compromised by bird droppings:

  • Brick, concrete, and roofing
  • Hardwood, car paint, and other smooth surfaces
  • Upholstery and carpets

Our guide is going to focus on brick, concrete, and roofing, which are usually the most common places people will have to clean. Because they are exposed, they are the perfect place for bird droppings to accumulate. Bear in mind that this guide applies to any type of property that is currently compromised by bird droppings. Whether residential or commercial, the same bird mess cleanup guidelines apply. However, you might want to call for professional assistance when dealing with a commercial property. There’s a good reason why commercial bird control Las Vegas services are so helpful – they help keep your business presentable. Not to mention how much time business owners can save by using these services.

Complete bird mess cleanup guidelines

Word to the wise – if you are dealing with a huge area, it’s always better to have someone to help you out. Entrust a family member with this task and have them assist you. We know that they might not be too happy about it but, hey, families should stick together. All for one and one for all.

1. Start by wetting the spot with warm water

Bird droppings dry out very easily. Once they do, they leave a stain that holds on to a surface. That’s why your first step will be to soak the stain and loosen its grip on your balcony or walls. To do this, you can either spray some warm water over the stain or put a warm washcloth over it. The warmth and moisture should work their magic provided that you give it enough time. Thus, we suggest that you keep yourself busy for a few minutes while the water or the washcloth handle their part of the job.

Now, we don’t have any background information on how long the stain has been sitting on your property. But if it has been quite some time, you might want to use something a bit more potent than water. Thus, mix one cup of vinegar with two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid and one cup of water. This solution will soften even the most persistent stain, allowing you to scrub it off. You can then proceed to less enjoyable parts of the process, as this was the easy part.

2. Use your hose to spray away the mess

If you are living in a house, and you have a garden, you have the luxury of using your hose to clean up the bird mess. Usually, the high pressure coming from a garden hose will be enough to finish the job that a warm washcloth has started. If you notice that your hose doesn’t have sufficient water pressure, you can always try a little trick.

A person holding a garden hose.
A warm summer day will be perfect for cleaning bird droppings from your property, as it will allow you to have some fun in the sun.

Place your thumb halfway over the nozzle in order to be able to control how much water comes out of the hose. By manually blocking half the water that is coming out, you will be able to create a much more powerful water pressure. Of course, using your house is only an option if you live in a house and you aren’t trying to clean up bird mess from unreachable surfaces. If any of these two apply to you, don’t worry – there’s another tried and tested solution, albeit a less pleasant one.

3. Use a brush to clean up bird mess

If you live in a high-rise building, you won’t be able to use a hose to clean up bird mess. But as long as you have a brush, you’ll be able to clean up the mess from your property. It goes without saying that you should first soak up the stains with warm water or a damp washcloth. After you have given it some time, go ahead and scrub the stain with the brush. You might also have to re-wet the area, as some stains can be persistent.

Likewise, bear in mind that a hard-bristled brush can be used even if you live in a house and have a hose at hand. Sometimes, bird droppings have been sitting on your property for quite some time. They can harden and stain the area, which is why a simple pressure wash will not be enough to get them cleaned up.

Unless you plan on throwing away the brush after using it, we suggest you give it a good wash. We’ve already mentioned that bird feces can be quite dangerous, as they present a health hazard. Likewise, it would be good to completely get rid of the gloves that you have been using while cleaning. Alternatively, you can dispose of them in a safe place and use them only for the same purpose. Thus, the next time you need to clean bird droppings, you can resort to those same gloves. But using them for any other purpose could have horrible consequences for your health.

A person doing gardening.
You can re-use the gloves around your garden, but we don’t suggest you bring them anywhere near the sources of food in your home.

4. Finish it off with a disinfectant spray

As we have mentioned quite a few times, bird droppings are full of harmful bacteria. Thus, you can never be too safe. After you finish cleaning a surface, we suggest you spray a generous amount of disinfectant spray on top of it. This is especially important if you have been cleaning an area that is in constant touch with you and your family members. Granted, you can go without spraying a disinfectant on your roof, but you shouldn’t go without spraying it on your balcony or patio furniture. The spray will kill any lingering bacteria, once again making your home a truly safe area.

Get some help and you won’t need these bird mess cleanup guidelines

If you have just finished cleaning the mess from your property, we are sure that you don’t want to do it again. The bad part is that you might have to do it again, and sooner than you think. Pigeons reproduce at an incredibly quick rate. Thus, if they have nestled on or around your property, you can only expect these incidents to happen even more frequently. Luckily, there’s plenty that you can do to solve this problem.

For starters, you can find professional bird control services in your area and have them fix the problem for you. However, if you simply don’t have enough resources at the moment, you don’t have to worry. You can try one of the following solutions, all of which will deter pigeons from perching on your property and leaving droppings as a gift:

  • Bird gel 
  • Ultrasonic devices
  • Lasers
  • Shiny surfaces
  • Bird netting
  • Bird deterrents
  • Spikes
  • Bird-shaped kites
Pigeons on a roof.
Pigeons aren’t just an inconvenience – they can turn into a really noisy and messy problem.

While some of these solutions entail a more complicated installment process, others can be easily placed on the property. In our opinion, it’s always better to combine two solutions than solely rely on the powers of one. Take into consideration that bird-shaped kites, for example, can deter birds from perching on your property. However,  they are not a fail-proof solution. Bird netting, on the other hand, will successfully remove all birds from your property. But this solution also entails professional installers, which is why it is a bit more complicated to apply.

The bottom line

Dealing with bird droppings is never pleasant. Of course, this isn’t a chore that will require some special expertise, as all you need are the right tools and some motivation. It goes without saying that you can always make it easy on yourself by contacting us and having our professionals clean your roof and save your time. But if you choose to go with the DIY approach, all you need to do is follow these bird mess cleanup guidelines. They will be enough to rid yourself of bird feces, at least for the time being. Always remember that you can opt for a more permanent approach by paying for bird control services. This way, you won’t have to deal with bird droppings any time soon.

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