All you should know about preventative flat roof maintenance

Buildings with flat roofs

Nowadays more and more people decide to install flat roofs on their homes. Most people are installing this type of roof because it looks good and gives a modern feel to the house. Apart from being stylistic many homeowners choose flat roofs because they are affordable and easy to maintain. Typically flat roofs can last up to 50 years. Still, even though they are easy to maintain in order to extend their lifespan it is important to perform regular checkups and maintenance. You can do it your self or you could seek assistance from professionals such as Peak Services. In case you decide to do it yourself you should know what proper maintenance looks like and what are the most important steps to follow. In this article, we will tell you everything that you should know about preventative flat roof maintenance.

Advantages of having a flat roof

As already mentioned above, flat roofs are more affordable because the material that is used for this type of roof is inexpensive. Also, the installation itself is much simpler making the labor cost lower. They are extremely easy to maintain because they are accessible. It is simpler to check for any damages or leaks on flat roofs than the sloped ones. Probably one of the biggest advantages of having a flat roof is that it is multifunctional. You could use a flat roof to create a garden, build a roof deck, or a place for relaxation. Also, you can easily use it to throw parties and for gatherings with your friends.

Swiming pool on the roof
Use your flat roof and make a relaxation area for you and your family

And most importantly it is easy to install solar panels on them. This is especially beneficial for industrial buildings because commercial solar panel cleaning would be done much easier. This is probably one of the main reasons why more businesses opt for flat roofs on their commercial buildings. Lastly, the advantage of having a flat roof for both commercial and residential is that it gives enough space for HVAC units.

Why is preventative flat roof maintenance important?

Because having a flat roof has so many advantages and benefits it is important to maintain it properly and regularly in order to keep its functionality. Flat roofs have a long lifespan but if you don’t perform regular checkups you will have to replace them much earlier than you expected. Preventative flat roof maintenance is simple and it doesn’t take much time. Therefore, do not skip it and avoid spending more money on roof repairs or replacements. It is recommended to check it every spring and autumn in order to avoid any major damage. Also, it would be good to check your flat roof after harsh weather conditions such as storms, snowfall, and strong winds. That way you will minimize any risk of leaks, draughts, and dumps.

A man on the roof doing preventative flat roof maintenance
In order to expand the lifespan of the roof it is important to perform preventative flat roof maintenance

How to perform preventative maintenance of a flat roof?

Preventive maintenance of your flat roof is very simple. You can either hire professionals to do that instead of you or you can do it yourself. Regardless of whether the roof experts will do it instead of you or you will maintain your roof by yourself, there are certain steps that you should follow in order for your preventive maintenance to be productive.

Perform annual inspection

One of the most important steps when doing preventative flat roof maintenance is to do it regularly. You should do it at least twice a year, but it is advisable to check it out every couple of months. Walking on a flat roof is very easy and safe, so it won’t be a problem to check for any damage such as blisters and fractures. This will ensure that your roof is in good condition and there will be no leaks when there is heavy rain or snowfall. Also, make sure to check for bird droppings as they are very acidic and can damage your roof as well. If you notice flocks of birds gathering on your rooftop and you are located in Henderson, bird control Henderson services are the right choice for you. Professionals will not only make sure to remove bird droppings from your roof but will also inspect it for any further contamination.

Your flat roof should be free of any debris

It is very important to keep your flat roof clean because there are many immediate benefits of roof cleaning. Because of their position and shape, flat roofs attract and retain more debris, leaves, and twigs. At first, this might seem harmless but in the long run, it could ruin your roof. Debris accumulates water retention which can further lead to algae development and mold growth. This can cause many problems to your flat roof and damage the material the roof is made of. For that reason, regular cleaning of your roof is one of the most important steps when maintaining it.

A brown house
Make sure to clean your roof from any debris as they can cause damage

Check trees that are overhanging the roof

Even though at first it might seem that is not related to your roof it is crucial to take care of the trees surrounding your home. If there are trees that are overhanging your roof they can be a hazard for your flat roof. The main reason is that there will be many leaves and debris on the roof because of the tree. Therefore, make sure to trim any trees overhanging your flat roof or hire professional services to do it for you. Also, to avoid damage to your roof caused by the surrounding trees it is advisable to pressure wash your roof. This is a very efficient method of cleaning your roof because it will clear out not only leaves and debris but algae and remove moss as well.

Look out for any strains

While doing preventive maintenance make sure to check for any strains or stress that can cause damage to the flat roof. Extra weight such as snow, ice, or debris can cause significant suffering to your roof which may result in your roof collapsing. Your roof may break due to weight but it can also crack due to severe temperature changes or sunlight. All this can be prevented by doing regular checkups and by knowing how much weight your roof can handle.

Ice on the roof
Ice can add weight to your roof and make it collapse

On the other hand, believe it or not, bird dropping can make your roof break down. This is because they are very acidic and can ruin the roof material. Therefore, if your area is known for birds or you have birds nesting under your roof make sure to contact bird removal North Las Vegas services. Professionals will know how to safely remove birds from your property making sure there are no damages to your roof because of their droppings.

Preventative flat roof maintenance includes leak prevention

Like with any other type of roof, flat roofs are prone to leaks. Therefore, it is important to check your roof for any damages that might cause leaks. If you discover them on time you will not have to spend extra money on hiring professionals to repair your roof. There are many reasons that can cause leaks on your roof. Some of them include:

  • The age of the roof
  • Cracks on the roof due to sunlight
  • Damage to the roof material due to the debris
  • Poor installation
  • Roof blistering

Check gutters and drains

One of the disadvantages of having a flat roof is that it collects more water than other roof types. This can lead to erosion, cracks, and leaks. But you can avoid all this if you regularly check your gutter and drains. Make sure that they are not blocked. This way the water will run freely from your roof through gutters and drains. If your gutters and drains are not cleaned from any blockage there is a big chance that your roof will retain large amounts of water, especially during heavy storms and rain.

Gutter as it should be part of preventative flat roof maintenance
Drains and gutters should be on your checklist when performing preventative flat roof maintenance

Even though it might seem that is not part of your flat roof, clean gutters and drains are very important in your roof maintenance. Therefore, do not hesitate to occasionally even hire professional services to properly clean them and ensure there is no extra water on the roof that can cause leaks or make it collapse.

Recoat the roof if needed

Recoating the roof is not going to be part of every maintenance but it is very important to mention it. Because of the material that your flat roof is made of it is important to recoat it every two to four years. If you do this from time to time you will not have to worry about the lifespan of your roof. Also, you will not have to be worried about your safety or the safety of your family members since there will be no chance of your roof collapsing. There is no doubt that is better to invest a little bit in your roof maintenance occasionally than to pay for its repair or replacement. This will save you money in the long run and ensure a safe roof on top of your head.

Contact professionals to help you with preventative flat roof maintenance

There is no doubt that if you would like to expand the lifespan of your roof you should invest in professional maintenance. This is a small amount of money that you would have to pay compared to the amount that you would have to pay in order to replace the whole roof. And the professionals have all the tools and equipment to perform maintenance properly. Also, because of their knowledge and skills, they will know which areas of the roof are more vulnerable and where to pay extra attention.

A man on the roof holding solar panel
Hire professionals and let them take care of your flat roof and solar panels

For example, if you have solar panels it is advisable to entrust your roof maintenance to professionals. This way you will be certain that your roof has no damage and that your panels are working properly as well. Also, professionals will know how to handle bird nesting and other outside factors that can have an impact on your roof. Therefore, do not try to save money on this and hire solar panel bird proofing services. This will ensure the safety of your family in your home, and the efficiency of your solar panels. In the long run, you would save money on roof repair and electrical bills.

Regular maintenance of your roof will extend its lifespan

Having a flat roof has many advantages. But low maintenance is certainly of the most important ones. Still in order to have a flat roof without damages it is important to occasionally perform preventative flat roof maintenance. The best solution would be to let professionals handle it. But if you decide to do it yourself it is crucial to follow certain steps and check all the areas that can have an impact on the lifespan of your roof. Therefore, make sure to inspect it regularly and make sure that is free of any debris and strains. Also, check trees, gutters, and drains as they can have an impact on the productivity of your flat roof. Lastly, make sure to recoat your roof every couple of years. All these steps are very simple but they will help you have a safe roof over your home.

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